Few Makoto Questions

First of all, i never use mk for some reason… crouching, i have no idea, what can i use it for? just safety?

Looks like just one question with 3 quesiton marks :sweat:
Can use it to link super and I believe it’s involved in several karakara setups. It’s also arguably her best poke. The nice thing is the frame advantage on hit or block, which you can use to dash in or just setup up a situation where they expect you to dash and then counter their counter.

It’s also an overall fast move which you could use to entice already jumpy players to jump even more to try and avoid it. Letting you EX Fukiage. Works ok against Dudley and Alex since their varying depth of jumpins is one of their best ways of getting in. I’m gonna try and find that match of KO’s where he does this agaisnt KSK.

Hey you guys know Forward+HP? This move has some impressive range, I have yet to work it into my game, though. I’ve seen it used against quickrolling opponents but I’d rather get in their face and start attacking rather than just poke them.

How do you use it?

I LIKE to use it the first thing start of the match, just for the fun of it, unless they have meter:sweat:

i actually use f+hp somewhat often, maybe 3 times in a round… its got good range, and since she retracts its really tough to punish. and when it hits, you get some godlike dmg.

that’s the only way i use it, it’s the same idea as ken’s s.rh when someone is quick rising.

ninjaedit: it’s also a decent poke.

i use it as a surprise, sparangly to stop them from meter building at (what they think is) a safe distance.

I never use this move either…I think it’s horrible but many other people will tell you otherwise. Meh whatever, the only time I hit that button is if I’m jumping. The only time I would ever use it is after this really corny setup off a throw which I learned from a buddy but I have yet to do it because nobody ever gets in the right position for it. Plus it’s parryable high and low so that’s another reason I never use it.

i usse f+Hp against Chun after a long range c. Mk or after a s. Hp. ^^U

I’m trying to get down Makoto’s Hayate > SAI Link and i’m having some issues. I’m doing it like 1/4. I’m doing the piano method on my stick, but the issue really is I’m not exactly sure where the hayate ends i guess. I just buffer the QCF, QCF than look till i see her hands pull back than strum, but that isn’t working consistantly.
Are there any indicators to help me get this down before it becomes muscle memory?

forward MK has good range, and can give u good space if u do it when someone jumps toward u

you combo it after the hayate, and it’s a link, not a cancel in case you were wondering. it just takes practice, it’s kinda hard at first but once you nail it a few times, you’ll get it consistently.