**FES SFIV Tournament!** - Miami Dade College Kendall Campus, Miami FL 3/27/09

**The Florida Engineering Society is hosting a Street Fighter 4 Tournament

Proceeds go to the American Cancer Society**

Flier: http://img10.imageshack.us/img10/761/tournamenth.jpg

Date and Time: Friday March 27th,2009 6:00pm

Location: Miami Dade College Kendall Campus Building: 6 Third Floor Room:6302
11011 SW 104th St, Miami, FL?
Map Quest: http://tinyurl.com/cc3ulo
Campus Map: http://www.mdc.edu/kendall/map.asp

Entry fee: $5.00

1st place: $20 gift card to Best buy
2nd place $15 gift card to best buy
3rd place $10 gift card to Best buy

Contact Info: Israel - 786-291-1239 email: ibanezi@bellsouth.net

Console: Xbox 360


*Best out of 3 rounds(first to 2) out of one 1 match
*Double elimination.
*Winner of losers bracket must beat winner of winners bracket twice to win 1st.
*All characters welcome.

If you are a joystick player please bring it in because there will not be any joysticks there from the host to use. So BYOS if you wanna play on a stick! We will have regular wired 360 controllers though.

Any questions or comments feel free, I shall respond here.

…5 dollar entree fee but no cash prize…

Gift cards… just as good as cash… also charity… I do not plan on recouping my loses on the gift card either. 100% goes to American Cancer Society.

Oh one more thing. I know it says 6 PM but it liekly will not begin at that time. I know people have work and the like. I will have everything set up and ready to go by 5 PM so if you want to come early and just play that would be fine. To give people getting out of work time, the tournament itself likely will not start till like 6:30-7PM. If you are running late free to call me that way I know you are on the way, could even add your name to the bracket that way.

peter, i know it’s hard to understand the concept of playing a game for the purpose of someone other than you obtaining some form of money, but god damn. :stuck_out_tongue:

anyway: $20 at best buy isn’t all that bad. i might show up to this. i’ll give you a ring if anything, lococubano.

Alright man. Tell your friends about it as well.

Count me in for this, i just gotta remember to write down the address so i can gps it. ^.^

Question: Where’s building 6 on that campus map?

6000/F building

I just shook my head on that one :sad:

Too bad you didn’t do it in north campus…I got chemistry on saturdays lol.Nonetheless, I’ll be there.
Edit: 27th is friday

P.S Suave, thanks for the forward.

Well our group the Florida Engineering Society is at Kendall so that is why ti is be9ign done there. Kendall is also the largest campus student wise.

Oh one more thing.

That day is also Relay for Life. there will be food, live music,a nd other stuff. Its happening on the track. The event is from 12 PM - 12AM. From 12 PM - 5 PM I will be on the track and my Xbox 360 and a Wii will be connected to a windscreen tv out there with SFIV and Smash Bros Brawl. You are wlecome to go to that event if you are able, its all for the American Cancer Society.

At 5PM I will take my 360 and head for the room where the tournament will be. Tournament will begin sometime after 6 PM. As I said if you are running late and on the way let me know so I delay the start of the tournament.

Once the tournament is over I will head back out to the track, anyone that wishes is welcome to come along. Like I said there will be live music and food and other things.


Will there be a joystick?

Edit: Just learned to read. Guess I wont go.

I LOL’ed. I think I might go to this then maybe ZP later on that night. I miss Cakes like Andrew misses Nathan.

Edit: Just saw the time so I cant make it in time for the tourney. Cakes are you going to ZP tonight?

You can bring your own? I know of one guy that is bringing his. I am sure others will as well, they did last time.

And remember… sharing is caring. :cool:

Damn you Rick.

I don’t want to go and hope someone brings a stick. I don’t have a stick for 360.

ugh I didn’t realize how far south this place was, probably not gonna go.

The winner was Julio D. Undefeated the entire tournament. We had great turnout. Relay for Life had great turn out. You guys are awesome that showed up. Thanks!

Good games to all that attended

Man, this was a pretty fun tournament. A lot of faces I haven’t seen in AGES. Good to see you dudes. Razcal is my hero.

The Ryu player won, huh? He upheld his end of the bargain. :slight_smile:

Good shit to everyone that showed up, btw. Was much better in terms of entries than I thought there would be. Nice people altogether.