Felicia and the happy birthday dilema

I’m making this thread so we can compile a list of all the duos that happy birthdays work on/ don’t work on.

I’ve started with Sentinel and am working my way across the top of the roster but it’s going to take a long time to get through everyone. Unfortunately I didn’t write it down as I did it. So this will be based off my memory and is probably completely wrong. sorry…

the list goes like this: point character/assist
The combo I did was: c.:l: c.:m: c.:h: :s: :m: :m: :h: ADK c.:h: :s: :m: :m: :h: ADK (Just to double check that it works or not)
All were done in the corner :confused:

I also tried Wesker /Sent and Sent/ Wesker and they both whiffed. Wesker/Mag and Mag/Wesker also didn’t work. However Iron Man/ Mag worked, but not the reverse. I don’t remember if Iron Man/Wesker worked, but its Wesker so probably not :confused: There was also something with MODOK and Doom but I can’t remember. Tomorrow I’m going to continue but it would be awesome if you guys tried also.

I’ll try to clean this post up tomorrow

So I was at big two today and didn’t have much of a chance to test out happy birthdays (duh). But I can add 1 more pair to the list of characters you can ADK. Mag/Task

I can add Hulk/Strider to a group that will ground bounce.

Wouldn’t it be better just to S both characters, land and just use Sand splash to OTG both into super? Or does it not pick both up? I never pay attention lmfao, but seems like a better idea then memorizing character pairs.

In my experience, Sand Splash usually only picks up the larger of the two characters.

I’ll usually OTG -> super the assist character as a bait anyway though, since I can just DHC straight into Hawkeye when they try to punish and usually score a 2-for-1 for my troubles.

Just letting you guys know just in case you didn’t before, you can still Toy Touch Jump Cancel Snapback no matter how long your combo is. :3

I’m going to edit my first post soon but while doing this I figured something out that made me question why I was doing this. I was testing Morrigan and Sentinel already assuming that the ADK would whiff like every other character. Then for no reason I just changed the air series from :m::m::h: ADK to :l::m::h: ADK. and got ground bounces with morrigan on point about 70% of the time.

So instead of continuing to check point/assist pairs I’m just going to see if there’s a guaranteed air series into ADK for all characters.

(why didn’t I just try this first a week ago :arazz: )

Half-baked wild guess: If the point character is hit before the assist, the ground-bounce hit registers. If the assist is hit first, it doesn’t. If you can reliably find a setup where the point character stays in front, that might work.

Has there been any clarification on this matter in the last year?

If only Felicia wasn’t so ass at HBDs…

Usually when I get a HBD with Felicia I either pop XF and go for the Cat Spike infinite on both characters (usually the slowdown from the assist dying will throw off the timing of the infinite, so at that point I just mash S and continue the combo normally on the other character), or I do a combo that ends with a hard knockdown and I DHC into Magnetic Shockwave.

If there was I would’ve posted it. ADK isn’t birthday friendly.

Having Storm second helps out with this problem so much. I’ve been playing Felicia/Storm for a bit now and my HBD problems are solved by shortening my combo and either THC if I have 2 meters or I DHC into Storm, at which point I stall until I can DHC back into Felicia’s Kitty Helper.