Female Characters ruining fighting games?


This has been something I have been hearing for along time now not from a lot of people but a good amount of people lately so I think I must admit and say it here. FEMALE FG CHARACTERS ARE RUINING FIGHTING GAMES.

Haha Seriously? I find it absolutely stupid when people say stuff like that or stuff relating to that. I have seen discrimination towards them rarely here and sites like Eventhumbs and Gamefaqs. I don’t see the problem with female fighting game characters being in fighting games or there being about 10 as opposed to how they used to be like 2 back in the 90s.

Because fighting games nowadays have been a lot more interested in female characters being in their games and had tried to expand on the amount of them and games like Street Fighter, Tekken, Dead or Alive, King Of Fighters, Mortal Kombat, ect have gotten crap because of it. If a game wants to expand the female cast and give them more representation then I don’t see the problem, your not forced to choose them. And I thinks it is stupid to only consider female characters only being in for sex appeal or “BOOBS”. And I really dislike when male players say that because they are a guy they won’t play girls. I find that quite sexist.

And It also annoys me when players trash other players for liking them. Shoot there was a old tournament (I think at Evo) for KOF13 and when someone chose Mai the audience got upset. It’s also annoying when people trash others as either perverts or lolicons (when to younger female chars). That’s another thing I also hate when people consider all girls under the age of 20 as loli’s. A loli is a term for a pre teen or younger girl who acts child like and it annoys me when people would call Sakura or someone that.

One more thing, It also annoys me when people bring realism as a reason why they shouldn’t be in. I think as long as you train hard you can be considered a great fighter. And even if that wasn’t the case I think where games have animals/mythical creatures/robots and characters having super powers in their moves in them I don’t see how females can be that bad.

Anybody else feel that female characters should have the right to be as highly represented as they are and not thought of as only damsels in distress or “useless characters.” What do ya think


Dude, leave the computer and get in touch with reality. People will play whichever character is top tier. The only character I remember getting booed is SC4 Hilde, and not for her virtual polygon vagina. Close the thread.


New Shitthread of FGD.


Lol. What?


You mentioned EH and GFAQs in the OP?

This thread is off to a rip roaring start…


What the hell are you talking about? I’m not talking about tiers and shit I’m talking about how female characters can be discriminated. Get with the program and read what I say b4 saying crap

And no I ain’t closing this thread, I don’t think this is something that can’t be discussed in the FGD

New shitposter of FGD

If you don’t understand something as simple as what I’m saying then idk what to tell you

I’m just saying those are examples where I see it

Why is everyone looking at the little details


I like to call threads like these “Gamefaqs Threads” because they’re threads I’d expect to see on gamefaqs.


You can’t use the term itself in the definition man, now its just an infinite loop.


You couldn’t even if you wanted to


The little details are usually the most important ones.


LOL Do I sense a hint of OG SRK replies to the OP…


OP makes a very valid argument for post-birth abortion.




My mom hates that guys in the games hit girls…


Uh. Get a blog?

I don’t know why you needed to make this thread. You’re speaking in vague generalities about some phantom threat representing people that we can all readily agree are either trolling (and so should be ignored or banned) or just stupid dumbfucks (and so should be ignored or banned).

Happily, you’re on SRK and you don’t have to put up with any of that bullshit here on my watch at least. If you deliberately go to a site that hurts your feelings or threatens your sanity, that is completely on you.