FeiLong Thread


does anybody know any option selects for fei? sounds kinda stupid of me for not figuring this out on my own (been several months of absence from ST) but nobody really plays fei and the ones that do either don’t know or don’t tell. i seen some of clips hanashi’s fei (he’s a beast) where it looks like he does throw+flame kick auto mix but can’t really tell. anything will be appreciated thx.


using negative edge, you can option select flame kick with block since the motion ends with blocking


thx lol but i already know that. its more for defensive purposes. i mean like auto-mix like ryu’s throw+dp.


B, D, DB, B + HP ~ LK is the input. I just tested it in training, it works but I don’t know how effective it is. IIRC Fei’s throw range isn’t great as it is and then you’d be hitting back for the flame kick inputs. I don’t think flame kick is all that great either, but then I don’t know much about Fei. But as for the input itself, it works.


thx pillowface, that alone just gave me a better understanding on auto-mix. knowing me i’ll input B D BD B + MP+HP(tap both)~LK

i can’t test right now cause i’m not home but i wanted to see if this works as a wake up reversal (i assume the throw+flame kick auto mix applies to this also).

B DF (D) DB + KKK (piano press) B UB + KKK (piano release).
^ ^
(flame kick) (chicken wing)

kinda like a auto mix for anti-cross up (chicken wing is good for that). was just wondering if its works or if theres another way to input it.


I think it doesn’t work as wakeup against meaty because flamekick is actually kara cancelling the punches if you’re out of throw range. So if you do it on wakeup, you won’t be invincible until a few frames after.

I think the flame kick/chicken wing thing wouldn’t work either. For auto correct, if you’re being crossed up from right to left, the input for a flame kick would be L, D, DR + K, while the input for a chicken wing would be L, D, DL, UL + K. So the final joystick position of flame kick and chicken wing are at opposite ends. I think even if you did somehow combine the motion, you’d just get whatever was input at the correct wakeup reversal timing, nothing would auto mixup because you can’t kara cancel a special.

If you want a throw/chicken wing option select, you could do DB, D, DF, F + forward, UF + roundhouse, I am pretty sure. A rekka throw option select would be D, DF, F + Kick throw ~ punch.


oh ok thx alot man i didnt know fei had more option selects other than his throw+flame kick. the chicken wing flame kick isn’t auto mix but it could be useful if u get whatever on the right time on wake up. hmm…maybe B D DB B+piano HK MK LK on wake up, man i gotta get home lol.


Kara cancel roundhouse hop kick into rekka for distance!?

I was messing around with Fei in training mode today… Can anyone confirm kara cancelling Fei’s roundhouse hop kick into rekka (D DF F HK ~ P) adds distance? The timing for the cancel was on the late side. To me, it seemed to work. I was testing it on Honda’s stage with the tiles on the floor. When I turned the music off and just had the sound effects on I could hear the HK starting.

Any confirmation would be greatly appreciated!


Yeah, kara f+HK does add distance to a succeeding special such as a rekka but may be too risky in normal circumstances since you only have 1 frame to kara.

And in case folks were wondering, kara f+MK doesn’t add distance because Fei Long doesn’t move forward until the kara window has already expired.


The kara mechanic is different in different games. I think you have 5 frames to kara cancel normals in ST.


ST kara cancel timing isn’t constant; it depends on the move being canceled from. At certain speeds, Ryu’s kick normals have more kara leniency than his punch normals for inexplicable reasons. But yes, the kara windows for most normal moves are around 5 frames.

However, special normals have unique kara cancel properties. In this case, Fei Long’s f+HK only offers a 1-frame kara window, much shorter than the normal 5-frame window.


Wondering about some option selects vs Vega in the corner.

When he flips of course he’s able to dodge a whole bunch of things.
SO I’m wondering about whiffed-normal buffers for it or something.

one option would be to simply do a safe standing poke and buffer in hp rekka and go into hp mp lp rekka as a string, which iputs fei at a disadvantage but gives him time to block.

Something I thought up a bit here would be forward hp, and then buffer in some version of his chicken wing. IF in range he’d throw (and off of a throw break maybe he could get some kind of setup like his psuedo meaty st hk st hpxx rekka x3 on sim), just out of range for throw he’d do a fierce, having the option to go into whatever else.

something useful would be a buffer off of the stand c. fierce uppercut that would cover vega’s wakeup options. any ideas?


No offense but none of what you said makes any sense. I’m not a Fei or Vega player, but I think I can offer some suggestions, or at the very least I can say something comprehensible.

If Fei wants to pressure Vega while he’s in the corner, he has to worry about Vega’s Scarlet Terror (Flipkick). Fei can beat the Scarlet Terror by jumping on a knocked down Vega very late and very deep into the corner so that he’s touching the wall. This will make the Scarlet Terror whiff or get stuffed by Fei’s jumping Forward, the same as Guile’s Somersault in the corner will whiff against Fei’s deep jump in.

Other than that, the next best option is meaty crouch Short which will make the Scarlet Terror whiff from max range. And then from there Fei can mixup into throw / bait / Flame Kick / Chicken Wing. Using the Rekkas is not very smart cuz Vega’s crouch Strong is very fast and makes any Rekka unsafe from close range, except maybe a meaty Rekka. IDK for sure though.

Of course Vega’s Backflip will avoid everything, but it’s also easily punishable. This is all very basic stuff, and I’m sure some good Fei or Vega players will comment and offer some advanced pressure tactics.


u should ask to hyphenated for fei tips, unfortunately, he is rarely seen in GGPO n he spends the most of gaming time in HDR
Here his profile in case u want to sent him a private message:



How does one deal with ryus tatsuing all over the place to get out situations. I know that rekkas seem to beat hurricanes before it touches fei but what if I’m already blocking a HK hurrican?

I was playing this dude yesterday and it really felt as if, if he timed it where I would least expect it he could just HK hurrican and even if I blocked, there was not a sure way to punish it after it’s done.

sometimes hitting HP or throwing at the end of the sequence would work, sometimes it wouldn’t. Sometimes I’d flame kick between the blocked hurricans and it would work sometimes, other times it just wouldn’t, some times it felt like ryu was at an advantegeous distance/situation after the move. It felt to me like fei did not have a sure/consistent way to punish a blocked hk/mk hurricane either after or during the move. It’s as if the outcome was random enough for the ryu player to keep doing it since the payoff outweighed the consequences.

I watched a few fei vids but I can’t seem to find ryus using it the way it was used on me, this tells me that this ryu tactic is not a very good tactic and that it’s a gimmick that will be abused if someone( like me ) does not yet know how to deal with it.

So briefly is there a sure way to deal with it? should I just feel it out? block standing and punish? crouch and punish after the move is done? etc. I got no idea


Crouch wait for it to cross over the screen and fierce rekka combo. It will land if you time it right you can hit him with all 3 or just knock him out of the tatsu. So basically just duck if you block it just duck it should still go over or just block the barrage and wait till you can get in.


Thanks alot. I Never actually tried that.


The easiest way, that works for all characters, is to block, duck, and counter hit. This times it perfectly so that you’ll stand up and counterhit when Ryu’s “attacking leg” goes behind him. So for example, you block high, block the first, duck, and then counter with a st.fierce or flame kick.

Cigargirl’s method is optimal for the highest damage punish, but requires more stringent timing and spacing on your part.


No problem! If anyone here has questions that I’m able to answer I’ll be glad to help. Ill start paying more attention to the thread.

You want the highest damage output possible when you’re feilong, As every match but gief and maybe chunli will be a pain in your ass.
But yeah sure you could do that, It works too.


Oh, I agree. Landing the high damage possible is optimal in any given punish situation. But if people haven’t gotten down that timing or combo yet, it would be best to stick to something simple that they can easily do right now, until they feel comfortable with their rekka control.