Felicia Colored wacom tablet style

I just got my wacom tablet yesterday, and i’ve been fooling around with it all day today, heres a pic of felicia, penciles were done by one of the comic book artist who posted in the shoruken forums…i forget his name…:confused:

edit: line work done by mr. mark brooks :smiley:


I really like this, the sketch is cool but the colouring also. I remember when i got my Wacom, initially it feels really odd, there’s this expectation that you’ll be able to do everything you can normally do on a sheet of paper with a pencil on the screen immediately. But reality has a way of biting you on the ass.

Anyway, the colouring is cool, i love the tones, although they seem a little faint. You seem to be learning at a faster rate than i was - correction, i mean i am.

Keep practising!

I like this alot your colours are perfect but I do agree they seem a little washed out. Try to add some more variation in tone to bring up the contrast. But considering your new at this great job!

Hey that is pretty nice for a first time user. Colors may be washed out a bit , but that is okay. That is mark Brooks pencils isn’t it. Give you a color over crit later.

Nice work!

Nice artwork hitshiro :slight_smile:
oh btw which version did u get for the tablet?
I just got my tablet too jus yesterday haa ,its like heaven haha
i got the graphire 2 4x5 one. wat abt u?



Yo, Nice introductory (is that a word…) piece. The tones everybody is talking about are suttle. I personaly like the way it looks, especially the hair. I can gaurentee that your next pic is gonna be on a new level.


Nice work.

Gorgeous coloring!!! How lond did this take you?!?!?!?!?!?!

:smiley: cool, im thanks for all the replies, i love my new wacom :stuck_out_tongue:

Sfmc: i await ur crit sfmc :cool: yeah its mark brooks, he’s awsome

Scabrous: i got a 4x5 graphire3:)

seba_boi: i have no clue, i just sat down and started coloring it all day, probably 3 to 4 hours?..i would color some parts then take a super long break and go back and work on the tones

yeah i feel a lot of my coloring lacks contrast, but i kinda like it that way, but i think i need a little more contrast, it does look washed out like a lot of u guys said, its a lot because anytime i lay a color over i go over it with the smuge/blur tool in photoshop