Feng's super concept

This picture illustrates an idea I had for One of Feng’s super moves. This move takes advantage of both birds/Phoenix things, it’ll probably be a level 2 or 3 super and enhances all of her normals and specials for a period of 20-25 seconds (unless that’s too long).

Above is an illustration of how the start up animation could look. I’ll describe what’s happening in each image below.

  1. This is just part of the idle animation (I know it looks very boring)
  2. This is near the start of the super animation, she removes the birds from her hair and takes a stance ready to combine them (I didn’t know much about the birds but I’m assuming the have ghost like properties, so forgive me for inaccuracies)
  3. The two birds are combined and released from their bird forms (yet again I’m assuming a lot here)
  4. The two entities are separated again resembling ectoplasm or some thing
  5. This is the result of the super, basically they orbit in a clockwise direction. If the player remains still it will continue spinning till the 10 seconds are over

When activated both Phoenix orbit the user, depending on which Phoenix is directly in front of feng her immediate attack will be filled with its power. Regardless of which Phoenix is used however, they both extent the range of her moves (similar to lucario in SSBB when he receives more damage) as well as changing the properties of certain moves ie some moves causing stagger stages that couldn’t before. I am assuming that her attacks take a while to come out so that the extra range isn’t abused.

Outside of the range increase the Black and the White Phoenix have very different properties when used in moves. To aid in this demonstration below is a special move performed without activating the super (I tried basing it off of makoto’s bullet punch move, yeah it’s not perfect)

When performing the same move with the white Phoenix directly in front of her, it grants her the ability to regain a little more health with every strike. The damage dealt by the move stays the same. Illustration below.

Now performing the same move with the black Phoenix, it grants more damage than normal at the cost of recoil damage. Illustration below

Performing either of these will not stop the other Phoenix from orbiting, so mashing buttons to get the same ability again quickly will not be easy. Rather combos require timing to maximise damage or to recover the max amount of health. I don’t know what kind of character she would be so in game these ideas might not work well.

Below is an image of the wheel that spins behind her.

One last detail, when the super is activated and she is swapped to another character the effects remain and when feng is called as an assist the ability still enhances her attacks. However since the wheel still turns even when the character is off screen it’s hard to tell if the attack is amplified with the black or white Phoenix power, this mean if you are low on HP mashing the assist could kill you as the effect of the Phoenix is passed onto the active character

Phew that was a lot of work putting this together, all of this was done on an iPad (even drawings). Any way I hope something like this creates more interest in the character when it comes time to vote.

EDIT: I have change a few details, and beefed up the move a bit

I like the whole Ying/Yang thing and I applaud your effort.

Should a Lvl 3 really have that kind of drawback? Look at Cerebella’s Diamond Destroyer (that’s what I call it ;3), it wipes more than half your life off. 3 gauge for a 10 second boost is really, REALLY stingy.

In-game, she’s supposed to play like a mix of characters, perhaps most notably, Makoto and Adon. Other’s named included Psylocke (I assume for her teleports, perhaps for her butterfly storm and dagger punches) and Shanoa’s Magnes (her ability to use a magnetic “chain” to stay afloat) and straight ahead “homing cancels”, like arcana heart 3. I’m guessing she’s a all-over-the-place, in-your-face kind of rushdown character.

(Btw ppl, vote Feng, or else…)

Yeah my knowledge on fighting games is pretty low, I was trying to go for something that would be a gamble but ultimately I’ve played it too safe.

Those examples seem pretty cool to me, but I’m not sure if my concept would fit a faster character. Oh well I guess 3 days work will count to experience instead.

I’ll edit my idea so it works a bit better

Impossible is nothing. Remember: makoto isn’t a super fast character either. At first I thought “life gain, isn’t that something you’d expect on a heavier character?” but if you take eastern philosophies into account (reiki and all that), then the transfer of life energy doesn’t sound that out of place.

Impossible is nothing. Remember: makoto isn’t a super fast character either. At first I thought “life gain, isn’t that something you’d expect on a heavier character?” but if you take eastern philosophies into account (reiki and all that), then the transfer of life energy doesn’t sound that out of place.

Why is she throwing a sperm?

Lol, didn’t notice that. Maybe I should change it when I have the time.

Lol, where’s your mind taking ya Lou???
@wyvern: maybe making it a bit less liquid and a bit more ethereal/gaseous/flaming?

if you wanted to make this level 3 super less self-destructive, as a proposal, you could have all her heavy attacks become the life draining moves while her light and medium attacks will become the life giving. i thought this might work because in most combos in fighting games they usually begin with light and medium attacks and end with heavy and special attacks. so even if feng loses some life at the end of a combo, her light, medium, and heavy attacks could probably just end up balancing each other out to a point that if she did a successful combo her life does really change that much, but the opponent suffers greatly from it. but this is just me throwing out a random idea :slight_smile:

She should have a custom super against Bella and it should look like this:


Not sure what to say about that, it’s probably the weirdest game I’ve ever seen.

Anyway I tried making the main picture less suggestive. But I guess some people will still find something to nitpick however.

Dude, whatisthisidonteven…

Feng =/= Venus or D. Violet.

Yeah that’s the only reason people remember World Heroes.

Johnny Maximum bro!

Off course, the fact alone that this was posted in a forum by a fan most likely means that it’ll never be used in game for legal reasons.

@D3v I had the same thought actually before posting the topic.

Kinda hoping at the most it would promote talks about similar mechanics maybe, or just generate more interest in the character.

IMO of all the characters feng and panzerfaust have greatest potential, I just want one of em to make it in the game.

I was planning to do one of these for Panzerfaust too, but not sure if its worth the time again judging from the response to this topic already (not that I expected a ton of people mind you, but this topic sure derailed a bit) .

If anyone is interested what my concept for Panzerfaust’s super would be, then i’ll describe it here.

First though I’d tweak the firing mechanic so that when he fired a shot from his tank for anything it would overheat, a successive shot during this state causes the tank to explode dealing a lot of damage to himself and anyone in the area. Firing any shots though uses meter, and after the explosion there is a cool down period before being able to fire again.

Firing the tank cannon normally after certian moves would extent them as you would expect. Using the overheated state would seem like a disadvantage, however there would be a number of interesting uses for it. For example you could go in for a grab the cancel mid animation with an explosion setting up scenarios for follow up combos.

Anyway for the super it self it wouldn’t be that crazy, it would be a staged super grab. Meaning Using the tank cannon would extent the super at the cost of more meter usage. In my mind it would look kinda like that spinning throw thing t.hawk does. After slamming the foe to the ground tapping the fire button once crushes the enemy a little more, pressing it again quickly causes and explosion that knocks back panzerfaust and sends the opponent flying.

I also drew this guy too in the past here’s a link http://wyvernsmasher.deviantart.com/art/Tank-Fist-Guy-278699362

Anyway sorry for how long this post got.

Have you ever played 3s? Makoto is one of the fastest characters in the game. I hope they bring in Feng.

No. He’s the reason people remember that World Heroes got a sequel.