Fellow nooblets unite for endless? (USA, 360)

I’m having a hard time finding endless lobbies with people around my level. Most of them are just way too good and I feel like I’m wasting their time. Ranked matches are nice, but having to dip out after one game is kind of a bummer. :bluu:

So, fellow scrubs, post your tag or just add me. More experienced players are fine too, if you don’t mind.

Gt is skzim been playing about a month

Nobody feels like they’re wasting time if they are beasting, if they do they will just leave. Playing better players also helps you out alot - just look at why you are losing (actual things like - I’m not aaing jumpins - I’m not teching throws - I’m not blocking - I’m not punishing, etc)

If you are just wanting to win games - play ranked and blow away terrible players. If you want to get better don’t shy away from playing good players

if you are interested, i play an intermediate zangief i suppose.

xbox - mistergeJJ

I’m not out to just win games, and frankly I don’t think I’m even capable of blowing away terrible players, I am the terrible player that gets blown away. I’m all for getting stomped and learning from it, but it’d be nice to have some people that I can play regularly, and maybe even have a chance against as an added bonus, but that’s not mandatory. :razz:

I’ll add you guys who replied.

You can add me as well, I played SF4 a bit but am looking for players around my level for endless battles. I would say I’m more of a beginner who kind of knows what to do, but has horrible execution.

you can add me too i feel like i play a solid abel and im working on my seth i also mess with guy and balrog and a few others
gotta put this so ppl know how to add it right ( all caps no space oh’s not zeros )