Few chun-li questions would be great if someone could answer them =)

Okay well I’ve recently picked up chun-li and I have a few questions

  1. whats the frame data on the legs if you mash on them? (if they arent the same) reason I asked is because I remember seeing low fierce, legs, low fierce, legs, low fierce, legs combo once on Abel and I am interested in using that I am not sure if it was Vanilla or Super also

  2. the meaty d/f RH does that work on everyone as a mix up or does it wiff on some characters if it hits in the front? I’ve been missing it a lot lately and I am not sure if its character specific or just my timing.

  3. anyone else have that stupid glitch with c.lk, clk missing when your point blank happen to them? that happens to me like once a match literally its pretty dumb

Thanks in advance

  1. You start with any strength legs, then you mash MK legs. Mashed MK legs gives you +7 and adds 1 more hit to scaling.

  2. I think it’s easier on bigger/slower chars like Sagat. It could be a combination of both + people walking into it even though you badly timed it. Might help your timing if you record the training dummy to walk away from your meaty d/f rh and see how much you miss.

  3. It happens vs Bison and I think vs Zangief after you jump in. Cr. LK Cr. LP Cr. LK fixes that against Bison (and if you are doing that, you might as well learn cr. lk cr. lp cr. mk which will also allow you to connect ex legs on crouching Blanka).

I’m surprised that you’re asking us because I think you’re an amazing player.

lol thanks I’m also a lazy player aswell so it doesnt hurt to ask lol

thanks for the info

Well just started with Chun myself and while I have yet to even begin to get her down I do know Bison fairly well.

Every once in a while the second cr.lk will whiff on him. I have no idea what the situation is that causes it is * I have seen a Chun try and cr.lk, cr.lk on me and second whiffs for some reason* but considering I was fighting against chun at the time its error in my favor.

Even so might be something to keep in mind, I know i will since I have been on both sides of the fence as far as that.

Oh man I got a ton of work to do with her lol.

From SF4 vanilla

I suspect capcom has change some things in SSF4. Perhaps the recovery is shorter by one frame

Other thing i see is you can mash twice after lk legs

About C.LK, C.LK XX EX Legs, I’ve heard several people suggest that you don’t use that as your go-to combo. Instead, try to substitute some form of (C.LK/C.LP), (C.LK/C.LP), (C.LP/S.LP) > S.HP instead (whenever possible) to save meter. C.LK, C.LP > C.MK xx EX Legs is also crucial vs Blanka, so you might as well learn it for other characters if you’re finding that C.LK, C.LK is whiffing.

Personally, I’m pretty bad, so any time something whiffs unexpectedly, I just assume it’s my own fault. So I can’t really remark on why certain things sometimes whiff when they shouldn’t.

I’ve seen the cr.LK x2 whiff versus Bison. I have no idea why it happens - when it has happened to me, Bison was standing, not sure about everyone else’s experience.

That’s never happened to me. Shit like that only tends to occur against Blanka.

It happens if you do the first c.lk point blank, the second will wiff.

Bisons hitbox makes me want to rage anyway

hey im a bison mainer too, and we have the same problems. against balrog our bnb (cr. jab-s.jab-cr.short/forward xx short scissors)misses alot. everytime i do it the short misses, the forward hits most of the time but its best to do short because alot of time we get far s.jab instead of close s.jab which makes the link a 1 framer for the cr.forward. Instead what i get is 3 or 4 mashed jabs because of rog’s stupid ass hitbox.

The Bison thing only happens when they’re standing. So if you jump in and catch them crouching, you can connect the shorts. Great glitch if you’re playing Bison, but annoying when fighting against them.

cr jab, st short, cr fwd solves this.

The meaty d/f roundhouse will techinally work on everyone but you might have more problems with characters that have a smaller hit box like Blanka ( I hate blanka) that mofo gets away with murder. I don’t do it much to be sure due to the fact that 90% of my fights are with shotos with itchy DP fingers.

the bison thing is a spacing issue, if hes standing I usually throw a cr jab at the beginning to give the correct spacing for both cr lk to connect.

As was said before, cr lk, cr lp, cr mk for blanka, that green bastard…

Also, GGs Flash I played you a few days ago on XBL