Feli's Toy Touch

Everyone who uses Feli makes this OTG seem very easy (maybe it is I just dont know how to use it properly).

For example, how do you cancel the Toy Touch into a super? It just wont work…It’s like once you do a TT you can’t cancel it into a move.

I’ve also seen people do a TT OTG into another jump combo again how do you guys do this?

Toy Touch is jump-cancelable but not special/hyper cancelable. To do Toy Touch > Dancing Flash, you have to tiger knee the input, like so: :d::df::m::f::uf::atk::atk:.

You can just jump after Toy Touch and combo with air normals with no issue. The only thing that puts a stop to this is hitstun deterioration; you won’t really be able to do this anymore after a certain point in a combo.

Although a lot of people like the notation used above for Toy Touch -> Dancing Flash, I actually prefer doing it raw; as in literally just doing


I’m having other issues with Toy Touch - namely using it to extend her combos, using j.MMHS. There are a lot of times that I try to do it and she whiffs on the second M when it seems like she should be connecting. And this is not off of an extremely long or complicated combo - it’s after doing a single launcher into a basic sj.MMHS combo, so hitstun decay shouldn’t be affecting it.

It just seems extremely situational for how and when it can be used.

I guess my questions would be:

  • How close to the target does Felicia need to be in order to reliably pull this off?
  • Does the corner really matter? Felicia’s 6th Mission would seem to imply that it does.
  • Does the manner in which the target is laying prone on the ground have anything to do with it? I noticed that when they’re laying face down, I can pull it off every time, but when they’re laying face up she will generally whiff.
  • Do character hitboxes make a difference? For example, I find it much easier to pull off j.MMHS against Trish under any conditions than against C.Viper.
    Would appreciate any and all tips. Thanks!

Aside from decay, nothing else matters. Distance can make the extend attempt whiff, but there’s always time to dash first, making this a non-issue.

Launcher into aircombo causes a fuckton of decay, and Toy Touch itself adds a bit too. You generally can’t extend afterwards without assists or X-Factor.

With assists it goes something like:
:d::df::m::a1::f::uf::l:(whiff):l: or :m:, :s::uf:, J:h:, J:s: (land) <-can’t use jump mid or they pop out
:d::df::m::a2::f::uf::l:(whiff):l: or :m:, :s::uf:, J:s: (land)
Then OTG again into super or reset attempt.

The assists should hit just after the roll followup. A lot of different assists work; they just need to pop the opponent up long enough for Felicia to recover from the roll followup (whether to use punch or slide is assist/character specific)

With X-Factor Lv2, you can OTG with:
:d::df::m::f::uf::l:(whiff):m:, :s:
At X-Factor Lv3, replace the slide with nekopunch for consistency.

Hey Sprint, this is a bit off the topic here, but what is the most damaging combo you’ve been able to string together with Felicia without the use of X-Factor and say, 1 bar of super?

715600 alone vs Sentinel:
:dp::m:, :m:, :b::h:(1), :dp::m:,
:m:, :d::m:, :b::h:, :qcf::h:~:m:,
:m:, :d::m:, :df::m::uf:, J:m:, J:m:, J:h:, J:s:, (land),
:m:, :d::m:, :b::h:(1), :s::uf:, J:m:, J:m:, J:h:, J:s:, (land),
:df::m:, :dp::uf::l:, :qcf::atk::atk:

858700 with assists vs Sentinel (A1 Arthur Dagger Toss, A2 Haggar Lariat):
:dp::m:, :m:,:b::h:(1), :dp::m:,
:m:, :d::m:, :b::h:(1), :qcf::h:~:m:,
:m:, :d::m:, :df::m::uf:, J:m:, J:m:, J:h:, J:s:, (land),
:m:, :d::m:, :b::h:(1), :s::uf:, J:m:, J:m:, J:h:, J:s:, (land),
:d::df::m::a1::f::uf::l:(whiff):m:, :s::uf:, J:h:, J:s:,(land),
:d::df::m::a2::f::uf::l:(whiff):m:, :dp::h:, :dp::l:, :qcf::atk::atk:

The non-Sentinel specific versions do about 5k less
(L M df+M after the roll slide. skipping b+H before the launcher, and OTGing with punch instead of slide against some characters)
It does varying damage with certain other assists, this is just what I get with my team.

i like toy touches

I was watching 8wayrun tonight and picked up a great pointer from Josh Wong. Apparently you can trigger a Team Hyper combo right after Toy Touch. Just press 8P1P2. You’ll either get Dancing Flash if you have only one bar, or the Team Hyper combo if you have more.

Really? What am I doing wrong then x_x? After I found out that Wesker can do it with his thing I tried with Toy Touch but couldn’t get it to work…

It works. Just keep at it, you’ll figure it out.

I don’t see how it’s possible to do wrong… it’s just pressing two buttons after dfM x_x;; Oh well, I’ll try it again and see what happens…

Oh I see, the 8 is jump, missed that. So it’s working on a similar principle as jump cancelling the Toy Touch into Dancing Flash. I also find it’s more consistent to put a slight pause in between jumping and A1A2, might just be my stick though (really dislike this seimitsu part).

Yeah, exactly. It works on the same principle as jump canceling into Dancing Flash, though instead of having to do the sometimes complicated motion, this is simply pressing 3 buttons at (or close to) the same time.

For some reason jump cancelling into the Dancing Flash feels very complicated to me. I have a hard time hitting the M right on the diagonal and 9/10 times I hit it too early and get a whiffed cr.M followed by a wasted meter. hehe

Is there perhaps a certain speed to do the QCFU motion at to allow you to hit that M right on the diagonal or something? (Maybe I’m trying it too fast)

Doing it that way is the hard way to do it in my opinion. Just Toy Touch then go back to down (2) and do the motion for Dancing Flash. There is plenty of time to do it and it’s a lot easier.

Yeah I hear that and the other option I have less accuracy as I must be doing it too slowly. However if either you only have one meter or Felicia’s the only one left you can simply do df+M u+A1A2 (any up direction) or you might want the team hyper combo anyways :3

I’m not sure if this is a particularly good thing to do with her Toy Touch, but it tends to land me some extra nice damage against unsuspecting opponents.

After Toy Touch on corner, I tend to jump cancel and just go straight for a normal forward air throw. The funny thing about is that it throws them right back into the corner, allowing me to repeat it as many times as I want until they Break Away or something similar.

It usually takes a third or fourth time before it finally gets stopped.

Anyone else try this out as well? I tend to call it the Kitty Troll Throw Loop because it causes massive saltiness. XD

I do the air throw after Toy Touch a lot as well, although I tend to do it after I’ve conditioned my opponent to expect a combo after a Toy Touch. It greatly lessens the chance that they’ll tech out of the throw.