Fellow Gen's going to Evo?

Anyone? Feel free to post your pool and time.
SF:AE Pool 76 @ 2PM for me.

AE: Pool 36, 10AM

Good luck guys! (Wish I was there, I’ve already started a fund for next year.)

Have fun, play hard, and rep that Gen.

Wish you the best, guys!!!

hope you kick asssssss !

Watched the whole stream (goddamn timezone difference, started around 5 PM and it ended Saturday 9 AM) and I think I only saw one Gen who’s name I can’t even remember, all I know is he got bodied by a Rufus and that was all the Gen action I saw. Too bad.

I’m really contemplating going to EVO next year to represent Gen, it’s not like I don’t have the money. It’s just that afaik there is no dutch community whatsoever except some random livingroom ‘meetings’ which are mostly friends. It sucks to go alone to such a huge event :confused:

Also I really hope Poongko takes it. Though the fact alone he made it to top 8 with Seth is amazing in its own right. He is just…so much fun to watch.

I think I see more Dans than Gens in EVO. That makes me sad. Perhaps Gen is not at all tournament viable.
Look at the top 8 characters: 2 yuns, 2 vipers, zangief, seth and Fei longs. Don’t think Gen is appearing on that list anytime soon.

I saw one Gen on stream getting blown up by Dieminion. That was all (iirc - it was a 16 hour, times that warlike said, marathon).

We want a game by game rundown please.

Nubb, this includes you!

@warlike, well Wakatteru will be going too (he has no choice in the matter).
@gecklimus, Dan is arguably mid-tier in anybody’s books and also retains the ‘comedy’ pick aspect, Gen is mid-tier at best and doesn’t - this might have something to do with it. The only time Hakan saw daylight was for button checks, at least we had a stronger showing than that.

Yes the gen against dieminion was also the only one I saw. I was hoping to atleast catch nubb on the stream but alas they didn’t show him. I had fun watching the matches though, I just hooked up my pc to my hdtv and put the stream on fullscreen. Watching from bed+a shitload of soda and snacks LOL.

Yeah Dan is actually rather tricky if you have no experience against him. His frametraps are pretty hard to spot and his backdash>knee shenanigans piss me off sometimes. Not that I play a lot of (strong) Dans but if I do, its always a little tricky. Like cr0nt said it has a lot to do with the mindset aswell. Dan is REALLY solid in this game but people still see him as the definitive joke character. So when people are getting beat down 1 round by a Dan then they tend to get frustrated.

I wanted to watch it on my PS3 but the bloody theatre didn’t work in EU.

I too wish you luck. Take this character far for once lol.

Too late. There were hardly any Gens on the stream I saw one Gen get bodied by Guile and that was all.

Depressing. I was feeling kinda good I just turned B class today too. ^.^ That still makes me crap, but I am apparently climbing up the ladder.

Sup guys. I had a great time at EVO despite my horrible play in the tournament itself. I ended up going 4-2. I ended up losing to a no-name Blanka. Twice. Horrible; he knocked me into loser’s, I played him again in loser’s and he knocked me out. I was getting really frustrated by his gameplay, same tactics over and over again, but it worked against me, and I lost.

In my pools there was this guy named Bisonopolis who used Vega and I eliminated him, other than that, there was a very good Cody; everyone else weren’t that good. I was really really depressed when I had lost, I really wanted to make it out of my pools.

Other than the tournament itself, I had a blast money matching international players including; Chris Hu, Ryan Hart, Kayane, Dagger G, Toxy, Heavy Weapon, Henry Cen, and about a couple more no-names.

Vs. Chris Hu; Chris and I agreed to play first to 3 for $5. He used Oni in a very unique way shutting down my options. If I were to block the slash, he could do many of things, the demon flip thing, grab, dp, etc. I think my best option was to DP because it beats most of his options; that worked well. Chris didn’t seem to know the range of Gen’s sweep and pokes so I took advantage of that. The only way he was able to deal damage to me was just through Oni’s mixups. He beat me first 2 sets, and after adjusting I came back the next 2 sets. Came down to last round last match. I had 40% he had about 8%, he was cornered, he charged his FA, I did c.hp and he let his FA rip and crumpled me, dashed in, and Ultra’d. Although I lost, I had a lot of fun. Me - 2, Chris - 3

Vs. Ryan Hart; I initially asked Kayane if she wanted to do a $20 mm with me and she said sure, then Ryan came out of nowhere and asked if I wanted to mm him, hahaha what a jerk right? No but Ryan and I had a good chat before our match and one thing I was telling him is that I hate the twins, so he had agreed not to use them. First to 3 for $20. I was pretty confident coming into this match against Ryan. I feel that I played a really good ground game against him. Sweeps, pokes, s.hp (crane)/s.mp(crane) mixups worked very well. Although I lost and the score was 0-3, they were all close rounds. I made small but very very costly mistakes costing me the rounds. After playing him, I feel my ground game has improved a lot. Me - 0, Ryan - 3

Vs. Kayane; I’ll be honest, I was really excited to play Kayane, just because I think she’s super cute hahaha. Kayane was watching my match with Ryan and she asked me if we can play for $5 instead of $20 since she didn’t know the matchup :frowning: Kayane’s Chun was alright. She mashes ex-legs in between my blockstrings, he crouch techs a lot even when I’m far away. She does a lot of the same mixups but ends up getting me with them. She was getting frustrated too, I could see her from the corner of my eye whenever I got a knockdown or throw. I ended up taking it 3-2. She was a little salty afterwards; didn’t look at me when she shook my hand. Me - 3, Kayane - 2

Vs. Dagger G;**** Not sure if you guys know who this is but Dagger G’s Guile is, I’d say, better than Lamerboi’s, Lamerboi even said himself that his Guile isn’t as good as Dagger G’s. I won the first match, then he ended up winning the next match, at this point, I was super lazy to continue to play very slow in each match (I like laming it the hell out against Guile’s, FA-ing Booms to build ultra meter/avoiding Booms by jumping over them and whatnot, LAME) I ended up just rushing in and getting my ass handed to me. Me - 1, Dagger G - 3. Don’t get me wrong, his Guile is monster.

