Fellow Gens going to SvB

The U.K.'s biggest fighting game tournament is around the corner, gamers from all over the world will be coming to our rainy little lump of soil to take on our best players.

We need to give the old man a good showing. Especially seeing as they decided to keep the single elimination system after pools (I r disappoint).

Unfortunately pools will not be revealed until the first day, but if you leave your name and registered handle (the one you used when paying - if you didn’t provide one it’ll be down under the name of the person whose PayPal you stole the details for) I’ll be whoring my mobile internet and keeping this thread updated with the full goings on (looks like there won’t be a stream).

For those of you who don’t know what it is, more info is available at: http://www.supervsbattle.com
I’ll kick off:

handle: raisedbyfinches
games: ssf4ae, bbcs2
accommodation: friend’s flat ~5 miles from the venue
would like to see win: f-word, starnab, samurai drew, wakatteru

The players:


handle: Wakatteru
games: ssf4ae
accommodation: same as cr0nt
would like to see win: cr0nt, MBR, ChaozTheory, bushin… and myself.

What the fuck, I really should be more active in keeping up with European tournaments lol. Another regret this summer, yay. Would have been fairly cheap to get a planeticket with Ryanair or something aswell.

Good luck guys.

Maybe you can still arrange something? You probably don’t have to worry about spending the night.

I second Gen and will be going for the full weekend

handle: Boggles
games: ssf4ae
accommodation: Hindes hotel (along with most ppl from manc)
would like to see win: idc as long as its fun to watch :slight_smile:

handle: BigFool
games: AE, MvC3 and MK
accommodation: Comfort Harrow
would like to see win: A Gen player? :razzy: I’ll be cheering on my friend for MvC, though.

Gooood luck guys!!!

Okay, day 1 goes like this:

Bono93 comes second in his group to Afii
Wakatteru destroys his group coming out on top with RMZ second
BigFool never told me anything
I choked and once again played my worst instead of best
Dawgtanian unknown but he also picked Elf against MBR, I’ll find that out tomorrow

(Down to the last 104 tomorrow to whittle down to 8, coming from 52 groups of 5).

More coming tomorrow!

Fuck yeah TheBook coming out on top, dutch Gen pride lol.

great! Keep us updated!

Interesting! Any stream or recording?


This is Wakatteru posting on cr0nt’s account.

There’s no internet at the venue, but a lot of people recorded videos. You’ll probably find those through Neoempire or Youtube in a few days. I couldn’t get any better than Top 50. Won 1 match in brackets against a Dictator whose name I can’t remember and then lost to Bubblan’s rushdown Honda. They have a single elimination format, so there was no chance of getting back in there.

I got lot of props and respect from an amazing number of players (meaning you need several hands to count them), but unfortunately that doesn’t win you any prizes.

No clue about what happened to the rest of the Gen players, but Top 8 is as follows:

MBR (Akuma)
Packz (Cody)
Ryan Hart (Counterpick, Oni, Ryu)
F-word (Ibuki)
Problem XX (Seth, Zangief, M.Bison)
Steeve (Ryu)
Skatan (Sakura)
Andreas (Rufus)

Top 8 is tomorrow.

Good job repping us anyways. Single elimination is harsh. Will probably favor some characters that rush down rather than those that need some time to figure the opponent such as Gen.


Top 8 is very interesting though, not a single Yun or Fei. Much variation.

That’s too bad Wakatteru, with quite a few Gens present I was hoping for a surprise haha.