Femme Fatale stick available @ MadCatz now

I saw it posted online it wouldn’t be available till the 4th of September but just thought I’d let anyone who cares know that is available now…


LOL I can’t believe they did that.

I swear I’ve seen a template like that on this forum before.

Yeah they already have a thread about this but they didnt say the that it was on sale right now

Right, this was just to let people know it was actually on sale today since it has been saying the 4th…

It’s no longer available on the site though, now it asks for your email to let you know when it is available. I ordered one then cancelled it after reading the thread here about it. If they are going to put out TE stick “packs” I’ll wait for something not purple :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s not on sale today!

You have to read a bit more carefully…

It does not go on sale until Friday the 4th.

They just put the listing up with the photo of the stick. There’s no option to actually buy it now.

I bought one this morning, then I cancelled the order. You need to read more carefully. I just said it in the post before that I bought one and then cancelled. Why would I say it was on sale today if I wasn’t able to buy one?

You shouldn’t have been able to buy it.

They have been saying that the PAX TE sticks aren’t on sale until September 4th.

I didn’t see a sale/order link anywhere on the pages that I visited.

Anyhow, it’s a moot point. You cancelled the order… More important things to worry about. I don’t want to get into a fight over something like this.

You agree?

(I hope.) :wgrin:

I agree but yes, they did take down the link.

Just curious- why did you cancel it? And what do you mean about “TE stick packs”? Are you talking about “pax”? Where they are sellign the same stick in person… idk, but would have been interesting to know if they would have honored those sales from mistakenly putting it up. Hopefully I get in on one of these, I don’t care about the stock art cuz I wouldn’t keep stock art on any stick- I just like the fact that the base is white, and I don’t want to pay 200+ for a comic-con stick just to get that…

Crap, I’m trying to order one but firefox says the site security isn’t safe, invalid certificate or something…anyone else get this?

I got that message on my iPhone, but then did it on my laptop and didn’t get the warning.

Just placed an order for the LE Femme Fatale PS3 stick…

Probably ship middle of next week because of the extended holiday.

I suspect they’ll be out of the sticks by middle of tomorrow.

I don’t think the PS3 supply will last through Sunday.

my 360 stick is ordered, man that was easy

so tempted to get a ps3 one

If you want an all white te I would pick one up. Seems like all the other versions are going to be all black. It would be cheaper than getting the comic con one.

PS3 version seems to be sold out! Glad I ordered one.

Edit: Looks like it’s back in stock. (1pm PST)

the only other option for all white is to wait for the play-asia sticks with the generic art. I think they’re supposed to be up toward the end of the year, but I had no patience to wait, haha.

less work. Have you ever painted the full TE case? All those little screws and masking the cord etc is just annoying. I’ll pay an extra 20-30 bucks for one of these to get factory white and avoid all that work…but I wouldn’t pay the extra 80-100 for a comic-con stick…

I just had that thought, thats why I deleted the post. Painting it can be a pain in the ass. Vinyl dye is easy, but no way you’re going to vinyl dye black to white, you’d have to go through a few steps to get it done.

Did PA post a price for the Asian sticks? Also have to remember how much their shipping is. Probably going to end up being around $200 at least.