Female Police fails fitness course. Sues for 30 000 £ over sexual discrimination

For 30 years it has been used to test the fitness of officers who police riots and other outbreaks of serious public disorder.
The so-called ‘shield run’ involves officers covering a distance of 500 metres in less than two minutes, 45 seconds while wearing full riot gear and carrying a shield.
But when Inspector Diane Bamber, 51, failed to meet the time limit, she claimed she had been left humiliated.

She brought a sex and age discrimination case against her force, Greater Manchester Police, and now stands to win up to £30,000 after an employment tribunal ruled in her favour.
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This whole thing is possibly one of the dumbest things i have ever read.
How exactly is this a matter of sex and age discrimination ?

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

Presumably because she took the point that if she couldn’t do it it was impossible for an old female to do it and discriminatry.

Still this is ridiculous, who the hell wants some old biddy who can’t pass the fitness test trying to protect them and their property from rioters because of bullshit like this rather than someone fit for the job who can pass the test?

Again, why are all the links for these types of stories for the Daily Mail?

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On what grounds can she charge them with sex and age discrimination? Its not like they barred her from taking the test in the first place because she was 51 year old WOMAN.

What ELSE are you going to do with 50+ women, these days?

Now, if they were using HER as a riot shield, then I guess she might have a point…

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What exactly is an employment tribunal? I’d also like to hear how the case was presented such that they opted to award her 30,000 pounds. Given the line that she felt humiliated. I wouldn’t be surprised if the conduct of the department after she failed the test had something to do with it.

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I love how she can’t pass the MUCH EASIER fitness expectations that women have. You know cons and criminals don’t support affirmative action. A few years back the English bobbies were sued by the female officers because they wanted compensation for the overtime and nights the men VOLUNTARILY worked for pay bonus. They claimed it was discriminatory because they have to take care of children. So they won the court case and got bonuses for shifts they never worked.

I can’t say that it’s nice to hear that bitches in the U.K. demand and get to eat their cake, your cake, and to keep both of them too, much like they do here in the W.U.S.A.

Because it isn’t.

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I’m too out of shape to pass a mandatory physical test, so instead of getting in shape I’ll just blame it on discrimination and sue them.

So what about the other 50+ year olds and women that passed the exam? What do they think about this?

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Why don’t you track them both down, and see if there is a consensus? :wink:

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for some reason, I don’t think the criminals are gonna give a damn.


Women are broken, in this case literally.

lol @ she felt humiliated. yeah she felt humiliated enough to sue so that even more people know about her humiliation

I am woman, hear me roar. Give me your fucking money or I’m out the door.

So she passed it every year until she hit 51?

shit like this makes me angry. what good would she have been as a 51 year old riot cop anyway

you shouldn’t be thinking in those terms

you should be thinking what good is someone who can’t pass the requirements

Using this legal precedent, I am going to apply to be an NHL player, and when they don’t accept me because I don’t know how to stop myself while ice skating without falling over, I will sue them for discrimination against people who don’t know how to skate. If I want to be a professional hockey player, I should be able to be one!