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========Zangief Rekka Pressure==========

Ok, it’s either know your distance, or start kissing the floor here. Just one slip up, can cost you nearly 40% of your health, this where Zangief can shine indefinately. Learning how to pressure consistantly on the ground is alot different than having air superiority.

Rekka Ken- Whatever you do, never NEVER open up a rekka ken pressure with a close jab, I will guarantee and so will Zangief, that Fei will kiss the asphault all the time.

Rekka Ken pressure- Remember, zangief can do so much in this situation, there is nothing like whiffing a rekka ken and being in SPD range, KNOW your distance, KNOW your rekka ken pressure here, if you don’t, Fei Long will be burned quickly.

1- Sweep Distance- Fierce Rekka, Strong Rekka, (pause) This is where you have to figure out what to do, either Zangief might get ancy and do a spinning lariat, or he just might try to pull a reversal, if he reversals, you can rekka ken by starting it with a Fierce Rekka, Strong Rekka, Fierce Rekka. Trying to pull off a CW is a 50/50. Just from the distance Gief might perform a lariat and stuff that CW.

2- Eating the bullshit- Ok so you have your rekka ken pressure set, but this doesn’t mean your going to win. It’s as easy to have gief do a SPD just from one rekka ken period. Usually it’s not safe to do one so close, and it’s risky doing it from afar. performing this and using deception can make gief think twice.

3- Doing the rekka ken from afar, and expecting that SPD then stuffing it with a super is flawless, but this requires training the gief. Here are some examples to make Gief tick.

Rekka Tricks==

1- SD= Sweep Distance.

2- SD, Strong Rekka, pause, Fierce Rekka, Flame Kick
3- SD, Fierce Rekka, Strong Rekka,
4- SD, Fierce Rekka, Strong Rekka (pause) Whiff Jab rekka, not in SPD range but close enough to counter the reversal with a flame kick
5-SD, Fierce Rekka. Yea That’s it Fierce rekka if your too chicken shit to do anything else, or your just shooting the shit with gief.

Chicken Wing Tricks====

  1. ok CW pressures are difficult, even when mixing them up Gief can still counter Fei long, as mentiond earlier, the RH CW eats a larat from afar, close ranged CW’s are safe but not always. After the second hit Fei long needs to recover, and your in close enough range to eat some asphault

Safe- Foward CW (Blocked) Ok so gief blocks it here we go with some things to keep you safe.

1- Foward CW (Blocked) standing jab, short Flame.
2- Foward CW (Blocked) Standing Strong, jab rekka.
3- Foward CW (Blocked) Standing fierce, short Flame
4- Foward CW (Blocked) standing Jab, Standing Jab, standing jab, - Yes multiple jabs, allows push back and a risky FOWARD flame kick to counter any reversal.
5- Foward CW (Blocked) Jump Back Foward.
6- Foward CW (Blocked) Crouching jab, Short flame Kick
7- Foward CW (Blocked) standing short flame kick.

After some of these defensive maneuvers, you will train the gief to realize every attack you make comes with a second apporach, defensive strategy. Along with training him to block High and sometimes making him deviate from a low attack. Here are some advantages in mixing up for short CW, for the third and final hit will act as an overhead.

1- Short CW (Final hit) Standing Jab, strong Rekka, Fierce Rekka, Strong Rekka
2- Short CW (Final hit) Standing Fierce
3- Short CW (Final hit) Standing Jab, Flame Kick
4- Short CW (Final hit) Standing strong
5- Short CW (Final hit) Standing jab, Tick Throw

Ground game Zangief- Countering comes at a mountain of strength, distance is zangiefs enemy, having the stamina and strength will give fei long some time to break a great gief’s defense.
Ground game Fei long- Play it safe and know the distance, know your rekka ken range and how to play offensively and at the same time have some resilence. Without any resilence, this match can end in zangiefs favor.
Aerial Game Gief- Has to read those CW patterns and act swiftly with lariats to keep fei long on the ground, without a good sense of how to block the CW, Zangief will be cornered and trap soon.
Aerial game Fei Long- Dominate the air, push gief back with rekka kens, know the range and distance of your CW pressure’s, again just as useful as the rekka, without any idea of distance with either, this match can go into giefs favor.


Honestly rekka pressure isn’t how you want to spend most of your time. What you want to do more is slowly push him back or keep him away with your good zoning normals. Crouching fierce is super annoying for Gief because it eats up his non-sweep footsies and if you do it so that it just misses him it’s really hard for him to do anything about it. Standing short antiair beats all of Gief’s max-range jumping attacks and crouching fierce ducks them and hits Gief on landing. If you push him into the corner, set up a chicken wing trap. Rekka pressure is too risky; spd, lariat, crouching roundhouse, and standing forward are all good reasons not to do it too often.


damn, if this is all in the video, i cant wait!


Can anyone top Noguchi’s Fei? He’s a brutal player I’m overwhelmed by.


I agree Rekka isn’t the best way to go, I don’t know whoever told you this but it’s difficult to keep the rekka ken pressure, but for those who can’t CW it’s a way to start some way of knowing how to pressure with what Fei has.


Original post by Exarkun

Yea, thank you for that tidbit. I was doing the Rekka’s way too fast. Once I slowed it down, its much easier to chain 3 fierce rekkas.

Now if only I could get the blocked close fierce -> chicken wing in the corner trap down. I bet you have to buffer it off of the recovery on the blocked Fierce


Oh the Rekka CW lock down is simple. to perform this you execute a CW, what matters here is the strength of the CW. For example if you do the Short CW, you will end up close but push back because of the block stun, performing a rekka will leave you open for a counter attack which isn’t worth it. Perfmroing the foward and RH rekka’s allow you to do standing fierces safely but they come with a window of opportunity of being countered.

RH CW- Quick, and when opponent is cornered it hits for twice depending on the hitbox of the character. Their is an open window to counter fei, it begins right after the second hit from the CW, at this point you can be countered accordingly if you do not recognize the timeing of the Fierce. It’s really simple and done like this.

Opponent in corner- RH CW, First hit blocked, Second hit blocked, Fei long whiffs the third hit, and at this moment is when you want to input the fierce punch. It is at these frames when Fei will land on the ground and is vulnerable to attack, it’s not a good idea to do a rekka since the startup is slow and is easily deviated.

Opponent in corner- Foward CH- All hits of the Chicken Wing connect, the third counts as the overhead, this is simple since reading the third hit gives you a great sense of intuition of hitting fierce. After fei lands you can simply end this chain with standing jab, and short flame kick, or standing jab jab to allow push back and fierce rekka, strong rekka, strong rekka. Or option three, you can simply sweep to counter a throw. Here is a huge window for fei to do some variations of offensive/defensive attacks. after the foward CW is blocked, you can do crouching jab, into standing Fierce and execute rekka, tick throw, defensive sweep to counter a throw or simply block to counter any AA with a fierce rekka chain.


Can anyone help me with Fei’s Chicken Wing kick?

Im horrible at doing this move, id say i do it 2/10 times, and most of the times i just end up jumping at my opponent after doing a early jump kick and they kill me when i land.


Yeah, I have mad problems doing it consistently. Got no problems doing stuff like Sagat’s tiger knee either or the same move in A3.


It’s not difficult :wgrin: I’d had problems adjusting towards mame online play and doing it.

performing it is simple, you can lay in the B/D motion of it for how long as you want. the whole HCF/UF part is really easy, executing it is somewhat difficult. Sometimes the move itself won’t come out, or Fei will Jump, or do a standing or foward RH. Execute the motion and the RH around the time the rotation comes toward the U/F part of the move. The Tiger Knee is almost identical, but the CW is strict, pulling them off consistantly requires a certain pace. Performing it moderately and not at eccentric motions will give you CW’s nearly all the time.

Doing this without a standing fierce blocked takes practice, doing this with the standing fierce blocked is easy, just setting the rythm and pace takes time getting attuned.

If your having problems with it, set the dummy and block and trying performing the Standing Fierce, CW Block string.


I found with Fei, it is easier if I just slow the motion down, both for his rekkas and his chicken wing.

btw, exarkun, hows that video coming along?


Im getting better at the CW kicks, thanks for the help guys.

Quick question,

Whats my best bet of getting out of N. Kens Knee bash trap, i could be dominating a match and if i get caught in this i really turns the tides the other way. Should i try and Flame Kick as i land or try and throw him?


Hey WD, I wanted to send you the transcript of some of the match ups, it’s roughly seven pages of reading. I have not been able to start the video.

Noob-NJ, If your getting caught in ken’s knee bash trap, your not spacing yourself safely, or holding down on foward to often. It’s not difficult to reverse it, just like Fei after a CW stun sometimes walking foward can get Fei in trouble to be thrown. A quick short Flame Kick will train the Ken to avoid getting close, but will also leave you open for a S. RH.


Sagat’s tiger knee motion is actually :d::r::uf: apparently, which is probably why it’s so much easier to do consistently.

Any idea if Fei’s is just :l::d::r::uf:?


Vega has a glitchy hitbox after being hit by chicken wing. If you try to do fierce->rekka, the rekka will completely whiff for no reason at all


N. Fei is infinitely better. O. Fei is just scary up close. O. Fei can cancel his c.lk and c.mk, along with s.fp (far), s.mk, and c.mp which is really helpful, whick allows for j.rh, s.mp, c.mk xx rekkas. After a meaty attack, low mk or lk into rekkas hit people trying to throw, which gets them scared to throw allowing for more throw from you. O. Fei also had a better j.rh which is his chicken wing animation and crosses up (hard to do though). C.fp/s.fp, c.mk xx rekkas on someones wake-up hurts like hell. But N. Fei has chicken wing, super, command overhead, WAAAAY better cross-up, which lets him get in and fight easier. I only use O. Fei though, I like to make things hard on myself lol.


Duh, only real men use O. Fei. :woot:


Anyone got tips for fei vs dictator? I get raped hard in this match, and I have no idea what to do


using light flaming kick to beat his specials when timed correctly, use hard if its an obvious jumpin.

I think his crouching fierce will stop psycho crusher but need to confirm that. Chicken Wing corner trap FTW.


I noticed fei’s st. fp is very effective vs honda it stuffs alot of honda’s normals and the hand slaps… so if he swings he gets popped and also stops alot of headbutts… it comes out fast and recovers fast but not fast enough as there are times were I got popped by a headbutt… but its his main poke vs honda… works on blanka too