Felicia/Iron Man/ x


Who’s a good anchor for this team? Felicia and Iron Man are my two best and favorite characters, so I know my way around them. Who’s the best person to fill in that last position though? I had Haggar, though I don’t like him as anchor, I don’t want to use Iron Man last and Felicia needs to be point. Plus I don’t really like his combos.

So who’s the best fit? And please, don’t say Wesker.

Edit: Actually, how is Vergil on anchor? His combos look extremely stylish, and my buddy plays Dante so it would be a good match. How would he fit into the team with Iron Man and Felicia?

…or… Tron?


Team building thread. Go there.


Oh my bad. I didn’t see it. Thanks :slight_smile:


Vergil can extend Felicia’s combos with his rapid slash assist.

And he’s an amazing anchor, at least top 5. I’d go with him.