Vs. Toxy; Toxy was very unaware of the Gen matchup. He also isn’t that very special of an Akuma. Jump back fireballs a lot so I just built meter, doesn’t know the sweep range, footsies weren’t that good. He did although end up beating me, but it was a fun match. Me - 2, Toxy - 3.

Vs. Heavy Weapon; I honestly didn’t know who this was until after playing him. Supposedly he is the Sagat of Australia. He wanted to money match me seeing me get beaten by Toxy. His Sagat wasn’t anything special. I had to lame it out and play really slow and carefully because of the tiger shots. Heartbreaker moment; Last round, last match, I was at about 90% and got him into the corner and down to about 4%. At this point he was just throwing tigers, i’d say about 20 of them, and all I did was just walk forward and block them, trying to bait me to jump. About 30 seconds later, I’m still just sitting there not minding the chip damage, but I did jump, and that pretty much costed me the match, my fault. Me - 2, Heavy Weapon - 3.

Vs. Henry Cen; I didn’t know who this guy was either until after I played him. For those of you who don’t know, Henry has been around for a long time and is the owner of the Chinatown Arcade in New York I think? Correct me if I’m wrong. He uses Honda; I came in this match very very confident, but he shut me down pretty damn hard. His jab hands were 100% on point, very tough for me to defend/react to a jab that combos into die. I didn’t jump in because yo, you can’t hah. I did learn something in this match though. Henry told me that Honda’s ultra can now auto correct a lot better; it was unlisted in the AE changes; I got hit by it haha. **Me - 0, Henry - 3.

Vs. Random Rufus; As I was leaving the EVO room and shouted out that I wanted to do some money matches and this random guy said he wanted to do one with me, first to 3 for $10. He didn’t do anything special or different; dive kick > tick > throw, most of the time he did that, mashed ex-messiah, etc. **Me - 3, Him - 0. **

I think a little over half of the no-names that I played, I ended up winning; not going to really list it or go into detail. My friend recorded some of my tourney matches so I’ll try and get them up. Nothing special really, just me doing stupid against the stupid Blanka. Had a lot of fun making new friends though :slight_smile:

Frankly I just had really bad nerves going and only pulled off 3-2. And to be honest I think this was my wakeup call to finally stop forcing myself to play this terrible character with lower stun and health than most rushdown or even footsie based characters. It’s just a joke that this guy gets things taken away that were maybe powerful, but not powerful enough to break the game. And then they just go and make Yun… Unless those changes they have planned really give Gen something, I’m done stressing myself out. I want to win for once.

Were you the one in Pool 36?

Really? You don’t want to work hard for your wins? Cause it sounds like that’s what you were saying. If you put quality time into this character, you’ll see that Gen is a good character; a lot of tools for mixups and really good footsies.

I think Gen is pretty solid TBH, it’s just that he’s disadvantaged against most (If not all) of the High/Top Tier characters. I agree with you though, I strongly believe Gen is too highly vulnerable for his 900 Health/Stun. Hopefully Gen will be more viable in the next balancing update for AE.

He is solid, it’s just that he has no real forte. I suppose you can categorize him as a footsie/poke based character. But when you play Chun-li those pokes are…meh. Also AE is a lot more offensive, and if Gen gets cornered he is in a lot of trouble. I understand Thomas the glove’s sentiment, if you want to grow faster just pick up Yun amirite?!

Gen is alright, it’s just that you need a lot of execution and good footsies but you hardly get much damage to show for it. If you main viper sure it’s hard, but when you hit that FFF ex seismo burnkick (into U1) your hard work is rewarded because oh look your opponent just lost 50% of his life. Gen has no such thing except when he has super. All work and no show for the most part. If we assume his footsies are his forte he is still outshined by the liked of Chun-li etc. I do feel in that aspect that Gen offers little reward for the time I put into him. Atleast in vanilla he had something fairly damaging, but apparently it was deemed to strong for god knows what reason (also I still cry every night about ex oga).

I can never drop him fully though, even though AE has been 80% viper fpr me. He will always be a character I will pick, let’s hope capcom decides to give Gen some buffs if only in the health/stun department. Although I must say I’m not a fan of such artificial buffs, I would rather have it that they buff his crane stance normals and give EX Oga back to deal with pressure somewhat better.

well dude give yourself a favour and pick another main. many people did (warlike, asiantom, jibbo, ariez, etc, i hope i am right at this part, since i dont know this people well at all) and that has a reason. you dont have to drop gen completely but i am 100% sure you will do better with someone else (besides hakan or smthg like that). i wouldnt pick yun atm cuz most likely he will be nerfed down and to begin with he isnt THAT easy as many people claim him to be. sure he is easy if you use him a gainst a total scrub or if you are godlike at sf, but anything else requiers work i believe (havent tried yun even once, but thats the way it looks like for me). personally i wanted to main akuma first but dropped gen for seth completly and will only pick him up again if he is significantly buffed in the next version. that doesn make me a tier whore either cuz seth is by no means top tier. he is just more solid and way more fun than gen.

I’ve played Gen since vanilla. Don’t talk to me about “Quality time”. And quite frankly, your logic is fail. You really don’t think all these top tier characters have to work hard for their wins? You think they’re given freely? You obviously have no idea what you’re talking about.