Fellow Gen's Thoughts on MVC3?

Yo guys! As you know MVC3 is coming fast and hot. I wonder if our fellow Gen players are all gonna get into this game? How do you think MVC3 is going to change the landscape of fighting games?

For me I am really enjoying the amount of players available in xbox live for SSF4 at the moment. I am worried that come MVC3 the amount of player pool would be diluted and waiting times lengthened etc… Also having spent so much time into Gen (last 2 years) and having this game superceded by MVC3 which I don’t know fuck all about is frustrating if this scenario is going to hold true. Don’t get me wrong I think MVC3 looks really exciting but I don’t know if the community is able to accommodate another game and if we give up on SF4 for MVC3 it will be sad as there will be no Gen. :shake:

So, if you intend to play MVC3 which characters will be good for noobies to this series and which characters will suit our Gen-Style?



Amaterasu has three stances, but I don’t know if you have to switch in and out them during combos.

Every character looks simple, but hard to master, so you should give them all a try. I think I’m going to go with Skrull/Shulk/Joe.

MVC3 will be the new hotness for awhile, which it should be, until all the AE content comes out for console. Then it’ll be divided again. I’m excited, since the scene has just had one big, mega community title for so long, it’ll be cool to see a dozen of new games share the spotlight (MvC3, Tekken Tag 2, SFxT, MK9, KoFXIII, etc.), kind of like when everyone was split between Third Strike and MvC2.

Oh yeah, I’m gonna be in some MvC3. I’m still undecided on my team. I’m gonna run Dr. Doom (for Doom commands it!) and two of: Wesker/MODOK/Deadpool/Thor/Dormammu/Taskmaster

I have no clue why the vs. series is so popular, it’s way too flashy and chaotic for me. If it’s anything like mvc2 with a bunch of bullshit tactics and unblockables I’m going to save my money. Fight connoiseurs know what needs to happen, Sega needs to release VF5:FS with online play it’s been 6 months since arcade release. KOF XIII is looking really solid aswell but no info on that either as of yet, meh.

SSFIV will probably be quite abandoned once mvc3 releases unforttunately.

It’s at my local arcade, and it’s great! Feels a little like a much higher quality version of 12, which has a lot of great fighters that if used with the point-ranking system, leads to really balanced teams and great matches to watch. And Chin, the greatest KoF character besides Ramon, is in it and it still terrible (Just the way I like it).

And MvC3 won’t be a mess at all. In fact, it’ll be too polished for my tastes. I thought all of MvC2’s brokeness and infinite heavy gameplay is what made it so hard to master and compete at, which then made it so exciting to watch. MvC3 looks a lot slower and simpler than it’s predecessor ever did.

I don’t like this series for the very same reasons Warlike has stated… I’ll stick to SSF4 and hope the AE update will be released soon.
I hope the OP won’t mind if I hijack a bit his thread but… what about the 3DS edition? I was quite excited about it, then I read the charge moves will require no charge… and I think this will break the game (since it has no other changes). Besides this… How do you actually manage to switch stances with the buttons in that position?
Anyway if somebody tries it, please tell us how it feels when Gen becomes a sort of spider-man (no charge for Oga --> random wall diving madness) Lol

I think It will be fun, but it will not replace SSF4 in any way. I’m really only excited that Hsein-Ko is in it. I would much rather have a new Dark Stalkers tho.

I forgot: Hsien Ko is the only character I like…

MvC3 for me is all about Sentinel, Thor, Dante. Team STD FTW! … oh my…

waiting for mk9 and praying it’s tournament-viable. praying for a new soul caliber that doesn’t suck like the last two.

i cant wait since i am big marvel fan because of the old x-men animated cartoons. still tho i am just terrible at versus games. i have a blast playing them but i guess playing a lot of street fighter 4 with gen has made me more defensive because i can’t play mvc2 at all now. still if i can get better at a versus game that would help me a lot with applying pressure which i lack, and hopefully help my execution with ibuki with her sjc. plus i am a fan of Hsien Ko and Felicia. so i would learn Morrigan just to have a full darkstarlker team. that is of course they can work together.

also i been trying to get into comics but i am not sure where to start. i read civil war before and i like it a lot.
i was thinking of getting deadpool and cable vol books they have. i was wondering are they good read?

Nice to see some feedback. I am always intrigued by the Marvel series since the very first one : MSH. Remember that game anyone? However there is no competition and the level that I played at that time was at the very scrubby level come to think of it. Didn’t even know that infinite combo existed then. It is just amazing how internet just open up the whole realm of information exchange and reveal the level of skills out there for people who play this competitively. I will really want to play this game well but the more I look at it the more I feel that the pace of this game is way ahead of SSF4; maybe perhaps even too fast for an aging brain like me. Everyone has a combo launcher, you get assists galore and air dash here and there… not sure if I even cope! Also the prospect of having to master three characters really get me scared… I have spent 2 years with Gen and I still have a long way to master him. And to master three? I think I’ll still be at it in 6 years time…

That said it will definitely be on my shopping list come 2 weeks time. Even if to get it so as to support Capcom to come out with the next iteration of SF series.


Marvel super heroes for the Saturn, I still have that one including the RAM cart that came with it imported from Japan. Fun game, and a bit more manageable than the clusterfuck mvc2 (and by the looks of it 3) is.

Too chaotic for me, and I don’t find matchvids the least exciting. Only reason I might pick it up is because of the hype/competition.

Otherwise, I’m all for AE or console releases of VF5:FS and KoFXIII (with good netcode).
A shame KoFXIII needs a ratio system to be really interresting though.

I’m picking it up for sure. Pretty much going to drop street fighter for the most part. Game’s too stale and limiting and slow. Marvel will be a much more creative game. Looks better too.

The closer we get to Marvel 3, the more I see my interest in SSF4 disappearing again.

I’m not even sure why. I’ve never really played a versus game, and I have no idea if I’ll enjoy it or be any good at it. However, part of the reason I picked up Gen way back when vanilla came out was because I wanted to see if I was good enough to help develop a character myself instead of copying what other people did. MvC3 is looking like another opportunity to try that particular challenge.

Over the past two years (ugh, has it really been that long?) I’ve developed a ton of respect for the people that drove the development of the MvC2 scene. It seems like it’s going to be an arms race almost, which sounds strangely fun to me.

I can’t bring myself back to SSF4. Capcom really fucked up by letting MvC3 drop before the AE patch for consoles. The main thing I like about the Vs games is all the early days stuff where people don’t know wtf they are doing and I can sneak in a few scrubby wins. :rofl:

Gonna be fun.

Definitely dropping SSF4 for dat mahvel. To be honest I stopped enjoying SF4 over a year ago. But since BB:CS, T6 and SSF4 are pretty much the only games being played here, I decided to stick with it. (I absolutely loathe BlazBlue and Tekken.)

Can’t wait!

i dont see myself dropping ssf4 but i know mostly everyone in Oklahoma and my online group are just going to be playing mvc3. so it gonna be a pain getting them to play ssf4 when i want. i cant even get them to play 3rd strike or st/hdr.

Jesus, what’s wrong with those people.