Feng Thread

Notable players to watch on youtube: Hao.
Some important moves to know:
His crouching dash is extremely important and gives him access to many great moves. His movement in neutral is qcf~u~qcf~u.

Will take some practice to do consistently but it’s his main get-in tool. It rushes forward very fast and is only -1 on block. You can either start offense after that, or keep them honest with the 2nd hit of the string (ws+1,2)

The 1st 4 hits of his 10 string. It starts off with a standing jab (f+1) which leaves you at +1 on block and thus good for pressure. What happens when they don’t respect the jab? You do the full string. the 2nd punch hits them CH, the 3rd punch whiffs, and then you can raise them into a juggle. On block, f+1,1,2 is very safe vs many characters, and you can always add more hits of the string to force them to do more guessing on when to punish.

0 on block which is good for a d/f+1, but at the price of having very small range.

The shoulder. Still one of the best whiff punishers in the game.

10 frame speed, -10 on block. A yomi based tool, meant to be used sparingly. If you catch a counter hit, you get a free dash in b+1+2 and it hurts.

An amazing low. Does great damage, cannot be low parried, crushes highs, on counter hit gives this weird flip. The only problem is that it’s slow so you need to hide it inside your qcf game.

On block f+2,1 is safe. On hit what happens is this: f+1 on counter hit connects to the 2nd hit, and the 2nd hit on regular hit connects to the 3rd hit. So either you f+2,1 in their face or do it from afar, hoping that they are waiting for a whiff and while trying to punish the 1st thing they see, they get hit by the 2nd hit. In both cases you hit confirm the 2nd hit into the 3rd hit. Also good if you expect tagging.

A great side movement catching 12 frame poke.

A matchup dependent low. If the opponent character ws launcher is more than 15 frame and his best punisher below that is a mere ws+4, then d/b+3 is a great move. Otherwise, not so much.

It’s a ws+4, good but nothing special. You can do it from qcf.

his ws launcher.

15 frames, has short range, but safe on block. On hit you get a combo of d+4 1+2 which is cute. On counter hit you get more.

This may sound a little weird- This move is safer on whiff then on block. What you do is you only whiff is from afar, where it’s kinda hard to punish. If the opponent was dashing in to attack you, you got a juggle on him. 2~1 into tag assault IIRC.

Use in the same way as the above. After it hits you get backturned 3->d+3+4 I think. If it whiffs you just continue holding back (or even d/b!) to turn around again.

A mid that’s +3 on block. :slight_smile:

b+3+4 and f+3+4
Not very good on their own, but because of the auto blocking property, they are used to make tagging in safer by canceling the running-in animation.

Great tag punisher. When you think the opponent is going to tag, do f+3. If he didn’t, it’s safe on block. If you see he did, add the 2nd hit and launch the incoming character.

When you need a high risk, high reward mixup tool. Mix with ss~d/f+3.(which is safe on block)

i heard feng is looking good in this version. whats upped his game since T6 if you don’t mind me asking?

Thanks for this info im maining Feng and law. So this will help me figure what to do with feng.

I don’t know him in T6. I just learned this version’s Feng combined with what I know from 5/DR that’s still relevant.

the only real info i got(TZ) was that he just has so many options for launchers than most.

Both his u/f+4 and ws+3 have bad range, also his juggles are weaker than normal. He isn’t a character that looks for launchers at all.

hmmm… must of received some bad Intel i suppose

Added f+3,4.

Does anybody have a video or gif of what this should look like? I’ve been playing Tekken all my life, but decided to get deeper into it with this game. I know it means quarter circle forward instant while standing 1, but I keep getting his shoulder thrust low.

Any tips on the timing?

i seen the japanese player Yuu do it more frequent then other feng players. there is this set of videos but i dont have the time to pinpoint sorry.
a great way to do a iws is to do a qcb. so the input should look like qcf(animation of his stance)then qcb+1 which is a left jab. it just takes practice.

Anyone know some good Feng combos, especially without Tag Assault? The one I use mostly is uf+4; df+1; f4,3; f3,4; db+3 (At work right now, so I might be a little mistaken. It’s one of the default combos in Feng’s command list).

d, d/f, n + 1

Do not get to f.

Fuck yeah!
Took much training, but I finally got it down. Thanks man.

However I don’t understand what you mean by this

What exactly should I be doing? Am I tagging Feng out with this move or am I doing it when I tag him in?

My Feng has greatly improved thanks to this thread. No more UF+4+Please God let this hit spam from me.

When you tag in you can’t block but you can use moves, so those stances are moves that enable feng to block earlier than usual, since they have auto-blocking.

I think I’m getting it now. I’m not able to cancel his running animation right? I’m just doing it the moment I come in?

Instead of doing the db+3, I do b+1+2. It does a bit more damage. You just have to take a good step forward after the f+3, 4’s bound.

how do you do qcf~iws+1? i havent gotten it once. i try to press 1 late or early and it doesnt work. please help!

It isn’t the right way, but it’s an easy way: Basically, when I feel my d, df, n + 1 isn’t up to scratch, I instead do d, df, b + 1 and it does it every time. It lets you do it a lot faster and easier, while also letting you block if shit goes haywire in the same motion.

Bumping this because I have been playing quite a bit of Feng lately, and I want to bring out the best in the guy. I’m a relative newbie to Tekken, and Feng seems like he’s got a lot of solid tools that fit me like a glove. What’s the current State of the Feng?

I find myself wanting to find ways to bait my opponents into running into his 3,3,4. Damage into back stance for fun trickytimes. Also, DAT SHOULDER.

Do you know the Tekken player named Aris? He has recorded a very good Feng Wei tutorial and it’s on Youtube. The tutorial is over 3(!) hours long because he recorded it live on the stream. I still haven’t finished watching Part 3, but it has a LOT of info on how to play better as Feng Wei.

I’ll link you part 1: