female gamers

whats with all these female gamers suddenly comming out of the gaming closet

there was a point in time where there were only like 6 female gamers around,now all of a sudden these girls are comming out fo the woodwork talking about how they play games and all this other shit and then thier forming clans and going to tournaments

has anyone else seen these “gamers”,their all like tv “pretty” and most of them claim to be old school but got thier start on ps2 and the rest of them said they played because thier boyfriends played.

i am not knocking the fact that girls are saying they play games.thats kinda awsome actually but what is annyoing is that they are mostly doing it for thier 15 minutes of fame and alot of us guys are too dumbfounded by the fact that thier “pretty” to notice it,i mean right now the new hot this is supposed to be something called “Dark Valkyires”,this isnt a new idea,its just a remake of an old idea gone horribly wrong because the people running it didnt know what they were doing,this is going to fail even worse.

heres the thing and this is how i see it,yes it is a good thing that female gamers are starting to get some burn but the ones that are getting the attention is because they are being exploited for thier looks first and thier skill second and if you dont belive me look it up(PMS,VoA,Frag Dolls…girl gamer clans but yet all of them have not one unattractive girl as thier front players).i know some female gamers who are not bad looking and are good in thier respective genra but get no burn because thier not “girly girls”(ones a down right lesbian but can play a mean game of counter strike and KoF)

im just saying this female gamer thing is looking like a fad and will go away and when it does all the truly hardcore girls(all 3 of you) who are left are going to have to feel that burn because of a few chicks who wanted 15 minutes in the spotlight

I’ll care less about categorizing gamers and play games instead.

Gaming companies should get past these imaginary demographics as well.

that would be nice but in this day and age its still not happening and the way these can are operating,its not helping thier supposed cause any

I hate what gaming has become, period. Regardless of race, hair color or sex(iness). Talk about dreams becoming nightmares. You can replace “female” in the thread title with just about anything and still have a valid point nowadays. Everyone plays games now and it’s so annoying.

Question for the OP, are you 12?

The fuck is “getting burn”? :rofl:

ive noticed it too. I think they are just being attention whores. Take a decent looking girl and have her say she plays games and suddenly shes ms popular among all the nerd guys.

I can’t even respond.


Oh yeah, there was a topic. Uh, I don’t care about female gamers. Just dont expect me to leg hump and drool.

I dont mind that at all, but what is annoying is that when these same people cant hold a good discussion about gaming. Yeah, you can talk about MW2, but can you compare it to other games and tell me what makes it better/different. Oh, and do you play any other genres than FPS’?

Someone: "Oh, I don’t like God of War III."
Me: "Why not? The GOW franchises were pretty interesting, with the parry mechanics, combo system and equipment leveling."
Someone: "Its not real, not like MW2."
Me: "Have you even played any GOW games?"
Someone: "No."
Me: “…get out of my house.”

Yeah the real reason to dislike God of War is the parts where it makes you push crates.

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Everyone plays games now and it’s so annoying.

hahha this whole thread reinforces the unfortunate stereotype that a gamer is a socially awkward, self-imposed&isolated nerd with no conversational skills. I dunno, the video game industry is pretty big (think the latest stats put it up there somewhere) with movies now, so , naturally everyone does play games in some form. Its hard to get around that and being annoyed is something you have to cope with.

Well said. Respect and Props.


to the OP, if it makes you feel better, recently the Women in Games conference was canceled due to low attendance.

I’ve never noticed it, but I might be the chimp on the island.

I don’t think it’s horrible that everybody plays games. I think it’s great. It’s not like when we grew up and arcades were just for punk kids. It has changed in a lot of ways, including who is playing, but that part of it is a good thing.

I hear what you are saying, regarding exploitation, but it doesn’t just happen with videogames. Women know when there is a sucker to be played. It’s been molded into our social structure for thousands of years now. That’s what happens when one species has a majority sex that is the most decorated. Look at the fashion industry. Men’s fashion takes multiple decades to change, while women’s fashion changes almost every year. Why? Because our society focuses on how women look at a constant rate.

On the other end of the spectrum, maybe you should try getting a phone number or two? Look at it this way; someone who has something in common with you is never a bad thing. As a social example, if someone is looking for attention, chances are, they want it.

The truth is, if you cast the same light on women that you do with men and treat them the same, with the same respect and judgement, be it harsh or light, you’ll likely make some good friends.

I can see platinum_pinoy’s point about debating something with little or no experience to draw an opinion from, but it doesn’t pertain to just women. When someone pulls that card with me, they lose credability in the conversation regardless of who they are or how well I know them.

My group of friends ranges from 12-70 years of age that I have no problem hanging out with, guys and girls alike. We each have some common interest that gives us a reason to be friends. We’re all stuck here on this planet, doing the same shit for the most part. We might as well share our time and have some fun, regardless of what our bodies make of our minds.

Sounds like an STD to me.

From experience I can say this is true. It also happens among card games, which bites the big one because it is really fricken annoying having people eyeing you up as if you’re their dinner.

As for the rest of this. I…don’t see the big problem with both genders enjoying video games? and more than that “Everyone is playing video games now, it’s so annoying” Why? because there’s more people to kick your ass now than ever before?

Yo OP are you the guy triforce was putting on blast in the battlefield arcadia thread?
Yea, that is you lmao. You came over here to try and garner some internet support against the dark Valkyrie thing didn’t you? Who cares if chicks play games based on skill or exploitation; shit has nothing to do with you nigga. Now dig your panties out of a bunch and go play street fighter.

Two decades of the media pandering to an archetype David v. Goliath trope lead to the “Geek is chic” fad. Thanks to this, hipsters (as in someone who adopts an interest as an affectation rather than a genuine passion.) flock to videogames to “fit in”. Of these people, a few are “gamer girls” who are in it for the limitless attention they get from White Knights and virgins joining a sever in any online game and simply speaking.

Now I’m not saying all women who play video games are attention whores, but if you allude to your gender, race, or sexual preference in a gamertag,I’m pretty sure you’re asking for trouble.

Now, who wants cake?

I believe the correct response to anyone complaining about female gamers is,


Honestly, who cares why more females are playing games now? At the end of the day, no one likes a sausage party.

I wish I could sig this ish right here lol.