Female chess players forced to wear hijabs

This is what happens when Saudi’s are buying off our politicians.


Women “Leaders” wearing Hijabs.






Ads running telling Germans & Swedes to wear hijabs.


Be fucking tolerant and adapt when you visit their countries!

Be fucking tolerant and adapt your culture when they come to our countries!

Oh my God, you are so racist.

Don’t hold multinational tournaments in countries that require oppression of women.

see mrwizard this is why you shouldn’t hold any tournament anywhere except on the las vegas strip

please do not do evo off the strip again, thanks

Boycott the fuck out of the event and move on.

Boycotting is only half the issue. People need to be put on blast, espevially these ahit 3rd world countries that shouldnt even be seen as equals on the world stage

A few points

  1. If thats their custom, and its just a headscarf, relax.

  2. Its funny how cultures forget. The hijab now was just what modest american women use to wear 2 generations ago. My grandmother wore a headscarf all the time. She wasnt muslim by any means. Plenty of white women use to wear headscarfs all the time too. Only now in the free for all leftist, western society we live in now, that this type of modesty seems so foreign.

  3. Then dont fucking go. Simple as that. The middle east is what it is. This isnt fucking new, and hasnt been for decades. You wouldnt trek through the congo complaining of why you cant buy fiji water with your credit card. You accept it for what it is, and keep it moving.

  4. The left is so confusing now. Such fucking morons. First its dont say anything about islam, even if youre muslim, cause youre a racist, or some type of muslim uncle tom. Now its, hey wtf, cater to my customs in not wanting to wear a hijab, cause womens rights. What a bunch of dysfunctional morons, misrepresenting liberalism, and cant even get their own god damn story straight.

That bitch would probably look better with a hijab on anyways. I can link 5 women right now that look better than her while dressing modestly, with a hijab on. Hold dat L.

I agree she should wear it and if she loses she can blame on the hijab, seriously what’s the big deal?!

Gods, how I have missed your posts.

I think the main thing is that we shouldn’t be hosting anything international in places with ass backwards laws like that, it makes no fucking sense that people are even having to choose to “don’t fucking go” to what is essentially the end game of their hobby/career because a shitty country was chosen as the venue, not only should the tournament be boycotted, everyone involved with having it hosted in Iran should be sacked.

If a country does not support freedom of speech and expression it should be blacklisted by any reasonable group hosting international events, whether the oppression comes from the left or the right.

I might stick around for the weekend to have some fun. Who is this retard jimbo? Since srk opened its forums again, i could lurk the past few days, and saw him being a fairly expected tier of earth level intellect, but especially American level intellect if he is American.

Its sad when you been away for almost 3 months, check up on the last 10 pages of some shit, and im more disappointed ever now than when i got banned over some bullshit. I couldnt have gotten that more smarter in 3 months, because if so, jesus christ srk.



Eh, im anti like all of muslim run lands because of their idiotic laws, but sometimes it is what it is. The secular west just isnt everywhere, and cant be everywhere. We have tried that before. It doesnt work. When people go to dubai, they generally follow their stupid rules, because the UAE falls partially under sharia law in some ways.

If you come to america, and try to slap your bitch under the law of your land, WE SAY NO. Wearing a headscarf is not a horrible offense. I made my post to say how head scarfs are already normalized here for non religious people, and we normalized it long before this radical islamic problem.

Everything is working backwards.

Damn, you got randoms with like 2 post making the strangest non-fighting game related threads and then you got dudes that haven’t posted in forever popping in and dudes that are banned just going “hey” like you just lifted up a garbage can lid and found oscar the grouch in that shit.

Has anybody ever said this about you?

I’d be fine with Mr Wiz forcing Ricky Ortiz to compete in a hijab. Or Marn in a thong. Who am I to judge?

SRK GD, baby! Who is Jimbo?

Shouldn’t this be in the chess thread

sorry didnt know this place had a chess thread!

Several people of note, Vynce, Sonicabid, and Luc, to name a few.


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