Fei's at evo

How did you other fei players do out there.

I only met one other player during casuals at the hori booth. Saw inthul play a few times and that’s about it.

Pool "O"rtiz:

-1st game no bye vs some balrog. Really solid, goes to the very last game last round and I lose.

Off to the losers brackets, find out that I gotta win 11 in a row or something to make it out.

1st round losers, win via bye.
2nd round losers, win via DQ.

4 HOURS LATER standing around waiting for my turn, I finally get to play.

3rd round losers, win vs a chun player.
-lost the first game, 2nd game 1st round had no health vs 50% chun, made a comeback and kept on going to take games 2 and 3

4th round losers, can’t remember, probably a DQ win.

about an hour later I finally get to play again.

5th round losers, vs a vega player in a suit
-I keep falling for izuna roll x super
-We see super4 at it’s best when a weird x-up ultra 2 by vega
-STAY ON, your next opponent is here

6th round losers, win vs a gief player
-game 1, I keep missing the 3rd rekka, no sound on the TV means I can’t punish any lariats with rekka anyways. I lose and ask to borrow a stick, another

player in the pool watching lets me borrow his.
-game 2, I still miss the 3rd rekka, good to know it’s not my stick but i’m just shit at this game. Game 2 and 3 were pretty much the same, footsies all day,

the gief maybe jumped once per round knowing I can punish them and each round goes close to timeouts or did timeout. Most patient gief i’ve ever played
-STAY ON, your next opponent is here

7th round losers, win vs a rufus player
-was kinda scummy as he is the player who I just borrowed a TE stick from in my previous game
-I thank gerjay for all the rufus training as I take this set without much trouble.
-STAY ON, your next opponent is here

8th round losers, win vs ALLCAPS “bison player”
-I only remember him because he chats in #GTASF, very solid player in his 2nd tourney ever I believe that came down to the final game final round also
-yet again STAY ON!!

9th round losers, loss vs seattle cammy
-can’t remember his name, but he hits 98% of his combos and is a robot, came down to the final round where my mind broke when he finally started to use hooligan, didn’t see it all game and didn’t duck a single one. very good games.

Was 1 win away from the big stage to play in losers semi’s which would have been fun.

I’m pretty sure that’s all the matches, the losers bracket run was long and my old memory is bad.

Cool stuff, at what level would you rate your fei longs ability? I need to understand the level one needs to reach to be ready for tournament play. I feel i might be ready but i want to be 100% ready if you know what i mean lol in this game ranked leaderboard for fei long doesn’t mean anything, i tried to find your name but it wasn’t about (Xbox leaderboards)

But judging from the story you just told us, you know your stuff.

very nicely done. Unlucky with the first match balrog. Are there full brackets up anywhere for ssf4/Tekken Evo? Can’t seem to find one.

Just enter any tourneys that you can goto, it’s a good experience to get better and you can judge your skill from there. Can’t really say what tourney ready it, but for the most part, knowing and not dropping combos, match-up knowledge also helps. So many more factors too.

As for XBL rankings, I’m somewhere there, I don’t grind away as much on rank.

ChIpStIck: haven’t seen full brackets yet, not sure if they did it last year either.

Yo RPGv2 I was the Seattle Cammy.

I don’t like to use all my setups all the time because then I increase download time/speeds and thats bad for me.

The hooligan setups are un-duckable on wake up because of the 1 frame of stand up that HAS to happen before you can duck. You can backdash but if the cammy reads this you will get a delayed hooligan that will grab the airborne of your backdash. Best idea is to buffer reversal and if you see her turn into a ball, WATAAA!

BTW you are the 3rd person from a different scene to call me a Robot due to execution. I have been playing fighting games for a year and don’t have much mental experience so I rely on execution and match-ups to get me through.

GGs and a good Fei I don’t really get to play alot of Fei’s even though I fancy myself a Fei player as well.

yo rpg, i was that fei player at the hori booth. Damn mirror match is a pain. i dont get to play any good fei’s that often if any at all. You werent falling for a damn thing and after the many games we played i could tell you really knew your shit. I think i only beat you 1x out of the 15+ games we played, some games were better than others. You were the only person i played all weekend that could score that many wins on me. Sounds like you had a good run, almost made it out, would have been nice to see a little more fei on the big screen. I only saw the end of inthuls set where he lost to i think chris hu as cody.

yo bokkin regarding the hooligan setups being un-duckable, i thought that if you are crouch jabbing as you are getting up you will stay crouching and avoid the throw. please, correct me if im wrong. ive been hit by that shit before and would like to know if that actually works. Also, you are from the seattle area, did you happen to go to NCR? i remember there being some cammy from seattle there and curious of that was you.

Omg! That was you two at the Hori Booth? I was watching that from behind and was thinking…“damn, these Fei’s are nice!!!” Oh, and I was in Pool “O” as well. It’s a pity that they were using real names instead of tags so I couldn’t really tell who was who.

Good job guys, I would of liked to see more Feis on the stream :slight_smile:

yo nem, i didnt know u were there. I would have liked to get some games in with you. since i have a PS3 now ill send you a FR so we can finally get some games in. I havent been in the IRC room or in the threads as much lately, but i havent forgotten you guys.

Half of the UYG crew was there. We didn’t see any casual stations set up during the AM pools and overheard a few people complaining about not being able to warm up. So we set up two casual stations in the back corner using one CRT and one Evo monitor. We were all sitting there warming up. lol.

Evo2k11, we’re planning something big. We’re going to be planning a EH/UYG offline tournament there so if you come again, let one of us know.

Edit: BTW, we have a online trny coming up on the irc room. Pass through.

I was there but I was really bad. I was dead cold and I had to wait an hour between matches. Made all sorts of stupid mistakes like abusing focus attack or just pressuring with crouching strong way too predictably. Embarrassing to say the least, so I hope to do better next year.

Next year, StarNab and me will be there with others french player like Luffy, Renegad, LordvDVD and others.

Count me in! I’m sure I’ll be a lot better then too. So will everyone else. . . lol

Haha sounds GOOD!!! Would love to spar with you guys…I have no knowledge of the Fei Mirror match. I’m planning to come next year too if all things go according to plan…I definitely need more tournament experience though b/c I always choke and drop combos ugh. But yeah, let’s flood Evo2k11 with Fei Long players mwhahhahaah!

Sorry to hear about that Nyoronoru.

Definitely get in touch with us for next year. We’ll be there again for next year.

No problem man. I did win two matches, but once I fought a Balrog it was curtains. Couldn’t get him to commit to anything. Got jabbed out of overhead… so annoying.

I’ll be at Summer Jam, scrubbing it up so I hope to see some people there.

pad long was sick. i think that was Inthul? using Fei in the semi’s. i believe he lost to Chris Hu with Cody. only Fei worth mentioning.