Felicia combo help

Basically i could use all the help i can get. i use felicia/morrigan/ whoever team. i know some of the basic ground combos with felicia but i need to learn more with her since she’s my “point person” (please excuse me if i sound like an idiot, trying to pick up on the MvC2 lingo :lol: ) i can do 1 combo usually and its just a 7 hit ground combo that links into Dancing Flash. does decent damage but i need to find out more combos =P any information would be greatly appreciated. another question, are there any combos that break into her hyper sandsplash? because morrigan’s soul eraser goes really well with it, believe its called a DHC lol. Once again any info would help, and i apologize for being so noobish but i gotta learn somehow.

well for something a little more constructive…

if u play for the fun of playing the game, u should play with whoever u want to imo… if ur trying to get competitive on the other hand, u might want to kinda go with the crowd and play generic teams like sent/cable/commando or something…

im going to assume ur playing for the fun of it, so some tips on felicia:

hyper sand splash can b linked from her crouching lk or mk…thats the way i do it anywayz, and yes, u can dhc into soul eraser

as for other stuff, im just getting into her so i dont know anything more complicated than u do… perhaps u could read up on the other thread…

don’t bother with mk as the link for your hyper combos. you can get a couple of more hits in with b+hk and still be able to link your super. if not that, rolling buckler works too.

i use felicia for fun, but when i wanted to win and have fun at the same time i go with felicia/rogue(throw)/commando(AAA)… if i really wanna win then i go with team “B.I.Son” but thats another story.

well having commando in the team is a good way to nuetralize people from hyper jumping or going into fly mode and keep them on the ground, she shines in ground to ground combat so you have to make sure they play with you on that. when the opponent hyper jumps i also dash from under them and tag in commando, in hope of a cross up. but in ground to ground battle, i do a series of c.LPs and c.LKs, HPs, and b.HKs and bait them to try to get you off them by calling an assist, then punish with commando + LK sand splash.

rogue is there as a mind game: an opening for enegai… and… bait. sometimes ill call out rogue to porposely miss with her and the moment the opponent try to punish her they eat super sand splash. or when they normal jump towards me, i normal back too, and call rogue, they fall right where rogue is at then do the onegai super. if i got them trained at just blocking then rogue is used again to make them eat onegai.

plus if my felicia ever get killed, i have rogue to resort to.
i used to play her with morrigan but to me felicia/rogue/commando is a very well rounded team. you have 2 really good rusher and a good anti air.

some combos i do with felicia with this team:
LP, c.LK, s.HK + commando, LP, LK, “dragon” kick.

c.LP, c.LK, c.HK + commando, onegai.

cornered opponent, call rogue, when rogue is kissing the opponent, take a few steps back (so youre in front of her) time with onegai, the oppoent will fly towards the corner… this is why you only took a few steps back… coz you have enough distance to connect… c.HK, then onegai again.

(also do not forget that when you see sentinel execute that “waves of drones” super… react with your own super sand splash.

oh, and for the people who dont know… the one guy sarutobi sasuke-- i know him so dont think im flaming on him for no reason…i was joking.

I use the same team as you for fun, Felicia/Morrigan/Gambit, my Gambit being your whomever character. A simple but damaging combo is c.LK (call gambit) c.MK s.BackHK and cancel in to ongegai after the second hit of the HK. This can be done anywhere on the screen b/c Gambit’s assist hold them in place. If you want more info on stuff with this team, just leave another post.

I play Felicia when I want to lose.

She’s fun until you have to pick assists to keep her from being rushed down, and let’s not even bother vs. Cable/AAA

Your basic Felicia combos though are going to be…

c.lk, c.lk xx qcf+kk
c.lk, c.lk, c.hk + AAA xx qcb+kk
c.lk, c.lk, c.hk xx qcf+lp, hp
c.lk, c.lk, c.hk xx qcf+lp, qcf+pp
c.lk, s.lp, s.hp xx qcf+hp, lk, OTG s.lk, s.hk /\ air combo of choice

Felicia has some sweet stuff off of OTG, but unfortunately, once people learn to roll on reaction, you’re stuck with either basic air juggles, jab jab super, or comboing into Roll Uppercut.

Miss mah bebe

well theres one 95 hit combo i saw awhile ago and has been workin for me it goes… any link into cpa and hold down wen ur done. then to keep them juggled use that down hold for a c.lk then cancel into another cpa, hold down, then c.hk this time, then the last cpa. btw cpa=catpackattack if ya didnt kno :xeye:

Yea… that’s her basic corner combo. If by some grace of God you are able to actually land a Please Help Me! on somebody in the corner, just c.hk xx Please Help Me! repeatedly.

Her infinite also is [s.hk xx qcf+hp,hp, walk forward]xN

You want the s.hk to hit pretty deep, like when they’re at her chest level