Fertilizer Plant Explosion Near Waco, Texas




That kid freaking out is so unsettling.

Estimates of the number dead seem to be all over the place, last night I’d seen up to 60. Now they’re saying 5-15 seemingly first responders and nursing home residents :frowning: .

This week is fucking nuts man

It’s all part of their plan. That explosion was likely a missile attack.

I wasn’t expecting that explosion. I thought this was just a vid of the aftermath.

More likely, you are a retard.

Anyway, poor kid.

I live a couple hours away, crazy

and poor kid my ass, dumbass wanted to sit there and record a plant burning.

Also, I havent been able to find anything about firefighters or were the ones that died the firefighters?

As terrible as it is, it did make me laugh.

(In a good way, not in a mean or heartless way).

The kid wasn’t the one driving or recording.

How is there a good way to laugh at this?

I’m trying how this happened. Apparently this happened at the storage tanks carying anhydrous ammonia. The tanks might have 12000 USgallons in capacity.

Sucks, I hear that people are missing from the explosion. McAllen seems to be in serious damage. Trying to get in contact with buddies in that area, nothing.

You’re a part of their plan.

Are you blind, deaf or dumb?

I’d expect the firefighters would have known about the ammonia tanks and the dangers related to them, but yeah, that stuff is mad dangerous in a fire.

I was always fascinated by potassium reacting to water in high school. I was like, how does something burn when immersed in water?

kid was callin herelf daddy? shut the fuck up

I saw some of the town’s photos… That town resembled Baghdad after a firefight or something.

The speed of the explosion was utterly mindblowing! I literally jumped a little when I first saw it. It traveled almost faster than my brain could even react, even though the distance looked pretty safe at first. Gives me a lot more perspective on the nature of explosions from ground level.

According to reporters - i.e., allegedly, supposedly, possibly true - the plant was last inspected in 1985. I’m probably heavily politicizing these deaths by daring to say that if this is true, it almost makes it seem that federal agencies that inspect places like this should have more resources to do so. But it’s too soon for such thoughts and in a week it will be ancient history, so everything is right in the world. Plus there’s always the technicality that it was inspected just last week by an efficient private firm, so I’m feeling more and more silly by the minute.