Felicia Strategy Guide



I’ll be editing this post over the next couple of weeks to include description of moves, damage, what can be done with what, good assists, combos, etc. I know Master Chibi is still about, and any of you other pussy… er… Felicia lovers feel free to post your tech so that I can work it in.

Like I said, it’ll be slow at first. I’ll have to do posts from different computers until the girlfriend and I can get our cable bill paid off and get the codec back. Eep.


Litterbox Kick (qcf+k)
Rolling Buckler (qcf+p)
-Neko Punch (lp)
-Slide (lk or hk)
-Uppercut (hp)
Delta Kick (dp+k)


Hyper Sandslash (qcf+kk)
Super Rolling Buckler (qcf+pp)
Please Help Me! (qcb+kk)


c.lk, c.lk, c.hk, Rolling Buckler, Uppercut

c.lk, c.lk, c.hk, Rolling Buckler, Super Rolling Buckler

c.lk, c.lk, c.hk + Cammy AAA XX Please Help Me!

s.lp, s.hp (3 hits), Rolling Buckler, Slide, c.hk, Super Rolling Buckler


Felicia falls under the category of low tier, but can do well with the right assists. A necessity for Felicia is a GOOD AAA. Her air-to-air game has a lot lacking, with the exception being her air throw. Other than that, she can’t hang with many, if any characters if it comes down to an air battle. You’re going to want an AAA to stop rush down and bring down run away. For the other assist, you’ll want a good point character who can milk the meter that Felicia built. You could opt for an assist character in terms of comboability such as Tron Bonne on projectile for huge damage, or Magneto on capture for Please Help Me! flash. Felicia’s ground game is where she puts out though, and if you’re having trouble landing the combos or controlling the ground, you can select to have assists like Sentinel drones, Storm typhoons, Doom rocks, etc to help her maintain ground control in terms of lockdown and chipping.

Felicia’s assist are not very good. Her best is Ground, which is her Litterbox Kick. It goes through Doom’s AAA and is relatively quick. You can also select Expansion (Delta Kick) if you like to keep pressure on the ground since she hits 3 times in spaced succession.


It’s good to see a Felicia thread. I find her to be akin to Jill in several ways. Great OTG games, speed, and combos that would make anyone’s head spin. Anyway, I find Felicia to be more effective since she can play safely, close quickly (thanks to her Delta Kick and Rolling Buckler), and can punish quite well (courtesy of her Hyper Sand Splash). The greatest thing about Felicia is the fact that she is able to easily combo HC’s without the aid of OTG tactics. This is a blessing if your opponent likes to roll. Even Please Help Me! can be combo’d in a corner (after a b+HK). Good luck! I’ll be checking the thread often.:slight_smile:

One of my personal favorite Felicia combos:

jump in LK, MK, (land) c. LK, c. MK, c. HK, Please Help Me!, DHC into Psylocke’s Butterflies, DHC into Hailstorm. :sweat: Whee!


lol… felicia fake runaway…

wall cling,… delta kick whenever…

incredibly useless in most cases, but nonthaless, fun to use

I wish she could still sit on her opponent’s head… or had her orgazmic charge


Basic stuff slowly being added. I’m thinking of doing a description of the normals just so people know the animation, whether or not it can OTG or super jump cancel, etc. Should I include description of the medium attacks?


Felica gives me no problems at all, because I play strict air games, but Joshi’s kitty is pretty good at stopping ground rushdown and sometimes tri-jumps (though everyone was still scrubby at tri-jumping when I left.)

Since I don’t PLAY Felica, I’ll just try and help as far as team building goes.

First off, if you play the cat, play her on point. No reason to keep her in stock since her assists blow. :slight_smile:

Now that she’s on point, we must assess her weakness’s, first and foremost being that her air-to-air and ground-to-air sucks, so if Storm/Cable/Doom decide to take flight and run away, she’s in a hard place. So our first objective is to get her a good anti-air assist. Since Felica has no real way of protecting an assist, and is bottom-mid/mid tier at best, we’re going to want to back her up with top tier assists. For Felica, I’d recommend Cyke, since Cyke keeps the opponent in block stun long enough for Felica to rush back in, and also is amazingly good for run-away storm. Also, Cyke’s DHC and ability to use the meter Felica builds is also helpful. If you don’t feel like playing Cyke, then Ken or Capcom would be my next bets. (I forgot Cammy, stupid me.)

