Fei spamming Chicken Wing...what do?



So I’ve been fighting some high ranked Fei on PSN and I can’t seem to figure out what to do about the 10-12 Chicken Wings flying at me randomly each round. I can upload a match or two if needed to further illustrate my struggle. They are all varying strengths and it seems everything I do gets stuffed or I’m eating constant chip.


Just cr. Hp it on reaction.

If you block, his HK and ex chicken wing are neutral on block.


If it’s that easy, I’m gonna be mad at myself :stuck_out_tongue:


You didn’t try this? cr.hp is like, anti-everything :slight_smile: Once you have them in the corner, back out to bait a chicken wing and then cr.hp (air reset) into lp.hadouken :slight_smile:

  1. if he does ANY rekka on you on the first hit you should be able to do st.lk x hp.shouoken as punish as it’s -4 (not tested) also c.hp is 4f so that should trade or win if that that enough range
    2.ex.rekka if he is close enough for cl.hp DO IT! you win or trade, a trade is always into st.lk x hp.shouoken
    3.Chicken wing… lk -4 mk -2 hk 0 ex 0 means he cant hit a single fucking button against sakura Take that shit on block and do cl.hp you should win or trade win goes into lk.shunpu trade goes into st.lk x hp.shouoken (c.mk might work im not sure about the frames) or do c.hp if he is too far away into ex.shunpu i belive or hp.shouoken

you can just walk fw in this match now wich you couldent when his lp.rekka actully was good.
ex.shunpu mid screen dash sweep c.lp uf j.hp unblockable
and always OS that bitch with st.hk i belive (st.hp work unless he backdashes) st.hk might take backdash aswell (not tested, theory crafting)

Just to add on this note.

Cl.hp/st.hp ~os throw
st.hp+mp plink + st.lp+lk plink Makes you do st.hp and tech at the same time if you get the correct plink out with should be (hp, mp+hp, lp, lp+lk)



Lp rekka is actually -5 now in ultra, so cr.mk will work as well.


Thanks for the advice on the MU, what was really throwing me off was he was just cancelling into it from everything he could. And I forgot about the Rekka changes for some reason. Now if I can figure out Yun and Chun, I’ll be set :stuck_out_tongue:


Yea as the first guy said cr.hp is anti everything. If i come across something im not sure how to beat it i just start mashing cr.hp and most the time it trades at worst lol that button is so gud. that or even st.hp is pretty good specially cl.hp in other words if theres a move odds are hp in skne way shape or form may be able to beat it lol. ( im just kidding please dont go around mashing hp at all times. But do test because the button has its versatility.)