FeiLong Thread


using light flaming kick to beat his specials when timed correctly, use hard if its an obvious jumpin.

I think his crouching fierce will stop psycho crusher but need to confirm that. Chicken Wing corner trap FTW.


I noticed fei’s st. fp is very effective vs honda it stuffs alot of honda’s normals and the hand slaps… so if he swings he gets popped and also stops alot of headbutts… it comes out fast and recovers fast but not fast enough as there are times were I got popped by a headbutt… but its his main poke vs honda… works on blanka too


The Handshake is a risk because of the amount of time frame is left vulernable after the 10-11 Frames of not being able to recover.

Standing Short’s stuff headbutts, blankaball, and Psycho crushers.
Crouching Foward stops a psycho cruser.
Short flame kick also stops, but it needs to be done as a counter and not so early, Fei will get countered if done way too early.
Crouching Fierce also stuffs bisons S Kicks and Psycho crusher. Really strange hit box on that.


I’ll confirm that - as Honda I’ve headbutted Fei after a whiffed standing FP a few times. It’s pretty hard to do from a distance though, most of the time my headbutts get hit or blocked anyway, so if you have a sudden urge to FP it’s not that risky.


Hey, since HD is coming out soon I was wondering if anyone was willing to teach me Fei-long, my addy is winter_lght@hotmail.com. thanks in advance.


check out greentea’s tutorial on youtube


Ok, I’ve been getting alot of questions just how to combo in Fei Long’s CW, into Fierce, or Crouching jab through Rekka or into Shin Rekka. I’ll answer them here since it’s easier and a great reference.

----------------CW, any strength Close up----------------

  1. Comobing in a Chicken Wing into rekka isn’t as hard as it looks. The key is distance and position. In order to execute this combo it is likely and much more accurate performing the CW up close. Doing so, will alllow all three hits, or if blocked at least the overhead to start the combo.

  2. If opponent is knocked down, and you would like to pressure with a meaty Chicken Wing, start off close, the strength varies from short, foward, and roundhouse. Using a short will allow for a overhead on the third hit breaking a crouching opponents guard, using the foward results in a neutral state if blocked allowing Fei Long to build a pressure string. Using the Roundhouse will launch Fei over the opponent, having the final hit of the Chicken Wing hitting from the opposite direction as Fei travles around the opponent, Fei will be behind the opponent allowing for a quick crossover to gain some edge and momentum for pressuring your rival into the corner or in another direction.

--------The Mechanics--------

  1. The combo isn’t difficult, nor does it require STRICT input or time. If done to slow, the Chicken Wing will combo, but the Crouching jab or Standing Fierce will be seperate and possibly miss the whole combo all together.

  2. The distance while performing the Chicken wing is important, in order to get that 7/6 hit Fei must be in SWEEPING DISTANCe, or CLOSE UP. If Fei has to travel further than he has to, only the last two hits or the third hit will end up connecting with the opponent, in some situations Fei’s standing Feirce will connect, but performing the rekka at long distances will result in an open or lose chain, leaving an open hole for the second rekka to whiff and the third hit of the Rekka to hit, performing this combo in this situation requires quick action for fei to have enough speed on connecting the third hit, the end result will be a 5 hit combo. If done close though, the secret is watching when Fei lands and recovers from the Chicken Wing.

  3. After Fei touches base on ground, pay close attention how fei is not in neutral, but in a crouching state, this allows the user to input a crouching jab at that very moment. Than executing the rekka chain combo. Here are basic combos.

Close CW any strength- (fei touches the ground, input) Crouching Jab, Rekka x3/Standing Fierce, Rekka x3/Crouching Jab, standing Fierce Rekka x3/ Standing Jab, Short Flame Kick/ Standing Jabx2, crouching jabx1, Rekka Ken x3/ Standing Fierce, xx into Super.

CW, from afar- Standing Fierce- Handshake, 3 Hits
Crouching Fierce, 3 hits.
Crouching Strong, 3 hits.
Standing Fierce, Rekka x2 5 Hits.

The result. Performing the Chicken Wing closer, or in sweep distance allows for better openings and starters for comboing in the larger hits. Doing so from a distance will limit Fei Long’s combo ability.


Hi guys, nice thread has helped me out quite a bit, especially the tutorial vid by greentea.

Just a few quick questions i need help with.

What is the benefit of mixing the rekkas? Are different patterns guaranteed on hit or are some uninteruptable?

The Chicken Wing… practicing practicing this move… but why am i practicing? =P Why is this move so good? As for the Chicken Wing, c HP in the corner trap, i havent seen it done in any match vids, what is the actual idea behind it?

I am having incredible trouble vs Fireball characters… any tips? Im a n00b so any help much appreciated =)


any tips on doing the chicken wing move? i keep on messing up. hardest move for me to do consistently and fei’s most important move.


well you can try doing it as a 360 motion, that should work too, then keep experimenting and find out exactly when to press it.


I just do db to uf in a half-circle motion. As long as you make sure to hit the df corner, it’s pretty simply to perform.


Today I was practicing chicken wing traps against a Cammy set to press backwards all the time, and standing Fierce would randomly hit low for some reason. Also, I can’t seem to perform it against Rog; any fierce after a chicken wing whiffs unless I walk forward a bit.

