Felicia's hit hitstun scaling

I recently pick up Felicia again in UMvC3 and i’ve noticed that the hit stun on her combos is so great now that you can’t toy touch or sandsplash into her lvl1 at all because they just flip out. Anyone else having issues with this and can someone point me in the right direction to get off the ground with her in UMvC? Thanks!

[EDIT] To avoid confusion, the combo i’m using atm (the best one I know) is L. M. H. bH. Rolling buckler + M. L. M. Toy touch. jc M. M. H. S. sM. S. M. M. H. l Delta kick. cH. S. M. H. S.

If you’re in the corner, back dash before doing Sand Splash and you have enough time to chain into Dancing Flash or Please Help Me.

Depends which version of Sand Splash you are using. Only :m: and :h: versions do more hitstun. Toy Touch scales later in combos, but you can still use that move early in your BnBs. I’ll explain more about that in my tutorial.

EDIT: Almost got ninja’d, but yeah backdash shortcut [:atk:+:atk:] and hold back in the corner.

Ah! so it does, back dash cancel into l. Sandsplash connects, you can just throw it out midscreen and it should connect, looks a bit iffy though.

Why the back dash for sandsplash. I’ve been wondering this.

To get more hits out of the Sand Splash if you are too close to the corner. Outside of the corner, you don’t need to backdash.

If you don’t back dash, will the sand splash xx super still work?

Outside of the corner and using the :h: version of Sand Splash, yes.