Another problem, Felica’s combo’s end sort of laggy or with her pushed far away, so you’ll want an assist that keeps them in block stun long enough to rush back down. Now, if you picked Cyke for your AA, you can be fairly relaxed here, but if you chose the CapCom/Ken route, you’re going to be relying on this assist heavily for pressure. Sent’s drones, Storm’s horizontal typhoon, ironman’s beam and the such are useful. I suggest only grabbing the top of the litter for this assist as well, since Felica takes so much damage and is not top tier, you’re going to want to have at least two top tiers to be competitive.

Also, playing two top tiers with Felica still allows you to play the pussy, but win matchs. Remember, Felica does well in ground games, not air games, and she tends to out pixie most char’s. Felica also has fun with Strider. :slight_smile:

I hope that helped somewhat…



wheres jaminis x?


Felicia is ass in air-to-air battles, though her air throw seems to have a nice reach to it. If you’ve got a good anti-air though to keep them grounded, she’s actually quite the little minx.

She destroys Strider. Spiral can’t safely teleport around her either.

Slave is right though. Her assists are teh suck. I personally use expansion because there’s enough of a delay after the first hit to set up some kind of rush down since if they flinch, the next two hits will connect. It MIGHT be possible to tick into grabs off of it. I honestly haven’t messed with it that much. I usually put her on point until I DHC out or she bites the bucket.

Her fake run away is nice too. Wall cling that shit!

As also said, Felicia NEEDS a good anti-air assist. Her ground game is where she shines (well… maybe glimmers instead…). Felicia does however have the tools to cover the assist if necessary. Rolling Buckler after the assist has landed allows you to throw out a Neko Punch (which with most characters, if they try ANYTHING, you can land a free c.lk into whatever combo), Slide Kick if they’re blocking high, cancel into a super and DHC out, whatever you want. Her Litterbox Kick is also a nice slap in the face if they try to get in, and you can use her Hyper Sand Slash as if it were a Magnetic Tempest in terms of frame killing into something like Storm’s Hail Storm.

My personal picks for her AAA would be Captain Commando, Cyclops, and Cammy. With Cammy and CapCom, you can easily c.lk, c.lk, c.hk + AAA xx Please Help Me! I haven’t really experimented enough with Cyke, but he’s already known as a good AAA.

To cure the laggy combos, Rolling Buckler into Neko Punch or Slide Kick. Once your opponent starts push blocking the Buckler, you’re usually safe if you don’t do anything.

Felicia also needs an assist to allow her to keep the rushdown. Doom AAA, Sent drones, Storm proj, etc all work wonders. You could also substitute this with assists that work well for combos (Spiral ground, Magneto capture [HyperGrav + Please Help Me!], Thanos bubble, combo video type assists). I’m not positive, but I THINK you could possibly combo into IronMan’s AAA and link a Please Help Me off of it.

I’m in the computer lab at the community college right now so I can’t really experiment as much as I’d like (my copy of MvC2 is also being lent out) so I’ll do what I can to keep this updated :slight_smile:


Pardon my descriptions here (I rarely use the terminology here), but I’ll give this a go.

First off Felicia is half and half. She can play a really mean game of in your face with or without assists but she can also sit back and wait for that opportune moment to land HSS.

On the offensive front, cancel into her dash and continue the momentum from her s.FP. I’m not sure why but I seem to be the only one (that I’ve seen) that does this. Anytime I throw out a s.FP I cancel it into a dash and continue the mix up and cross over assist damage from there. At least that’s what I believe I’m doing, but at this point it comes so naturally to me I haven’t any idea how to describe it really. If you ever find yourself in a one on one battle and your opponent character decides to stick to the ground then you should win no matter what. Being overly offensive will allow pushblocking, but that’s up to you as to whether or not you want to continue slapping them around. Her recovery time is really quick, so you can follow most everything she has with another normal for some annoyance points. Take care not be hit by AAA or assists in the process. Also, if they decide to jump into the air (not super jump) throw them. Her air throw has stupendous priority, 9 times out 10 she will throw them in the air.

Defensively, it’s all about HSS. Any dodged rocket punch, any whiffed launcher, throw HSS out, no excuses. Fast, easy, damaging. Throw out an assist for cover, jump around ready to block wherever you are and then throw it out when the time is right. Use it on those assists your opponent may be abusing too, especially on the likes of Dr. anti-air rocks. If blocked, it keeps you safe from harm. Be careful though because there are a handful of characters in the game that can attack right afterwards. I believe the likes of Cable and Wolverine are but two examples.

As for her air game, forget it. If your opponent wants to fly around in the air with Magneto and Storm all day just pull out a lawnchair and get in some z’s.


s.lp. , s.lp, s.lk, s.fp, b+fk xx qcf+k

s.lp. , s.lp, s.lk, s.fp, qcf+k, otg s.lk, qcf+pp

s.lp. , s.lp, s.lk, s.fp, b+fk, qcf+kk

s.lp, s.lp. s.fp xx qcf+k, otg s.lk, j.lp, j.lp, j.lk, dp+k

In the corner:

s.lp. , s.lp, s.lk, s.fp, b+fk xx qcf+k xx qcb+kk*

*Follow with another PHM! if you have the meter to do so.

s.lp. , s.lp, s.lk, [s.fk xx qcf+fp xx s.fk] x n

The bracket signifies her infinite. You’re basically cancelling out the launch at its start with the end of the rolling buckler uppercut, then dashing in with another s.FK launcher and continuing the cycle.

Something tells me I’m missing plenty from these combos, but I rarely type out combos anyway, so forgive me. I’d love to be able to make combo videos of her though. Seriously. Also, I want all off you to try out Tron Bonne with projectile assist with Felicia and combine it any of the above combos and marvel at the immense damage it deals out.



hell… hopefully u have a good AAA… get a few reps of [oc.rk]xN in… that shits almost as annoying as HAW, HAW HAW!.. and felicia puts her leg up tooo…

and I like her litterbox kick assist. I think it goes through alota stuff… I don’t remember.


Now there’s a difference between stopping them from jumping in on you and playing air tag with the flying folk of the game. The first can be handled with patience, but the second is simply out of the question. No need to risk getting hit by anything that would then link into yet another super, infinite, or otherwise.


Updated just a little bit. Keep the discussion going. :slight_smile:

I need to dust off my Felicia/Storm/Cammy team… too much Sent/Storm/Capcom and Mag/Cable/Doom :frowning:


Heh. I remember Jew playing the tourny with Felica/Psy/Cammy.

He’s come so far :stuck_out_tongue:

Hopefully we have another huge tourny when I come home.

Anyways, Felica on point with Drone Assists and Capcom would be a very nice bet, especially for the offensive type.

Felica with Storm proj assist, and cyke AA would be good for the more defensive minded team.



Felicia with Drone assists and Storm Proj assist is a better means for offensive measures, whilst Cyke AA and CapCom would be best used for defensive. The more ground that can be covered to ensure Felicia’s safe delivery (of being able to jump in your face) the better for her offensive front. The drones are excellent for this, as is Storm’s Proj assist. Capcom’s assist holds ground, but it’s more for horizontal coverage, whilst Cyc’s is too quick to be any good (and is better off for annoyance purposes leading to causing mistakes with your opponent) for offensive puproses.

I don’t think the balance works well with the last two either. Capcom is garbage on point, whilst Cycke does a much better job on the whole then Felicia in most instances for dealing damage in the air and what not.



How about Felicia/Doom/Blackheart ? Doom blackheart trap, two great assists =D


Whoa! I just gotta ask where that 10+ page Felicia thread that myself, Master Chibi, and EEK! had going went?


Just click on the bottom of the forum to show posts that started from “the beginning” rather than 30 days ago. Good stuff in it :slight_smile: