Felicia's Sand Splash

This thread is mainly about the most underused move that Felicia has in her arsenal: Sand Splash. I guess since it became a charge move projectile, not many people seem to bother with it. Well lucky for you, I have come up with a list that Sand Splash can beat, clash and trade with. NOTE: This list is for the :h: version of Sand Splash which has some startup time and does 3 hits. I am missing some projectiles, so feel free to add any that I may have missed and it will be added.

Sand Splash beats:
Hadoken (Both Ryu and Akuma)
Morrigan’s Soul Fist
Zero’s Hangeki
Deadpool’s :l: and :m:Trigger Happy [:h: is an anti air], Pineapples and Ninja Stars. For some reason Bolo Rope is unaffected by SS.
Iron Man’s :l: and :m: UniBeam [:h: beats Sand Splash) and Smart Bombs
Chris’ Shotgun spray, Machine Gun spray and grenades (all versions)
Dormammu’s Dark Matter and FLAME CARPET
Doom’s Photon Shot (all versions)
Chun Li’s Kikoken
:l: version of Storm’s Whirlwind
Dante’s Hysteric Missles [:qcf::h:]
Trish’s Low Voltage (all versions)
Tron’s Beacon Bomb and Gustaff Fire (and Servbot Launcher if you wanna call it a projectile)
Cap’s Shield Slash
Arthur’s Scythe Toss depending on distance (the rest of his projectiles beats SS)
All of Hsien-Ko’s Anki Hou projectiles (except bomb because it bounces back like Viewtiful Joe’s Shocking Pink bombs)
All versions of Phoenix’s TK shot (Dark Phoenix projectiles beats SS)
Shuma’s Mystic Stare
Spidey’s Web Ball
Thor’s Mighty Spark (Felicia’s animation makes it so she crouches, making it low enough for her to duck Mighty Spark and hit Thor)
MODOK’s Baloon Bomb and Analyze Cube
Felicia’s Sand Splash (unless both are :h: versions)

Sand Splash trades/clashes with
Dormammu’s Dark Hole and Purification (depending on distance)
Doom’s Plasma Beam [:l: version only]
Hsien Ko’s Kenkyo Ki (Gong)
Dante’s Crystal
MODOK’s Dorito Shield [:b::h:)
Sent’s Neutralize (low beam clashes and Felicia can easily duck Sent’s high beam)
Felicia’s :h: Sand Splash

Projectiles that Beat Sand Splash
Hulk’s Gamma Wave
All of Arthur’s projectiles except Scythe Toss
Mag’s Disruptor
Storm’s Whirlwind [:m: and :h: versions only]
Taskmaster’s Arrows
Ammy’s Cold Shot
Chris’ Magnum (jump shot magnum because standing Magnum is too high for Felicia)
Wesker’s Low Shot and Jump Shot
Shuma’s Mystic Ray (all versions)
Iron Man’s :h: UniBeam
Doom’s Plasma Beam [:m: and :h: versions]
Dante’s Pink Shot/Acid Rain and Devil Trigger Beam

More will be added soon. If you guys spotted anything I may have missed, feel free to tell me and I’ll add it. :3


Just thought I’d throw this out there - Felicia’s sand splash puts out Flame Carpet. Though when you think about it, that makes perfect sense.

Oh, awesome! I didn’t know about carpet at the time lol. That makes the Dormammu match up SO much better now. XD

Another great application of Sand Splash is to bait and punish assists like Tron and Haggar. Because heavy Sand Splash sends out multiple projectiles, it will beat Tron’s Gustaff Flame and open her up to a super canceled Dancing Flash. Same goes with Haggar - if you wait for a moment after he’s been on screen and then use Sand Splash, it’ll catch him as his invulnerability wears off, allowing you to hit him with Dancing Flash.

Great find on being able to put out Flame Carpet with Sand Splash. That makes things easier.

Yeah but while you’re doing sand splash he can just super you or teleport over you :frowning:

Sand Splash is pretty quick, just hope he doesn’t do a random whatever when you decide to do one :3

Sand Splash is really useful against Dormammu especially since most of his special moves have a bit of start-up time. The only obstacle up close for himself is the carpet. Take it out and get in that ass. Delta Kick also works wonders if there is no carpet lol

Pretty much every Dormammu player I’ve fought online never, EVER suspects the Sand Splash. They will lay down carpet and immediately start powering up Liberation. If you can keep the distance midscreen, learn to anticipate the Flame Carpet and nail him as he’s laying it down, since it has a long startup and recovery.

Sand beats fire, rawr!

Everytime I try to do Sand Splash in a competitive environment, Rolling Buckler comes out instead. Sigh.

It’s the curse of the charge move change. Be that as it is, it’s still a pretty good move. :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: Fixed the changes due to the new SRK layout. :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s funny 'cause sometimes I get Sand Splash when I’m trying for something else :lol:

You can try and cover you back and immediately press L after the H for Sand Splash, if you accidentally get Rolling Bucker then hopefully you’ll make it safe® with the Neko Punch :slight_smile:

USE THIS MOVE, PEOPLE. It can really save your butt.

Link no work. New version available somewhere? would be extremely useful

Sand Splash is really awesome. It’s a good way to control space which a lot of people won’t expect, comes out fast, and multi-hits so it eats projectiles and is great at tagging assists as they come in. You can also super-cancel it into Dancing Flash, though the link is kinda tight - the hitstun generated from the projectiles isn’t that great, so depending on the distance between you and the opponent, you have to cancel it almost immediately for Dancing Flash to connect.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, my favorite application is using it against Dormammu to destroy Flame Carpet. It’s like…

flame carpet
"Power of th–OW! OOOOOW!! My eyes!! What is this, sand? Who kicks sand?! Oh god, now you’re clawing my eyes out! Ow! Stop it!"

I’m also looking forward to using it against Wolverine more liberally once the invincibility on Berserker Slash is gone. It’s also used well against Tron assist, because her Gustaff Flame will only absorb the first hit or so, and the rest will hit behind the flame and put her in hitstun.

Keep this thread in mind, folks. It can now serve as an OTG move in Ultimate, so the list will most likely stay the same. If not, then I’ll update the OP.

I was talking with my brother about this and I wanted to ask what you guys thought of this in general. I never thought sand splash was really much of a move worth using. The best thing I could think of is that sand splash being OTG could help the few characters that still can’t OTG and then have Felicia in the back for the self reliant XF3 game.

I think air delta kick and dorm’s flame carpet going away when you hit him still renders this move not really needed. Like in the list in the OP you can sum up the list as “sand splash beats shitty projectiles, loses to all the good ones that run tournaments or aren’t backed with an assist first”

In my opinion, Sand Splash would be great - if it weren’t a charge move.

With it being a charge move, it’s impossible to punish most projectiles, with the notable exception of Flame Carpet. Aside from punishing projectiles, it doesn’t do much that any of Felicia’s other moves don’t already do better… so really, it feels like the only time the move is worth anything is against Dormammu.

With OTG properties, I feel it will be a substantially better assist… but on point, not so much, unless it’s possible to OTG someone after a long combo and then cancel it into a Dancing Flash that will connect, effectively taking the place of her Toy Touch.

They should just give her the buff Hulk is getting and make it so the charge is like 1 second long so she can just rapid fire the shit even on charge. LOL.

I guess a toy touch replacement is better than nothing though.