Few Gief questions - Stringing combos

I have two questions about jump in knee to c. lk x3 then to the ex greenhand

  1. How do you guys time the lks? mine dont string up very often and I have yet to find a method of timing it.
  2. On a TE stick, what motion should i use after the third lk to execute the ex greenhand? I cant seem to pull that out.

plus what motion do you guys think is easiest to pull off green hand?

  1. It’s all about practice, it takes a while but once you get the beat down it gets easier


Get a metronome if you’re really having trouble

  1. There are two easy ways i know of to do EXGH from crouch.

Both ways you start with :df: as you’re doing the last cr.lk then you can either go :d::db::d::df: (spamming left to right while holding down) or do :d::r: (the reverse of an SRK input)

haha a metronome XD ill find an online metronome

and what do you mean when you say " (spamming left to right while holding down)"


Why don’t you try it before you ask?

What he meant was hold :df: and move your stick left and right to execute the dp motion to do the ex-palm after your cr. lk