Felicia's Rolling Buckler and it's unblockable set-ups



Hi guys! I want to start a thread here to get what uses you guys get out of this assist, particularly what unblockables you create.

We all know the assist is unique in that it hits twice, once mid then low. These two hits cause the opponent to be stuck in block-stun and allow you to go for a overhead attack. These properties make it a much more effective low hitting assist then Deadpools “Quick Work”, X-23s “Ankle Slice” or other low hitting assist.

Here we should discuss what characters really benefit from the unblockable and what unique or effective set ups you use with it.

Dante + Felicia is a pretty well established concept made most famous by Josh Wong from The Break Weekly. Dante benefits by having as teleport, air dash, and an amazing j.H.


The reason why this assist works so well is because Felicia’s first hit adds blockstun, giving you enough time to teleport and use a j.h right when Felicia does her low hit. Thus, making it an unblockable. Plus, it’s invincible on start-up, so that makes it a better reason why any Felicia player would use that assist, especially for anchor purposes. Wesker also benefits from this unblockable as well with a well timed gunshot> h teleport into s while the assist is there.

Also, it’s called “Quick Work” not “Cuttin’ Time.” Cuttin’ Time is the hyper. :stuck_out_tongue:


I knew the block-stun deal. It is in my OP lol. I never asked why it worked…but thank you for posting! Any character with an air dash and decent jumping normals probably benefit highly from the set-up.


I had a good theory with Wolverine too, but not sure if it would work. Basically you could use this in a mix up: Heavy call assist>Berserker Slash> Berserker Charge> instant overhead with j.l and follow up from there. It might work, but I haven’t tested it yet.


Sounds feasible but eats a meter. C.Viper would probably benefit from Felicia and Magneto. With Magneto you could create an unblockable and then set up DHC Glitch.

Too bad Mags doesn’t need any help getting in.


I just adopted Taskmaster into my team of Felicia and Dante, but I think he has a valid way to use Felicia’s assist to his advantage.

Spidey Swing on the ground while calling Felicia, then do an aerial overhead at the same time Felicia does her slide kick. I assume this works - I haven’t had a chance to use it against an actual opponent (my Taskmaster, being new, is very far behind my Felicia and Dante - he usually gets eaten up as soon as I bring him in), and the CPU seems to be able to block an unblockable set-up all it wants.

Also, any flight character should work. While I was using Felicia/Dante/Morrigan, I often made use of Morrigan’s Flight with Felicia’s assist to do some unblockables.


I am thinking Zero’s j.H could be nasty with Felicia. Opinions?


Very nasty. Free combos just for touching ;D


I played a team with Zero and Felicia for a while and I couldn’t really create too many situations for the other person to stay on the ground and block both. Somehow you need them to start blocking Felicia but if you try to do this by starting to hit them with Zero on the ground, push block will get them out for free. I also tried calling Felicia while Zero was in the air and releasing buster right after then getting close with air m teleport, but I couldn’t really get this to work either. IMO the best you can do with Zero and Felicia is to overload their senses (from my experience anyway), but Zero can do this with pretty much anybody.


Why couldn’t you just call assist and j.H? If they’re blocking Felicia hits, the j.H hits, then low hit of Felicia’s assist hits. Of course they will start jumping eventually but that means you are controlling their space.


But how do you set that up? How do you get them to start blocking Felicia assist ? I get that they limit and potentially endanger themselves against Zero by jumping to avoid Felicia, but this doesn’t seem to bother the people I play against.


the best IMO is Dante, Stinger+Assist>BC Teleport>j.H , incredible easy to do and incredile cheap.


I play Felicia/Doom/Strider

One simple set up is basically just calling Felicia for the slide while Doom’s ADing over for a jM


The problem is that people can jump,fly,dash,teleport,etc. so you need to put them blockstun first, i mean the first time could work, but the second one the enemy will be prepared, maybe you can sen some hidden missiles, rush down and when the missiles are putting the opponent in blockstun you could use the setup,although i think it can be advance guarded.


Here’s one for Nova on an incoming character: place a Gravimetric Pulse H shield so it hits meaty, call Felicia so the 1st hit of Rolling Buckler hits as they are grounded, and ADF+H.

Basically, if you have a move that puts the opponent in blockstun while you’re free to move around, you can setup a good unblockable pretty easily. Doom, Nova, Dormammu, Dante can all do this pretty well.


I’m new to felicia so there may be a simple answer to this, but when I was trying to use buckler with doom boxjump jM and task jH/S (the two moves I had a chance to mess with), it seems like the little “pop up,” for lack of a better term, caused by the buckler is hindering my followup combo on hit. For doom I figure maybe I just need to S footdive asap, but is there a way to mitigate this in general? I haven’t yet tried it with nova yet, but nova, task, and doom are the chars I want to experiment with buckler abuse with. Any advice? Thanks!

Ps. Even if pure unblockables aren’t possible, I’m happy setting up hard-to-blockables, long as I can full combo on a hit.


Been a while since I’ve posted here… I’m probably one of the few that still uses Felicia on anchor, so I make a lot of use of Rolling Buckler assist still. My main teams are currently Skrull/Dorm/Felicia and Task/Haggar/Felicia.

Super Skrull: j.L is an instant overhead, although a pretty tight one. Still, it’s possible to do a st.L, st.M, call Rolling Buckler, j.L to open certain opponents up. Helps if they’re taller opponents. Mostly though? Brutal Pile Bunker (j.d+H) and Stone Dunk (j.S (Hold)) are going to give you the most mileage for setting up unblockable situations. Both are pretty dominating attacks that can lead into high damage combos. Don’t forget Meteor Smash! It’s an overhead and it can very ambiguously cross-up - that’s a high/low and a left/right at the same time!

Moreover, it’s very possible to do Super Skrull’s Brutal Pile Bunker reset loop with Rolling Buckler that been making the rounds lately with various other assists. As if this isn’t enough, Felicia’s Rolling Buckler is so wonky that if Super Skrull knocks an enemy to the ground in the corner, calls Felicia, jumps into the corner and does Brutal Pile Bunker, Skrull and Felicia will for some reason be in the corner and the enemy on the other side, at about the same time the enemy has recovered from the knockdown. I don’t know why this happens, I haven’t been able to get it to work with similar assists like X-23 and Deadpool. I’d recommend either going for a command grab L, or a hot-n-ready combo starting with Skrull’s st.L. Don’t do it too much, though, as your opponent will probably catch on and happy birthday you at some point, but it’s a weird glitch that can definitely catch them off guard. (If this glitch catches on, I hereby demand it be referred to as a 7k reset. Bam.)

Dormammu: Block String, Call Buckler, Flight Cancel the St.H in the String, Overhead. Still works, fairly reliable. Even more reliable - and dirty - is Dark Matter, Call Buckler, Teleport, Overhead. You’ve got a high/low and a left/right. What’s more, seeing as you can change the teleport to being on the left or right, you can make it even more dirty. I use this a lot - more than I should, really, as it is punishable if you aren’t careful and the enemy is on top of their game.

Rolling Buckler can also benefit Dorm by combo extension. It is possible to do a typical Dorm combo, OTG with Flame Carpet and call Buckler, and launch into another air series… or, more likely, go for an air grab reset after the Buckler hits.

Taskmaster: Block String, Call Buckler, Web Swing into j.H is still the best I can come up with, but it’s still very good. After it hits, you can Charging Star, st.S, air combo, knockdown, pick 'em back up with j.Aim Master, and keep going for as long as HSD will let you.

Haggar: Rolling Buckler + Air Pipe Swing. It hurts so good. It’s also very easy to extend combos with Rolling Buckler by Knockdown, Call Buckler, d+H, Pipe Smash, st.S, and so on.

I’ve also used Rolling Buckler on occasion as a Cross Over Counter. To combo after, you have to X-Factor after the sliding kick. Good to use if someone is pressuring you with an assist or trying to chip you to death with a THC, as it has a lot of invincibility and can lead to an entire team dying in one fell swoop.

I still think Felicia is one of the best anchors in the game, and I think Rolling Buckler is one of the best neutral assists in the game. She just has bad match-ups… Morrigan/Doom being one of them, which is also becoming very popular. So, make sure you have a point character who can deal with the bad matchups and provide an assist that will help Felicia deal with the match up so that, when you need to, you can switch Felicia in as the point and your point as the anchor as soon as you see the problem on the Versus screen.


…posted this awhile ago in the viper team thread, should probably post here, too!

Viper/Felicia hardblockable corner setup – Here’s the flowchart:

If opponent guards opener and does not pushblock, perform option 1
If opponent guards opener and pushblocks, perform option 2
If opponent gets hit by opener, perform option 1

Option 1
qcb+L~S, j.L+buckler assist, j.H, (land), qcb+L~S, j.L, j.H, H xx L seismo, sjc, air dash forward, j.H xx [qcb+L~S, j.H, j.S] x3, H, S, j.M, j.M, j.H, jc, j.M, j.M, j.H, j.S

Option 2
qcb+L~S, j.L+buckler assist, j.H, (land), qcb+H, qcf+H~S, sj, j.H, jc, j.H, [qcb+L~S, j.H, j.S] x3, H, S, j.M, j.M, j.H, jc, j.M, j.M, j.H, j.S

If the opponent guards and pushblocks, you have enough time to react and H burnkick to still create a hardblockable.

Now with the Dante grapple reset - I can’t find a good, tight way to do any hardblockables using rolling buckler. It seems like everything could be easily chicken blocked. You know, any Dante/Felicia hardblockables PERIOD seem really weak - can some explain any in detail?


…aaaand double posting more Viper/buckler tech…

(opener), [H xx qcf+M~S] x2, L+buckler assist xx H burnkick (opponent recovers between the L and burnkick), qcf+H~S, super jump forward, j.H xx [qcb+L~S, j.H, j.S] x2, H, S, air series, ender, blah blah blah.

The point here is that during this combo you go for a reset while leaving the opponent in a standing position. After two M thunder knuckles you can link the standing L which will quickly reset them in a standing position – so if you use buckler assist with standing L, right when the opponent recovers, the buckler will be coming at them (as well as a burn kick). This isn’t as ridiculous as the post above, it should be a LOT easier to block than that one – but this is more of a quick reset kind of thing. I think it’s still pretty safe and I would assume people would eat this all the time.