Female school uniforms...how's a guy supposed to study!


Topic. I feel like the girls’ uniforms are extremely slutty, especially here in Montreal and Canada in general. Just today, I saw about 5 HS girls who looked more like pornstars than HS girls on the metro, complete with stockings, high heels, tight shirts and skimpy skirts.

I mean, hey i’m cool with it but how do these high school guys manage to get any work done in class?

Hell, apparently, in Toronto, police is advising HS girls not to wear their uniforms in the metro. That’s pretty hardcore.

Also, http://blog.asiantown.net/-/9396/japanese-school-girl-uniforms-or-slut-uniforms-.aspx.

Unrelated but I wonder who takes these types of pictures.

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I’m just going to wait for Million to analyze the pics you posted with regards to his upskirt fetish…


When I went to HS girls weren’t allowed to wear skirts :frowning:


Why didn’t I go to a HS that had uniforms… lemme tell you I would got some *work *done in class.


Same here. At my HS girls couldn’t wear shorts that were 4" above their knees. Tall girls were screwed.

That said, if I went to a Japanese school, I totally wouldn’t have gotten anything done… except the female students, that is*. >.>

(*Yes, I know it’s wishful thinking. Yes, I know I’m sad. Yes, I need a girlfriend, etc etc etc…)


I feel your pain. I only discovered the school girl skirt a year ago when I moved to Canada. One of man’s best inventions in all honesty.


Ya I remember being floored by how slutty Japanese school girls looked. Would have stared hard if I wasn’t with my girlfriend at the time


easiest way to find schoolgirl outfits less erotic is to wear one yourself




I heard jap skirts are actually really long, and girls just like to roll it up to look sluttier.


I noticed none of those pics show them in or around school grounds. It could been altering the length when not in school.


Actually, he is.

That they do, and I love them for it. The legal ones, that is.


this is a great distraction from finals.

scrolls through pics of schoolgirls


Back to work!


I just impregnated all of them. ALL of them! :tup:

In North Dallas there’s a bunch of snooty private schools and all the girls wear them short skirt outfits. I had a job out there and I’d always be driving by as school was letting out. Had a boner the whole way to work.

LOL If I was still driving that way now (I’m 32 now, that was back when I had just graduated HS) I’d probably have Cris Hanson checking on me at every intersection. :rofl:


Stereotypical African-American individual, your recent mannerisms and habits have caused me to call into question your sexual orientation.


Daaaamn sooon. Why wasn’t I born in Japan?


I’m into girls and asian dickgirls(read: kayo police). Is that okay doc?


I went to a school with uniforms where they made sure the girls wore them properly (catholic school for those who need to know). Shit wasn’t sexy at all. It was just that uniform that you saw the girls in every day. Now the few casual days that we did get and girls came in jeans…well…those were the fun days for us.


Depends on who you ask…
Most will say you’re gay as hell for being into that newhalf shit.


if you ask me its all good!


If any of them really gave a damn, the parents or local governing body would’ve pressured the schools to switch to pants.