Few MK9 Q's

Ok i cant find a Mk9 Q & A thread but i might get Mk9 just to add variety to my collection but also for fun but i want to know a couple of things, how do you set out to do the “kombo” Moves can i just do them like SF or must i be accurate and Do Left Down Ect? Another thing How Noob friendly is this game? Thanks

you mean input shortcuts?

no, they are not in MK, you need to the entire move input.

There are characters who use simpler motions that don’t require input shortcuts, like down up. Some use more complex moves, like down back forward, which are just taps of the directions. The game is noob friendly for the most part, but anyone who knows what they are doing is likely going to destroy you. Combos are hard to cancel into moves for beginners since you have to commit to the move before the combo you input ends. Basically, it’s a lot harder to hit confirm something in this game. So as you become more acquainted with the game you’ll see that you need to think ahead and perform everything as such, or the moves you want will not come out.

But is it beginner friendly? Yes, but I recommend finishing the story as it gives you some practice with most of the cast.

Yeah I would go with Guitalex2007’s advice, its pretty much dead on. Rent the game from Redbox first, its only 2 bucks a day and if you sign up first online you can get a free rental code. Then just keep the game for like 3 days and test it out, Story mode first then hit up training mode with a character and try out the some kombos from online. You’ll begin to understand how it works and probably enjoy it