Fellas sound off: What do you think of women and make-up?


First of all to clarify I’m not talking about “barely noticeable” makeup. You know a light hint of foundation or a little bit of lipstick that kinda matches their complexion. Stuff that’s like a ~3 minute quickie job.

To me anything that’s more noticeable than that is a huge turnoff. I’ve never understood the allure of candy red lips, or eyes that look like peacock feathers. Fake eyelashes are absolutely hideous in every way, and the old “I’ll shave off my eyebrows to paint these others on” takes the cake. I initially wanted to limit this to just makeup, but hell we can talk about lacefronts and colored weave to. Some of these troglodytes are out here on the street looking like they’re going to a ghetto kabuki competition.

Truthfully I think the majority of the time makeup makes women look worse.

…this bitch…


She’d be a whole lot cuter of she scraped that shit off.

Snooki with makeup

Snooki without makeup (…actually hittable?!)


this is offensive and hilarious at the same time. stay in junior high man, it’s a great time of your life that you can never get back.


I used to date a girl who was decently cute on her own, but was a friggin’ artist with makeup. She used a lot of it, but in a way that it looked like she didn’t use a lot of it… and I think that’s the trouble. A lot of girls (who apparently don’t have that kind of free time) just smear shit on there without having a functional understanding of what each element does in correspondence to their faces.

Before anyone asks, I don’t have pics of her. Sometimes, you just have to purge a bitch from your life.

So I guess what I’m saying is, I prefer little or no makeup unless it’s on someone who really knew what they were doing when they put it on.


It doesn’t matter how good they look. They will still drain you of your free time, money, sanity and sense of self.


A LOT of girls really just don’t know HOW to apply make up properly due to whatever reasons, but mostly from not having that skilled passed down. It’s the same with cooking, so many of today’s generation would rather do nothing but sit around blowing Kush than doing anything that resembles effort.


It’s a generation of women raised by a generation of women that predominantly worked instead of staying at home and honing their domestic skills. If you grow up on reheated staples, non-perishables, and fast food, that’s all you know.


We’ve already seen the pics of neophyte so stop lying we know how much makeup you prefer:


I think the concept of makeup is rather lame, I understand the need for makeup for entertainment purposes (with HD tvs ‘n’ all) and special events, but I think putting powdered chemicals on every square inch of your face and body is probably big contributor to women getting all sorts of cancers and ailments.

It’s actually surprising how much the average woman spends on all these “beautifying” treatments. Like do any guys (sans fetishes) really care about a girl getting painted nails/toenails, fake nail extensions, gigantic fake lashes, dyeing hair every 2 weeks, and all that other BS? Women complain about doing all these rituals to look good, when most of the things they do seem more to impress other women than men.


Bringing up her makeup at least twice now, years after the fact… I’m just saying, if you want makeup tips, I can ask her for you.

I don’t even have to tell her that you’re the one asking, you know, if you’re not at that level of self-confidence yet.


Every once in a while is great you know, but Mexican’s shouldn’t be allowed to wear make up, they just do a bad job of it. jThe fucking horror, this is what I grew up seeing as a kid. And it isn’t any better with them now in days. Fucking paisa girl’s.






Yeah I was going to mention Mexicans in the OP. They are by far the worst offenders.


As long as she isn’t a golem with all her makeup off, I just chalk it up to dumb shit women do to feel better about themselves.
For instance, we can say a lot of things about Snooki, but she actually isn’t the Killer Klown that she makes herself up to be. So she’s not trying to deceive anyone, she’s just being stupid. So let her be. Obviously looking like a birthday cake is rarely appealing.


I don’t like makeup, fake tits, fake asses, fake eyelashes, contacts, or weaves. Tattoos and piercings not on the ears, tongue, or navel are a turn off too.

I’ve seen too many Hispanic girls that look like that here in Texas.


It doesnt fuckin’ matter. If you’re doing it right you wont have to see any bitch in the morning. You know, with her makeup off.


Snooki w/o make up is actually hot. I’d hit that any day of the week(Before she got pregnant, but lost all that weight)

I honestly don’t see why women use it and spend so much money on them when it can only bump them up 1 or 2 points on a scale. You can only hide so much ugly.


Supposedly, beer and make up boost bitches up 5 points when used in a combo.


I don’t know white bitches can give hispanic’s good competition.





(non ugly) Chicks def overestimate how much dudes care about it


Well Orochi, can’t say that im pleasantly surprised…


Lol, I completely forgot about the tanning thing that white girls seem to be on now. Those chicks OZ posted look like ganguro girls.

Edit: that one on top looks like a dude.