Few Mistakes in Double Elimination Format


I think Double Elimination is the best way to run EVO. Regardless there are few mistakes that I think must be corrected for EVO 2013

1.-Byes must be placed in a non symetrical way. For example, in quarterfinal stage Street Fighter IV F1 every 4 places there is a bye. Then, players that advanced in pool stage that were placed in places 3,7,11 or 15 were awarded with 1 bye in winners bracket and 2 byes!!! on losers brackets. Byes must be placed in winners and losers on different way

http://evo2012.s3.amazonaws.com/brackets/ssf4_f1.html (On that quarterfinal pool Haojun Su or Harrison Young got 2 byes)

2.-Players that advances to quarter-final stage were placed in that stage on different pools. That´s correct, but then if the winners bracket lose on same order, C,D,A,B…that´s worst because odds of replaying a match are higher

3.-I think that names quarter-finals or semi-finals must be exclusive for last 8 (winners semi-finals or losers quarter-finals as it now), and the stages previous to last 8 changing its name (instead quarter-final or semi-finals that leads to confussion), callit stage 2 or top 32 simply

4.-The last 8 matches on day 2, where winners advance to top 8 aren´t a top 16…at this point only 12 players survive


1-About the byes, you really can’t change that unless you do a straight double elimination bracket (impossible because of time) instead of pools.

2-That’s also another bad part of pools, tho that can be worked out, by treating the loosers bracket as a different pool than winner’s

3-I agree, that was confusing as hell

4-Didn’t notice that