Fei trials and your finger placement

I’m on trial 23 and 24 then ive finished them im just wondering what fingers you guys use for the flame kicks and chicken wing and what strength you use because im finding it pretty tough. Im usually after the CW,HP do HK flame kick with my ring finger then quickly do Focus attack with my thumb on MK and index on MP dash and then usually LK CW with my thumb.

How do you guys do it and is there an ‘easiest’ way with finger placement the correct strength kicks? etc

Also I didnt want to make another thread just for this question so:

Can you do anything after crMP linked into another crMP or does it just push you back and give you a bit of space?


The easiest way to complete those trials is the way that’s most comfortable for you.

For 23 I do:

HK.CW …> cl.HP xx MK.FK, FADC > CW

3rdfinger> 3rd …xx 1st, 1st+2nd > 3rd

For 24 I use:

J.HK, cl.LP, cl.HP xx MK.FK, FADC …> Ultra

3rd., …1st, 3rd …xx …1st, 1st+2nd > obvious…

Really you should be using MK.FK for all FADC’s, but for the trials just go with what you’re comfortable with.

As for cr.MP, cr.MP; You can use it as a hit confirm into super, so if you hit one, then do another and cancel it into super. You can follow the cr.MPs up with LP Rekkas to keep the pressure up, which usually scores a counter hit if the opponent tried to poke at you.

great thanks a lot man. how come MK flame kick is the best though?

Deals the most dmg, if you fadc a HK flame kick only the first hit connects = less dmg than MK flame kick

after CW i usually double p.link hp to either light or medium Flame kick with my index finger then use my index and middle finger to FADC and then use my ring finger for the heavy CW

p.linking is fei longs best friend :]