Fending off ghosts: The Pac-Man Combo thread



Again, shit title.

Once I get the game (and pac-man) I’ll update this thread, but I will constantly update with combos that people suggest

Meterless Combos


1 Bar Combos


Two-bar Combos


Full Bar combos


Combos into tag / tag super


Infinite meter combos (pandora)



So uhm… just gonna ask about all them thar combos that arn’t around?

Later tonight i can throw some up here if there’s nothing by then


Thread not updated yet? Phooey.

I was hoping to get around to getting better with this character. It’d be pretty awesome to kick ass with him.


I don’t have a ps3 nor do i have the money for the dlc. If I did i would be updating this daily. Once it comes out on xbox i will


Ah, I didn’t know what system you owned it for.