FeiLong Thread


Since i’m interested in this character, I’m starting a new FeiLong thread, sadly i cannot contribute cause i’m looking to learn and not to teach. >D

Waiting for all the Fei experts to give their contributions >D

You have to defeat Feilong to stand a chance…

Super Street Fighter II X/Turbo beginner thread

[media=youtube]pyVgyNRhQOE"[/media] (part 1)

[media=youtube]aUJCbp_8R0A"[/media] (part 2)

You should check out this Fei Long tutorial video - it’s pretty good.


Definitely also check the SRK wiki. The Fei Long section is one of few character sections with lots of good info. (Blanka and Chun Li are also great reads) Some 101 I can offer also:

Close Fierce is one of, if not the, best meaty attacks in the game.
Crouch Fierce is a great move
Far standing fierce is a great move
Jumping jab has great priority, though in high level match videos I see jumping forward and roundhouse used primarily.
Jump forward crosses up and can lead to big damage rekka combos.

Practice the chickenwing kick(god I hate that name… I always called it the butterfly kick. Much better) motion because it’s a GREAT move and it opens up serious doors for success if you can do it on command and combo into it and out of it, etc.

Fei has one of the game’s best supers, and he builds meter really fast. in the Wiki JSJ says a good fei will super 3 times a round. I have to imagine that’s an exaggeration, but still… you’re going to be flashing blue a lot.

There’s more I can post up if someone more qualified doesn’t step up, but I’m glad to see a Fei thread and wanted to give it a decent start.


Practice the timing of Meaty Close-up Fierce, walk-up Close Up Fierce, Rekka Ken as a five-hit Combo. It’s tough to learn, but once you do, you’re opponents will be terrified to try anything on wake-up, and it opens up your Wake-Up/Meaty games.

I’ll add more if anyone asks anything specific, though my Fei Long isn’t all that qualified, really.


Im no pro either, but fei is one of my favourite characters to use.
I second that ThisGuileKillYa, fei’s super is one of the best, it lacks range but can get you out of corners, and goes through most attacks including projectiles.

Fei’s step in kick can be combo into a 3hit rekka, something I havent seen done but I do myself.

Fei’s chickenwing?? Im guessing you guys mean the beating flash kick?? Best move to follow up from that is crouching medium kick, into hard punch and 3 Rekka Kens.

Fei has loads of easy dizzies.

Easy one is double Step-in-kick. It dizzys everytime so you can do this until they are KO’d. :rofl:


I’ve been toying around with Fei for years now, and recently decided to start playing him “for real” as his style fits with my M Bison playstyle of increasing pressure, poking and ticking etc.

Fei’s stand HK is awesome against Gief.

He can’t get very close, it beats his jump ins.

chp can link to itself and does a lot of dizzy for something you’ll be using a lot of anyway.

Your main problem will be against fireballs, but if you can get in range, you can trade for bigger damage or stuff them. One jump in can lead to a big combo that can make up for all the fireballs you’re going to eat. So can a knockdown and some meaty action.

Baiting with rekkas is the key imo. His pokes don’t have much range besides the fierces, and even then the Rekka is a better poke in a lot of situations.

May post more later- thunderstorm cutting off my post prematurely. ;p


Chicken Wing Help:

For those of you fucking up the motion in the Chicken Wing, here’s how I do it:

Since it is almost a 360, and whether or not you’ve played a grappler in ST, they seem to work differently than in other games. Logic dictates that you spin for the 360 as fast as possible, and this works in games with some leeway. Unfortunately, ST has very little leeway. My friend Craig, T Hawk player, was having some trouble with ticking into grabs, so I suggested he do them slower and make sure the points hit, it worked.

The chicken kick is the same, if you slow down your motions slightly and know when you’ve contacted all the points your success rate will increase.

Note: I’m not saying to do the motions SLOW, I’m suggesting slowing it down from how you’d do the motion in newer games. Hope this helped.


Someone’s memorized their AE strategy guide! :wink: j/k

Actually, the far standing Mk it is a very good AA in addition to the HK.

Comes out faster, doesa good amount of life. Offers protection in front of his head. The HK does not. Mk beats all of Geifs jump ins (at the right distance). *edit

Don’t worry, I’ll post a pic to support my claim! :cool:


Yeah the AE guide has some pretty good stuff, I haven’t had mine in about a year though. I’m glad to know about the standing MK stuffing some more of his moves.


Practice his s.hp and c.hp meaty attacks. I panic when I play good fei’s that are like meaty s.hp, walk forward, s.hp, chicken kick, rekka, rekka, I expect a third one but it turns out he just did the walk forward kick to gain more space, continuing the pressure… Shit like that. Get the chicken kick motion down. That move is raep.


