Feint execution video guide



Hey guys! I made a guide to executing feints, I hope it’ll be helpful to some of you.



The car crusher idea is actually pretty neat.
Feints is probably the thing I need to work the most on for my viper play so this is gonna be very useful. Thanks you


Thanks for the upload m8!


Thanks very helpful! Can you do one for burn kicks to?


I was just going to ask someone about this, thanks for the video! It’s really great how it covers what inputs you did wrong based on what output you get from your failed feint. Also, never even thought about using the car to practice. Maybe it could even be modded to have infinite health on PC for better practice. The feints look really sexy when done rapidly on a stationary target with no push.


Hi Zejoeh,

Can you please break down the srk shortcut method for the rapid siezmo chains?

Just picked up Viper as a change from Gouki and am marvelled by Latif’s dexterity in how he can siezmo cancel at light speed. Im sure this is The Key to Vipers zoning game as the opponent cannot settle for one moment.



I second this. I have been maining her almost a year and I still once in a while get accidental ex seismo or ultra when trying to rapid seismo cancel.


If you get Ultra it’s because you feint with the 3P button or are doing a Fierce seismo and feinting with LP+MP. It will happen.
Latif do either strong or fierce seismo and feint with MP+HP so no risk of ultra coming out.

It’s just about being precise and having a good tempo. 232 P PP 232 P PP, etc etc


Hey guys, sorry for the late reply. I don’t know if I’m gonna do more videos like this one, but if I feel like making another one I’ll make sure to cover burnkicks next. Don’t be disappointed if I don’t end up making one though, in the meantime Jaycetheace has an execution guide on YouTube as well that covers burnkicks!

I guess I should have explained the rapid seismo feint in more detail, honestly it was just sort of thrown in there because I realized I had room for it and it’s not something I saw covered in other places. The trick to doing them is that you input the next 23 fast enough that the buffer from the last 3 is still active, so you’re actually inputting the next feint from just 23, then you do 23 and get another seismo etc… After your first feint (which you can do without the shortcut), you essentially just hit the diagonal and nothing else to get the next seismo input and then continue with the next 23 -> seismo -> feint -> 23 -> seismo -> feint and so on.

The only way to get ultra is if you mess up the shortcut input (in which case you can also get a super, which is why I’d recommend practicing this with full bar in training mode so you know exactly when you mess up) and negative edging at the same time (holding down HP and releasing it at the same time as LP MP). You just have to watch your inputs and keep practicing. I used to get EX seismo a lot and still do sometimes, but realizing how late you can actually feint a seismo helped me a lot with that. Don’t feint it like a TK, make sure to leave a bigger gap between the seismo and the feint and you’ll never get an EX seismo.

Like Noocta said once you have the rhythm down, it won’t seem so hard. It’s honestly not a very important technique though, think of it more as a neat trick than something to strive for over improving your overall gameplay. It is definitely not the key to having a solid seismo game and things like TK feints, seismo chains ending in feints and just improving on your basics (antiairing, strings into burnkick mixups, BNBs, frame traps etc.) is far more important IMO. You don’t need rapid seismo feints to win, it mostly looks cool, can psyche out your opponents and can make it easier to tripguard or react to things with seismos once you are used to it. Hope it helps!


It’s pretty damn useful in the Zangief match up specifically. Other than that it’s just really neat looking.


Yeah, I wish I could do this. One of the reasons I quit Viper, my execution just disappoints me. Great video though.


Thanks I started noticing the gap thing yesterday. The way it is seen in replay looks alot faster but it’s not. Gonna keep practicing


god the rapid seismos r killing me, the flashy rapid feints that is :S HELP!


Do not worry about rapid seismo feints. If you worry to much about that it’ll hurt you in a fight because you can be hit out of it easily. But if you must know how to do it, do a seismo then feint then immediately press down , down foward and any punch then press two punches to feint. Just rinse and repeat the down the down foward punch and youll keep doing it. I dont recommend it because you can get accidental super if you preas foward by accident.