Female Heihachi kills granddaughter after months of abuse


Never too old to be a hoodrat.

…its chicago…do you understand how much this prob happens.

^No I understand exactly how much it happens, and that it doesn’t get near the amount of sensational coverage and people up in arms like the TM case did is laughably pathetic.

If her granddaughter was truly strong, she would have survived.

Are you really in such an hurry to copy and paste terrible news that you can’t even edit out the random links in the article?

^I actually thought they were humorous and left them in, editing out now

edit: lol@Neg-Zero

As an aside, apparently the family members were trying to call and reach the girl yet the grandmother would not let them speak with her. Did it not occur to any of them to actually go to the fucking house? Or at least call the police if they couldn’t physically go there :S

Considering they were ghetto people. Of course they didn’t care and had no common sense. They knew what was going on, but decided “fuck it”.

Black people fail

why do people search for shit like this, isnt there a horror news thread or something?


personally I would have went with a DORYA the explorer reference from Kazuya but thats me :coffee:

Last month, a woman in my neighborhood (4 blocks away) beat her 2 yr old son to death with the help of her BF and discarded’im in the river. She then lied and said some cholos stole her car with the kid in it. And the month before that, just 2 miles away from me, a mom and aunt slaughter their mentally unstable son/nephew and all the pets and then attempt to commit suicide, but leaves all the doors unlocked for people to just walk in. Earlier in that same month, etc…

It’s something in the air around here that makes people wanna kill lil kids and with all the other crazy shit goin’ on, really makes me wanna move from here.

“Gotta be white. Sounds like a white crime.”

Sees black ugly-faced bitch


I feel guilty for being relieved it’s not a white woman…

I feel guilty for correctly guessing she was black. My negro senses were tingling.

sigh :sad:

Dat Mishima-ryu parenting tech.


So this story is basically, if Precious died earlier in life and Mo’nique was a Mishima.

Damn title. I tried not to laugh, I promise.

What a fucking psycho. To think she has the audacity to even attempt crying after torturing an 8 year old for months until she died.

If she was about dat Mishima life, she would had tossed her granddaughter into a ravine.

dab00g cannot tell the difference between ghetto busted hoodrat trash***fucking damn that is an ugly bitch*** and decent black people. Pretty sure black people are embarrassed by this shit.

REALLY? You couldn’t tell by the way the fools couldn’t spell “Gizelle/Giselle” (French female name, ironically, it means “hostage”)?

That’s a pretty dumb post dude. The TM case needed the coverage because Zimmerman wasn’t even arrested and charges weren’t going to be brought. And even now he just got acquitted.

This woman is in jail right now, and I will be stunned if she is acquitted. The only defense I can see is that she is mentally unstable and isn’t fit to stand trial, in which case, she will spend the rest of her life in a mental ward. The so called insanity defense.

At least you’re not race baiting on that, I think you just slipped up a little. Everyone knows there are horrific crimes constantly occurring all the time. Doesn’t mean the world stops for each of them and devalues the other horrific crimes we do pay attention to.