Female characters in fighting games

What’s up with all the people fantisizing about female characters in fighting games? Seriously i’ve read comments on youtube where people were clearly attracted to chicks in fighters, they were saying how they would buttfuck Chun Li and i’m dead serious.

You people have some serious problems, that’s the kind of shit that japanese people do but we all know how they are fucked up. It’s a fighting game and i’m goddamn tired of all the chicks and how they look like fucking pornstars. People will probably tell me that i’m gay, excuse me if I prefer a real fucking woman and not a fucking drawing.

That being said I always thought female characters were strictly for girls, now you have a bunch of dudes who are clearly fanboys of female characters in fighting games and it’s goddamn disgusting.

Damn, i thought this was going to have some cool type of introspective or something. Son i am disappoint.

You’re gay as they come.

I see nothing wrong with this.

[uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :confused:


u gay!:arazz:](http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gVQT6PCPbfU)

Isn’t that kind of sudden? Just because of some odd people you’re gonna go and insult a whole community?
What people get off to isn’t my business, and I’m not gonna make it my business.

You play characters based on whenever you go well with their playstyle.
I won’t say there aren’t people out there who doesn’t use their choice of character simply based on looks,
I’m just saying that the majority of the community isn’t like that.
And Isn’t saying “female characters are for girls, male characters are for guys” kinda… you know, sexist?

There, i gave you a fair response, which is something you won’t see very often with egotistical posts like these.

Man, I’m actually worried that you seem to have such a fucking problem with this.

I know you seem to think you’re a paragon of traditional normalcy, but you need to get over yourself. Some will people find it aesthetically pleasing, and some people say some nasty shit. They aren’t mutually exclusive. Game over. End of story. Get off your high horse.

Edit: Actually, I don’t even wanna try to reason with you. Just get the fuck out.


Damn I think your brain would explode if you have seen Vanguard Princess and Arcana Heart.

stupid thread, calling mods

People, all sorts of people, find all sorts of crazy things sexy. Your ignorance upon that subject isn’t interesting. Do some research.

Some of the female character designs are awesome. Deal. Your thinly veiled either trolling or homophobia really aren’t interesting.

This is Fighting Game Discussion. Discuss fighting games not your personal theories upon otaku or whatnot.