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Crouch wait for it to cross over the screen and fierce rekka combo. It will land if you time it right you can hit him with all 3 or just knock him out of the tatsu. So basically just duck if you block it just duck it should still go over or just block the barrage and wait till you can get in.


Thanks alot. I Never actually tried that.


The easiest way, that works for all characters, is to block, duck, and counter hit. This times it perfectly so that you’ll stand up and counterhit when Ryu’s “attacking leg” goes behind him. So for example, you block high, block the first, duck, and then counter with a st.fierce or flame kick.

Cigargirl’s method is optimal for the highest damage punish, but requires more stringent timing and spacing on your part.


No problem! If anyone here has questions that I’m able to answer I’ll be glad to help. Ill start paying more attention to the thread.

You want the highest damage output possible when you’re feilong, As every match but gief and maybe chunli will be a pain in your ass.
But yeah sure you could do that, It works too.


Oh, I agree. Landing the high damage possible is optimal in any given punish situation. But if people haven’t gotten down that timing or combo yet, it would be best to stick to something simple that they can easily do right now, until they feel comfortable with their rekka control.


This seems strange. You can’t combo anything after a ground tatsu unless the Ryu player messes up. He can always land and block. IMHO, just crouch under the first or second leg swing, then flame kick his ass - or use a fast normal if you feel this is hard.


Uhm, using a rekka combo on a HK Hurricane that goes over has been a punish since god knows when. Even in that A-Cho video it shows a feilong doing it to o.ken. Sad part is you posted the video to not notice him using a cr.f on it at one point. I can always show it on ggpo


The question was about Ryu, and Ryu can always block after a ground tatsu.


Just knock him out of the air with a fierce rekka after he passes over.

I thought ryu didn’t have landing frames after tatsu, does that mean instant recovery or just immunity to lows?

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I think immunity to lows. You can hit him high or mid, but if you try to sweep him low, it usually results in him blocking or hitting you with the uppercut.

That, or I’m just REALLY bad at punishing tatsu with low attacks.


Its only a few frames, id say throw or srk move. Short tatsu in your face is a mixup basically

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No coth_x I know for a fact it will knock him out of the air before he gets a chance to land. You duck and press HP Rekka when he crosses over.


CG is right, for hte most part. The best way to deal with Ryu’s RH Tatsu is just to crouch it and FP Rekka right after it passes over your head. You can then walk up and be able to pressure them.

There is another technique that I use where you block the tatsu standing then crouch the 2nd to last hit then stand up and hit them out of the air. I use this to mix up into my backwards st.mk 50/50. I wont go into more detail because i haven’t played in a while and my mind is a bit foggy on it.

I"m fiarly sure you cant land the full 3xRekka on Ryu because he doesn’t have much/if any landing recovery.


Ryu can be hit by a sweep after a Tatsu. Technically he has zero recovery frames when he lands, so you can’t hit him low after he lands, however he can be “swept” out of the air by sweeps with big hitboxes, like Zangief’s sweep and Chun Li’s sweep, resetting him instead of knocking him down. Same with Ken.


he was asking about Fei, this is the Fei thread, he wasnt asking advice about Zangief or Chun Li, how hard is it for u to comprehend it?



You obviously didn’t pay attention.

You have to excuse sesshomaru, He’s retarded.


What do I do against Deejay? getting in on him is hard enough… then when I finally get into feilongs good range… NOTHING I DO ON THE GROUND WORKS. it will always get beat by his normals…so this means I can’t play footsies with him on the ground, and I can’t jump at him or chicken wing cause hes charged, he can just down back and keep cr mk or crmp and I literally cant do anything. and even if hes not charged he has his standing mp ready if I jump. what is this impossible matchup 10 -0?

It has been a long time since I felt like playing tree truck would be better than taking any initiative to attack.

How do you feilongs deal with a good deejay?


It’s hard to do, but you can punish his crouching normals with rekkas if you time it right. If he’s just blocking and not throwing out cr.mk then you should be able to do good rekka chip damage and mix it up with walkup throws sometimes. If he’s actually beating your rekkas with normals on reaction, then I dunno what you can do, hahaha.

When you decide to do a risky jumpin, it’s often a lot better to do chicken wing than to actually jump in. It’s a lot harder for him to antiair your wings. Don’t even try this when he has a charge though. (unless you’re doing it meaty)

My favorite “trick” in this matchup is that his reversal upkicks will whiff against your meaty cr.hp. It’s a no-lose situation for you: either he blocks and you get free rekka chips, he reversals and you punish it, or he fails to block and you get to link to rekkas.


Thanks, even as bad as this matchup looks, that crhp knowledge should be a big plus