Female Top Players?

I mean, don’t get me wrong, player skill should always come first and foremost over gender or race or any b.s. like that but amongst the supposed top ranking players ( i.e. Daigo, JWong, etc. ), where are the females at? I mean, I remember around when MvC2 first dropped I saw this one tourney where this Japanese chick was killing sh!t with Strider, and I actually got put into the loser bracket in this one tourney way, way back in TTT by a black woman in her 30’s who was using King / Armour King ( it was sick, I tell you, SICK…plus I kinda sucked at TTT at the time, my Jin / Kazuya was not hittin’ at all ), but there doesn’t seem to be a consistent top ranking female out there, am I wrong on this?

Girls dont play fighting games.


During Asolution one of the Japanese players that came over was Riri, and her Yang in 3s was insane. Not sure other than that.

Most girls just aren’t particularly great at anything. You can count the great females in any field or profession on one hand usually. Fighting games are no different. The real problem is that there aren’t really many girls in the lower levels either…atleast in sports there are. I guess a good idea might be to make a female only tournament, atleast until they have the confidence to compete more with the guys. Haha, we knock Empire but, this is actually something I see TFGM being able to organize. It still won’t matter much to me, but it would probably be a cool thing to do.

At the SBO2 GGXX#R tournament, a female I-No player, KYO, beat all of Daigo Umehara’s team, including Daigo himself. Just a rare example.

Well there’s Yukino (WHICH I still haven’t seen a picture of her…)

MY GIRLFRIEND PLAYS FIGHTIN GAMES WITH ME, AND SHE KICKS MY ASS…muhahahaha lol :badboy: :rolleyes: :karate: :pleased:

Yep. And it’s not being sexist or anything either. It’s just that their nature is more socialable than guys. If you ever find a girl who plays fighting games, odds are she’s just playing them as a means to make friends or hang out with friends. Guys are much less socialable and more competitive, and so they mostly play games as a means to get better and win against other people, rather than making friends. Although both things happen in both cases (both girls and guys get better at the game AND make friends), the reason why they are playing the game in the first place explains why guys are always on the top.

truth… they are too busy making babies, and getting me beers while i play.

Is Yukino that Bridget player I have heard about?

That would be Yukinoze.

Then you are deprived. I’ve started to notice an increase in female gamers particularly around the 3D games.

This is true, I know a pretty sick Ivy / Voldo player who’s female and I think she’s messing with T5 now…

that’s not true my ex used to play cvs2 with me. (She was desent)

ryu shinnosuke and her sister are top players in hawaii … they are sick at mvc2 :tup:

When I was in Japan about 2/3 of the people playing Guilty Gear were schoolgirls. At least they dressed like schoolgirls, who knows over there…but is all likelihood they were at least female.

Japanese schoolgirls who play GG? Well, that pretty much settles it. packs up and moves to Japan

Empire Arcadia actually sports a few girls/women who are very good at fighting games. Naomi was a bad ass Tekken 5 player with a great Anna holding her own over the weekend of T6. The other girl I saw playing was Q, holding it down with Storm/Cable/Capcom. She still needed work but she was far better than probably half the players who participated over the T6 weekend and I was very impressed. Girls shouldn’t be ruled out as game players based on their gender. I’m sure if girls had the same inclination towards fighting games as guys do, they’d be just as good as any of us if not better.

I seen this one girl play MVC2 in my area, she was playing MSP and she was doing some advanced Psylocke aircombos(something I never see in my area).

I have a friend that’s a girl and she plays T5, SC2, 3rd Strike, and CvS2 religously, she goes to Evo2k in T5, and I think she’s also going in GGx2