Fellow members, i have art




some yous may remember me, some might not, well either way fell free to input your comments on whatever.

Man these are pretty tight man! I really dig your inking. Do you use a brush pen? The weight and use of lines is really soild.

Great stuff!

…Excellent work of art, I really liked the second pic…

  • Ephidel

My favorite would be the guy bending backwards. not bad for a guy from who?ston.

I remember you man. I like these pics (I’m a sucker for the heavy shadows).

First pic is really nice. Reminds me of the Sorrow from MGS3. I like the rain effect.

Second pic - the guy’s head & face feels too “clean” compared to the rest of the image. It’s just a feeling, I guess I expected some double lines here and there?

Third pic reminds me of some Thai kickboxer, really liking the shadow work on the bend-over-backwards part.

good stuff :slight_smile: