Femle Verison on Ken?


This have been bugging me for years. Why hasn’t Capcom made a female verison of Ken, we all know that Sakura is the female verison of Ryu, but why the hell dose Ken get the short end on the stick. Maby the female verison of Ken should have fastesr spin kicks(Than Ken), and a Flameing running upper cut. Just saying a female verison of Ken is much over due.:tup:


I thought Karin was the female Ken…


I said the same thing but Karin in Alpha 3 was not up to par with Sakura. I love Karin great Charater but she dosen’t do it for me not a good verson of a female Ken to me.


Because he’s already busy with Sean.


are you serious?
i beat any sakura with karin in a3…shes so fun to play with and she got some nice combos

karin is rich and a blonde just like ken. Oo and she is also a rival to sakura.


Training Sean but look at Sakura. Ryu never trained her she learned by looking at ryu fight. Could have been the same was for the female Ken. Who know just would be nice to have a female version on Ken. And I know people say Karin for Alpha series but to me Karin was a female verison, of E.Honda.


ken is the female version of ryu :confused:


O trust me I can to but Sakura have the Hado Power Karin dosen’t. Karin for me was a quick way to beat Shin Akuma in A3


Why do you need the female version? Just come to terms with your homosexuality and jerk it off to Ken already. You know you want to.


Lol @ “Hado Power”


Well I don’t use Ken I was Sagat (Go Figure). I was just posting so see what The Street Fighter Community would have to say. Not get a grupy bitch like you who can beat Shoryuken online in SF4. :tdown:


why is there no male version of chun? and why isnt the summer hotter? why does lemonade taste like water? why this thread? thats another, question you shouldnt bother. and bla bla bla preach on brtoha.


Ok let see lets try the Thread is in a General Fighting Game Discussion That’s why Read before you try to insult some on you Shit


if everybody else had the same dumb idea you had wed have too many damn threads about nothing but BS. you aint aidding shit son, so let it go. why is there no skinny version of zangief. why not make a thread about that.







Last I checked is a fucking Internet forum and you can do what the fuck you want. So fuck you and have a nice day. No offence to any one but I could give a fuck what any body else post. If I see a post and I like it I reply, if I see one I don’t I reply to the post not the person who posted it. I give Honest Feed back, that’s all I wanted in this post not you fucking Internet Gangster who see a post you don’t like and just start talking shit to me.




Hey all the rules suddenly disappeared!


Oh shit, this is going to end well.



That’s another way of putting it. I forgot that SvC Chaos had these Midnight Bliss sprites for each character.

Looks like the OP just activated his rage gauge.