Femme Fatale TE Stick Xbox360 & Playstation 3 Complete. Interest Check

Hey all,
I have a Native Xbox360 Femme Fatale TE stick Dual Modded with a chimp. It is compatible with both Xbox360 and PS3. There are no switches or anything. For PS3 it is just plug and play and you are all set. It is complete with box and foam inserts. The joystick and buttons are in great condition, not worn. The stick itself has minor wear just from traveling from tournaments and such. The box is in great condition. $275 Shipped OBO. I am starting on the higher end but will consider all offers. I also would consider a trade involving a Chun TE (360). Thank you




Sorry dude but as per the rules, you have to post a price:

"Do not post “I want to see how much its worth” or “you make me an offer”. If you don’t know, put a ball park range and also say “Not sure how much its worth so if its too high, post your offers”.

Please post a price or I’ll simply close this thread.

You got it Valaris. It’s your world man, we are just living in it. =)

interested. pm’d.

thats a nice looking stick!

I have a chun for trade, I can dual mod as well

Responded to Pm’s.

Price Drop.

payment sent.