Fellow umvc3 players

Hello to you all in the fighting game community. If your interested in Umvc3 videos/commentary/combo tutorials me and my friends have started a Youtube channel called “Ghost Butterfly Gaming” where we deliver these kinds of videos. My friend Company- and I do an online segment called “The Yellow Brick Road” where we commentate on the game and share our thoughts on what’s going on with our life so far and we also have videos that show us** running sets** on our free time. We mostly have umvc3 videos but we are working on covering most genres of video games. We would appreciate it if you guys could check it out and maybe leave a comment about the video/ what you like/ what we can do to improve our quality(Video,commentating, sounds quality), and if it catches your interest you can subscribe to our channel. We ask that you support your fellow average joes in the fighting community. Thank you :]


**Ghost Butterfly Gaming: **http://www.youtube.com/user/Kimbizzle28?ob=0&feature=results_main