Are there any other weird things like these with the CW trap?


How do you guys deal with Vega (claw) when he spams c. lp to push you out, and flips kick any jump attacks/chicken wing?

Flame kick doesn’t work since it retracts so fast and he can slide to punish you.


Footsies, stay out of the C. LP Claw range, that’s where vega get’s his play at. Don’t spam CW’s as much, it’s great for crossing vega up among other things. Make them burn the Flip by playing good footsies, than go for rekkas. If he’s spamming wall dives standing fierce, or Jumping Jabs work great.

Against vega it’s all about playing the distance, and reacting to counter his movement.


^ Thanks. Right now I’m having more trouble with bison though. I can’t really stop his scissor kicks outside of a flame kick and he can easily punish any failed “psychic” attempts.


Yea Bison is a little tricky, but there is some shit Fei can counter with that sounds stupid but works.

C. Short, stops a Psycho Crusher, C. Fierce also stops the Psycho crusher. It’s difficult trying to trade hits with him because bison will always do the higher damage. Flame kicks are great for stopping the kicks, also starting to read the strength of the kick to counter for throws is great.

When doing pressure, or keeping a chain going remember, while he is blocking he is also charging too counter your bullshit, just keep in mind that after a few strings he will try and counter, this will be great for you to do some tick throws, if he is in the corner and techs a fierce or RH throw, go for Short CW’s, for that last hit to crossover, or keep the chains going for more tick throws. Never throw random Flame kicks, or consistantly do them, if bison starts to read your movement he will counter it with standing fowards or RH.

Watch his psycho dives and try not to let him juke you so much, They can also be countered using the same shit against Vegas wall dives. The whole time you pressure bison cross him up as much as you can, making him lose his charge momentum, and above anything else, Playing Great Defense is critical for beating a Honda/Bison, since these characters give fei a tough time.


Fei to the Long

Heya, I really like Fei Long for some unexplainable reason. (obviously because he’s fucking hot…riight). Anyways; I’m stuck using only a few gimpy strats that I’m not too sure about, and even with that I’m not even sure if he’s really worth taking the time to learn. (like tier wise, or match up wise, whatever you want to say).

Generally I find myself abusing his QCF-Ks because of their fireball leaping capability, and their overhead capability; sometimes followed up with a rDB+k for when people try to punish the blocked ones. (the QCF-K also helps me build bar seriously fast)

I can’ for the life of me properly use qcf+p on the playstation controller for some reason, it actually HURTS when I try. (Oddly I can do hadoukens all day long; wtf?)

I’ve seen people QCF+k to QCF+p before, but didn’t see it land; and I’m pretty sure his j-RH doesn’t crossover, but his j-MK does; which I try to use rDB-K with and attempt to use qcf+p, or i just spam jabs or shorts to stop them from destroying my face up close.

A big issue I’m having with this game is I can’t attack from wake (srk from wake and such forth) and it’s really hurting me; I know I shouldn’t depend on that, but it would really help me regain my footing after being cornered and knocked down.

Any help for this Alpha and higher player trying to go old school?


Fei Long is a pretty rad dude, yo.

Alrighty, as far as his legitimancy as a character goes, I’d say he’s definitely worth learning, if not just for his fun style of play. He’s essentially the art of rush down.

When you’re not using his QCF+K (Chicken Wing Kick) to get in your opponents face because of their counters i.e. Shoryu’s or whatnot, your main spacing poke is Standing HP (dubbed the “Handshake”). It beats a large variety of pokes, comes out fast, and does a hefty amount of damage.

And for reals, his Rekka Ken QCF+P move is extremely hard to chain, and even more so in Street Fighter 2 Turbo, on top of it being on a pad, so no worries on that, it’s not just you, it’s just that friggin’ hard. But, regardless, it’s an extremely useful tool. Use it as an advancing poke, even if you only use one hit. If you’re ever able to do it completely, it’s a scary whiff punisher i.e. Shoto sweeps.

Back to his Chicken Wing kick. It is a FANTASTIC move. The moment you hit or whiff it, a common ending to it is to use his flame kick. It’ll hit any pokes that your opponent will try to stick out, and even if they don’t do anything, you’ll at least get block damage, and be relatively close to your opponent.

One of Fei Longs main way of doing damage is to throw like hellas, especially when you’ve locked your opponent down in the corner. Use hella tick throws and use his flame kick if they try to escape via the air. If they turtle up, Chicken Wing and tick throw them to death.

When you have secured a knockdown, run up and hit them with a meaty close HP. This move is absolute beast on wake up because of its massive priority. It beats a lot of wake up attempts, and can be combo’ed into Flame Kick or the Rekka Punches. It’s almost always a safe bet. But seriously, this move completely rocks.

That’s all I can think of at the moment, and I hope it helps! Fei Long Represent!

Edit: Oooh, and I forgot to mention! Check out “Fei Long Tutorial” on youtube by GreenTea.

Here’s a link: [media=youtube]pyVgyNRhQOE[/media]

It’s chock full of extremely useful stuff.


For Vanilla ST: http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=130371&highlight=Fei-Long

For HDR (The one your probably talking about): http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=168746

The search option is your friend…


hey guys, i was wondering, is it possible to combo 3 lp. rekkas? because it never seems to combo. also is lp rekka actually used in matches or useful at all?