FeiLong Thread


Use O. Fei :slight_smile: He’s way fun


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Is it possible to synthesize excited bromide in an argon matrix? :lovin:


Yes…sigh… :rolleyes: Any True Genius would know, it?s an excimer, frozen in its excited state ? As soon as you apply a field, you couple to a state that is radiatively coupled to the ground state.

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I found some really easy links with Fei, I’m kinda new to st so they are probably useless and most likely already known.

You can do these after cross up, mk.

close s.mk or s.mp, s.mp links 2 and they are dizzy
close s.mk, c.mp links a little weird.
close s.mk or s.mp, tap forward ,close s.hp links for awesome damage, works mid screen but a lot easier in the corner, good for setting up the chicken block string I guess, you can also go into rekka’s but it’s difficult.

Just trying to contribute.


I’m working on a video for Fei long, more or less it is an in depth fact about some of his pressure strings, vs certain characters, and his strenghts and weaknesses.

-----Crossover Deep MK---------
basic crossup, if done to early the kick will simply whiff, if done deep, linking into a standing foward, then fierce, or a jab into Rekka, or a standing fierce into super gives you an open opportunity to controls pace. Some of the combos are as followed.

Crossover MK, S. Strong, S. Fierce
Crossover MK, S. Jab, Rekka
Crossover MK, S. Fierce, Short Dragon Kick
Crossover MK, S, fierce, Super Rekka
Crossover MK, C. Jab, Rekka.
Crossover MK, S, Strong, S, Strong.
Crossover MK, S, Strong, S, Fierce, Rekka

--------- Crossover with Super---------------
Crossover MK, S. Strong, S. Fierce. S REKKA, TK Foward/Roundhouse! (Sets up in corner)
Crossover MK, S, Fierce, S REKKA, TK Foward/roundhouse- Three hit CW
Crossover MK, S, Jab, C. Jab, S REKKA! TK Foward.
Crossover MK, S Jab, S Jab, Rekka! TK Foward.
----------Pressure Strings----------------------
Most of these strings require Fei long to be in deep, or nearly over the opponent. IF DONE WRONG! Fierce punch will whiff, resulting in a big fuck up. If most of you don’t understand how the Rekka strings work it’s simple. Jab Rekka can be done three times, at close range, pushing Fei back and away from Sweep range, SRK Range, and have enough time to recover and block. Utilizing this will help build a stronger poke/ground game for fei. People usually get confused with which button to push, which pressure string to use . . . My best advice, one that doesn’t keep you in close range. A standing Fierce is quick and can be utilized for different situations, but for now we will use this as a start for keeping pressure. Standing Fierce can be canceled into a Rekka. Standing Fierce into Jab Rekka, is safe distance, doing a fierce rekka after the jab will push Fei Long foward allowing him to keep pressure, after this fierce rekka finish this with a jab. If you have problems hit confirming the standing fierce and find yourself getting punished, stick to these simple patters.
------ Pressure Strings
S. Fierce, Jab Rekka, Fierce Rekka, Jab Rekka- PRO(Safe Distance, Can block incoming attacks) Con(If done wrong can be countered quickly, avoiding sweeps such as bison slide kick and the blanka ball requires a fast flame kick to reverse such attacks)

Jump In deep With Jab, Fei must literally be over the other character while performing the jump, otherwise the fierce will not connect but execute a handshake instead!!

Jump in Jab, C. Jab, S. Fierce, Jab Rekka, Fierce Rekka, Jab Rekka.- Can’t Combo, Just for pressure.
Jump in Jab, S. Strong, S. Fierce, Jab Rekka, Fierce Rekka, jab Rekka.
Jump in Jab, C. Jab, C. Roundhouse.
Jump in Jab, S. Jab, S. Jab, Jab Rekka, Jab Rekka.
Jump in Jab, S, Strong S. Fierce (HANDSHAKE!)- This string will easily push fei out of any risky counter situation, very safe poke and does major damage of hit.

Chicken wing patters, Mixups, Spacing, utilizing the super, Reversals, Tick throws, VS CHARACTERS Will be in covered in my upcoming video.


That sounds awesome. Whats your status on that?


With my college and my job I spend most of my spare time working on the video. So far I’ve covered pressure strings, combos, ticks, and as far as vs goes. Ryu,Ken,Gief,Thawk,Blanka,Sim,Guile,Cammy, And Rog. I still need Sagat,Bison,Claw,Chun, and Honda. If you want, I can email you the transcript of the text I have for pressure strings/mixups/ticks/Super/Chickenwing/Just PM me your S/N on AIM or MSN.


I actually have trust in you, that you are capable of making a decent Fei faq. Discussing combos, cross-ups, mix-ups, pokes, ticks, rekka ken pressure strings, chicken wing trapping, flame kick set-ups, and super usage can all be pretty easy. But something I don’t trust you on is match-ups. By your posts in other threads it’s clear you don’t have your match-up knowledge down pact.


ok, so heres a oppertunity to generate some match up discussion (after all, match ups are what fighting games are based on…), so corner trap, what match ups did he get right and which did he get wrong and why? exarkun, if we could get a rebuttal?


Here is a list of Fei’s good/fair/bad match-ups.




Exarkun said that Fei has good match-ups against Guile and Dhalsim which is false. Every match in ST is completely winnable, but you can’t deny the fact that some characters simply have a few advantages over other characters. I gave many reasons to back up my claim when I said Dhalsim/Guile have the advantage of Fei, while the only thing he had to back up his claim was his lone single opinion. This is why I don’t completely trust Exarkun to make the match-up part of a faq.


could you link me to the post where u guys r talking about this? im interested in seeing why u believe this so.


It’s in the counter picking thread.


Corner Trap, if your going to come in here and not trust my experience to your one year experience go ahead. There are loop holes in every match, every match you can counter, just because you can’t focus on a characters main game doesn’t mean he will win/lose. I just see it that some characters have advantages, it’s up to the player to come up with the creativity to overcome these obstacles. You can ask anyone on the online play forums how my fei is. If you have not played me, then don’t judge me with assumptions of my experience please, it just doesn’t make sense.


It’s apparent that you’re not absorbing me or anyone else’s posts. Take a good second and listen to what I say. Every single match in ST is completely winnable. Certain characters have obvious advantages over others, but that does not mean that the character with the disadvantage cannot win the match. That is what me and everyone else has been trying to tell you so far. Why is it so hard for you to understand such a simple concept?


Man I understand that completely. I’m not going to argue against that shit, you would have to be retarded to do so. I just feel your really out to get me and prove something against me.


Well if you understand this then why would you come out with absurd statements like “Dhalsim and Guile are no challenge for Fei Long,” when everything else points otherwise?


Ok, so you give a listing of good/fair/bad matchups. Could you analyze these? Like for instance, lets start with the good matchups. Please explain why Fei has good matchups vs Zangief and T Hawk, going into detail about key strengths/tactics/weaknesses for each character in the match up. What is Fei’s game plan for each of these match ups?What are things Fei can do to win/dominate the match? Also, since every match is winnable, what are things Fei must watch out for that the other person can do, and how does Fei counter these?


Fei vs. Hawk:

Fei can just use his general gameplan to take on Hawk. Fei’s main objective in a match is to get in close on an opponent and overwhelm him with speed. So you can wreck shop against Hawk with basic rekka ken pressure strings, cw trapping, tick throws, etc. He doesn’t have much options to stop you unless he can work out a reversal DP, or SPD.

Fei vs. Gief:

Basically the same as Hawk but he’s a bit more threatening. Just don’t become scared of his SPD.