Felicia Infinite?

I got this infinite from gamefaqs and it says : (Launch, HP, Hp)

Now does this really work could anybody try it for me and tell me if it works. If there is another infinite please post it.

Seen that on gamefaqs, cant possibly seem to work. There is a infinite in the corner which uses repeated uppercuts after her roll, but I forgot anything else. I rarely use her. But that infinite does exist, cause I done it before. Try stuff out.

I actually have a vid of her infinite. :depress:

Hey thanks for the tips could u send me that vid with her infinite on it for me please thanks alot peace:D

felcia has a semi infinite in corner…
It’s not rollable if timed right

c.lk, c.lk, c.hk, qcb+KK(help me super), c.hk(juggle), qcb+KK, c.hk, qcb+KK…

with 3 hypers it’s 100% on cable
the first hyper has to be done real fast for this combo to be unrollable

Her infinite is in the corner only…

[s.hk, qcf+hp, hp] xN

That Works???

So that inf with felicia with s.hk, hcf+hp works i thought the s.hk launches please tell me how this works exactly please thanks Icege for the post on the inf can you please explain how it works. thanks:D

Doh, forgot to add that you need to do the HP uppercut. My bad. Fixed.

Just make sure you walk forward a little after the Rolling Buckler Uppercut. Felicia’s s.hk launcher has no range. When you cancel into the uppercut, make sure you do it quick enough so that you hit them before they recover, and that you roll enough to not whiff.

Here guys, I am no Felicia fan but I found her infinite and i found it pretty cool how she punded it on sentinal. I hope you guys enjoy it and respoond to to what i gave you…lol


hey mike z

how did you do it felicia infinite on sentinel???
is it works only on bigger character???

hey mike z

That infinite only works on a standing sentinal.

[j.lp, j.lk, j.lp, j.FP, j.FK], repeat. It’s pretty much similiar to Storm’s standing Sentinal infinite.

[j.lp, j.lk, j.lk, j.FP, j.Fk]

This also works too. n_n

does anyone know of a forum with a combo thread for felicia. if not would anyone be interested in helping me make one or me helping you make one.

She has a semi-infinite against Sentinel, but the more hits you connect with, the more she is pushed away from him, even in the corner. So, try to delay it, making her perform it slower, which keeps her close to him. The combos varies, meaning you can create different infinites. One of them is lk,lk,lp,hp,hk then repeat. Ive worked on others, but I dont have them down pat yet.

used to love felicia but she does get slapped around too much.

btw, the does the infinite work only on sentinel or any large char - blackheart, juggs, etc.?

I would think it would work on Blackheart, but although Blackheart is about as tall as Sent, hes more mobile, meaning he doesnt get stunned a lot. Ive tried Psylocke, Storm, and Mags ground infinites on him, and he gets out of it. Hes able to somehow duck out of it, which kinda suprises me.

Well, I have some cool combos with Felicia…
Felicia/Ruby/Thanos: Start out with lp,lk,hold<hk+2/ sand splash/Thanos bubble or Ruby Capture. A nice combo to get you comfortable with her, and is kinda funny. Once either assist captures, you can do either one of her supers. Note: With the Ruby capture, you have to do a super quite quick, ensuring that it’ll connect. Another cool combo is her rolling scratch combos (qcf+lp, then p again). Actually, you can alter this combo. You can end it with a lk, hp or hk. This improves versatility, which is key in her game. Combine it with either assist, and you have yourself a bad little combo!!! Thats just some basic combos to try out, I have more, but I want to see what kind of combos you have for ME!!!