Use O. Fei :slight_smile: He’s way fun


Ask me anything and I’ll let you know : )


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I found some really easy links with Fei, I’m kinda new to st so they are probably useless and most likely already known.

You can do these after cross up, mk.

close s.mk or s.mp, s.mp links 2 and they are dizzy
close s.mk, c.mp links a little weird.
close s.mk or s.mp, tap forward ,close s.hp links for awesome damage, works mid screen but a lot easier in the corner, good for setting up the chicken block string I guess, you can also go into rekka’s but it’s difficult.

Just trying to contribute.


I’m working on a video for Fei long, more or less it is an in depth fact about some of his pressure strings, vs certain characters, and his strenghts and weaknesses.

-----Crossover Deep MK---------
basic crossup, if done to early the kick will simply whiff, if done deep, linking into a standing foward, then fierce, or a jab into Rekka, or a standing fierce into super gives you an open opportunity to controls pace. Some of the combos are as followed.

Crossover MK, S. Strong, S. Fierce
Crossover MK, S. Jab, Rekka
Crossover MK, S. Fierce, Short Dragon Kick
Crossover MK, S, fierce, Super Rekka
Crossover MK, C. Jab, Rekka.
Crossover MK, S, Strong, S, Strong.
Crossover MK, S, Strong, S, Fierce, Rekka

--------- Crossover with Super---------------
Crossover MK, S. Strong, S. Fierce. S REKKA, TK Foward/Roundhouse! (Sets up in corner)
Crossover MK, S, Fierce, S REKKA, TK Foward/roundhouse- Three hit CW
Crossover MK, S, Jab, C. Jab, S REKKA! TK Foward.
Crossover MK, S Jab, S Jab, Rekka! TK Foward.
----------Pressure Strings----------------------
Most of these strings require Fei long to be in deep, or nearly over the opponent. IF DONE WRONG! Fierce punch will whiff, resulting in a big fuck up. If most of you don’t understand how the Rekka strings work it’s simple. Jab Rekka can be done three times, at close range, pushing Fei back and away from Sweep range, SRK Range, and have enough time to recover and block. Utilizing this will help build a stronger poke/ground game for fei. People usually get confused with which button to push, which pressure string to use . . . My best advice, one that doesn’t keep you in close range. A standing Fierce is quick and can be utilized for different situations, but for now we will use this as a start for keeping pressure. Standing Fierce can be canceled into a Rekka. Standing Fierce into Jab Rekka, is safe distance, doing a fierce rekka after the jab will push Fei Long foward allowing him to keep pressure, after this fierce rekka finish this with a jab. If you have problems hit confirming the standing fierce and find yourself getting punished, stick to these simple patters.
------ Pressure Strings
S. Fierce, Jab Rekka, Fierce Rekka, Jab Rekka- PRO(Safe Distance, Can block incoming attacks) Con(If done wrong can be countered quickly, avoiding sweeps such as bison slide kick and the blanka ball requires a fast flame kick to reverse such attacks)

Jump In deep With Jab, Fei must literally be over the other character while performing the jump, otherwise the fierce will not connect but execute a handshake instead!!

Jump in Jab, C. Jab, S. Fierce, Jab Rekka, Fierce Rekka, Jab Rekka.- Can’t Combo, Just for pressure.
Jump in Jab, S. Strong, S. Fierce, Jab Rekka, Fierce Rekka, jab Rekka.
Jump in Jab, C. Jab, C. Roundhouse.
Jump in Jab, S. Jab, S. Jab, Jab Rekka, Jab Rekka.
Jump in Jab, S, Strong S. Fierce (HANDSHAKE!)- This string will easily push fei out of any risky counter situation, very safe poke and does major damage of hit.

Chicken wing patters, Mixups, Spacing, utilizing the super, Reversals, Tick throws, VS CHARACTERS Will be in covered in my upcoming video.


That sounds awesome. Whats your status on that?


With my college and my job I spend most of my spare time working on the video. So far I’ve covered pressure strings, combos, ticks, and as far as vs goes. Ryu,Ken,Gief,Thawk,Blanka,Sim,Guile,Cammy, And Rog. I still need Sagat,Bison,Claw,Chun, and Honda. If you want, I can email you the transcript of the text I have for pressure strings/mixups/ticks/Super/Chickenwing/Just PM me your S/N on AIM or MSN.


I actually have trust in you, that you are capable of making a decent Fei faq. Discussing combos, cross-ups, mix-ups, pokes, ticks, rekka ken pressure strings, chicken wing trapping, flame kick set-ups, and super usage can all be pretty easy. But something I don’t trust you on is match-ups. By your posts in other threads it’s clear you don’t have your match-up knowledge down pact.