Female chess players forced to wear hijabs



just put the scarf on ffs, these people need to grow up


Or just not go
You put the scarfs on so they don’t stone you


When in Rome do as the Romans do. Or idk don’t fucking go to Rome.


For what it’s worth, the guy in charge of FIDE (the world chess organization) is a corrupt Russian who pulls stuff like this every few years. Awhile back he held the championships in Libya, and Israeli’s were banned. He also has ties to Assad from Syria.


International bodies need to stop picking repressive regimes to host international events. I think players of both sexes should just boycott to show regressives that they aren’t going to support this type of nonsense.


Tell that to Qatar


I assume you are referring to the 2020 olympics? I really doubt they are going to be able to force the Hijab on the entire world with the media watching. But you never know, liberals love that bullshit.


Yeah everyone should just go “fuck that” and not turn up, this is why we shouldn’t hold international events in ass-backwards places.


No, I was referring to the World Cup, and the comment you made about avoiding oppressive regimes. Qatar has been using slave labour to get work done, in poor conditions, resulting in several thousand deaths already, and all because FIFA was taking bribes.


Oh, but the shit storm when western countries try and ban this gay shit.


Al Jazeera is the most hilarious media outfit on earth. When it spoke of black slaves doing construction in Saudi Arabia they did a hit piece which let the rest of the world know that not all of their slaves are black! Their slavery population is diverse and multicultural!

Edit link: http://www.aljazeera.com/indepth/opinion/2013/11/colour-slavery-2013112483045927138.html


But I was always told that the hijab is a choice…


Yes it is a choice. The alternative is being stoned to death.


This is what happens when Saudi’s are buying off our politicians.


Women “Leaders” wearing Hijabs.






Ads running telling Germans & Swedes to wear hijabs.



Be fucking tolerant and adapt when you visit their countries!

Be fucking tolerant and adapt your culture when they come to our countries!


Oh my God, you are so racist.


Don’t hold multinational tournaments in countries that require oppression of women.


see mrwizard this is why you shouldn’t hold any tournament anywhere except on the las vegas strip

please do not do evo off the strip again, thanks


Boycott the fuck out of the event and move on.