Feint issue

I can feint all her other attacks with medium and light punch but i have issues with her hp. Do you have less time to do the feint since it starts up faster?

yes, only 7 frame startup, keep practicing.

back to doing 10 feints without failing again

bk feint is where its at…in marvel…

indeed it is

roll yer fingers on da stick

Sorry to thread jack, but it is similar to what I need help in… I use hp plink to lp+mp for heavy fients, but sometimes I negative edge a ex-thunder to come out, any tips on how to avoid that, or the timing to hp > hp + mp? Sometimes I get the hp + mp, but it seems like I need those fast fingers, if anything is there a tip on how I could either avoid that negative edge or a trick to the hp+mp?

its a quick motion, you can’t lift your fingers up too high from the buttons in order to do the feint in the proper amount of time. When i do HP feint i press HP then HP+MP, there isn’t really a shortcut, you just have to practice till it feels natural. the HP then MP+LP feels clumsy. Most everyone i’ve spoken with had issues with raw Hp feints when they started, you even see the top players miss the timing occasionally, just keep at it, you’ll get it. it just takes a good amount of practice. Learn it the best way now, and you wont have to unlearn it later.

If you try to feint a fp.tk its wicked impossible but when your doing the FFF its actually pretty slow. Here are a few tips.

  1. Try it slower doing a FFF with negative edge.

  2. Try using the triplepunch button to feint with. Till you get the timing.

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I’ve tried both and so far i’ve been doing well at the arcade with her Hp fients. It just feels like pressing 1 button to me now.

It takes a certain amount of dexterity to do her HP feint. First learn to cancel it out of cr. MP’s and cr. LK’s. Once you get the timing down, you can transition to lone HP feints. Proper execution is a combination of quick stick movement and clean button presses. It’s mostly in the stick movement though. The game engine forgives extra button presses more than it forgives improper stick inputs. You’ll know you got it down once you can many HP feints in quick succession
I personally piano HP to MP+LP but to each their own.
Good luck.

same i can do it some what good…Sanford however… that guy is crazy with the feints does like 10 heavy feints in a row so fast.

feinting with viper is relatively easy u press light punch thunder knuckle before it hits u press lp,&,mp at the same time to get the feint her heavy tk feint is the hardest 1 to feint but it’s has really fast recovery & the light 1 is the easiest but having less recovery time the medium 1 has an even amount of start up & recovery time hit me up on xbl if you need help NGB Kloud

u can cancel her fierce thunder knuckle with jab & strong inorder to do this move press & hold your fierce button input the tk motion while your still holding the fierce buttons let go of it before the motion is complete & press strong & fierce at the same time to get your feint simple as can be

Keep practicing. I do FP TK Feints all the time.

I have a button for all three punch buttons. I find just pressing that is faster and I have no trouble doing feints so far.

I’m having trouble with FFF, ex seismo too also with doing the HP, Feint, MP, tk and HP, Feint, MK, tk. I can get the FFF most of the time, but doing variations or connecting it with something else is hard. What I do on my arcade stick is HP, QCB HP, L1, HP. When I attempt to do the seismo nothing comes out. Sometimes an EX TK or an EX feint comes out after I do the HP.